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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Case Opening Experience Instantly

23 Feb 2023
5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Case Opening Experience Instantly


Cases in CS:GO always attracted users who want profit and fresh-looking skins. But what does it take to achieve that? With a large number of cases and skins added to CS:GO, many users might need clarification on that question. But don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this article, you will find five major tips that can drastically improve your results from case opening. Also, as a tip for you, we will mention one tricky tool that helps transform your low-value skins into something worthy, so read carefully!


Even though Valve states that there is just one way to open cases: right in the CS:GO game, there is actually an alternative. Nowadays, you can find plenty of third-party CS:GO case opening websites that offer you the ability to open cases. But you may ask, “Why should I use these platforms?” Actually, they have a solid list of benefits:

  • Bonuses. CS:GO case-opening websites often introduce bonus systems to attract new clients or satisfy present ones. With the help of those, you can easily get additional funds on your account, get increased drop rates, or even earn free skins! 

  • Unique offers. To bring diversity to clients, case-opening websites often devise their own cases with unique sets of skins. Opening such unusual offers greatly differs from what you get in CS:GO, so this can fit experienced case openers;

  • Fun ways to open cases and get new skins. Another cool feature offered by most case-opening websites is a unique way of obtaining skins. For example, some platforms feature a case battle, where two players must open cases simultaneously. As a result, a player who opens more valuable items takes them to his inventory. Or what is currently gaining momentum is a skin upgrade feature. This tool allows you to take a couple of your skins and turn them into one expensive one, and you can often profit from it.

But when choosing a third-party case website, be careful as many of them might be a fraud scheme: always check their legitimacy.


Before getting cases and keys for them, consider what you are looking for. For example, many users just want to get a couple of skins to sprinkle their games with some style. Or maybe you want to open cases for profit.

Depending on your goal, the strategy of case opening will be different. Thus, if you want to get profit, you will need to open lots of cases. While if you just need a couple of beautiful-looking skins, you can open a few. Or maybe it will even be more profitable for you to purchase a skin directly from a market than buying a key worth $2.5.


We all know that CS:GO has plenty of different cases, and you never know which one is the best for you; unless you will go and inspect most of them, and that is exactly what we want from you. 

Rushing into the unknown is always a bad approach, especially when you open cases. So we want you to enter the CS:GO wiki and look through a couple of cases. Once you find an interesting deal, compare it to others, and make a decision.


But when inspecting cases and what is hidden inside, you should not only pay attention to visuals: prices should be your priority. You need to know exactly what is the price of most items inside the case and the case itself.

This tip will be useful for folks who want to profit from case openings. You can even develop some formulas to help you predict an average profit from one opened case. Then, you can apply this formula to most cases and find which one is the best to open at the moment.


Always be aware that each open case will cost you at least $2.5+. Thus, if you want to open many of them, it may result in a solid number. So the last thing you want to do is open too many and run out of money.

What you should do instead is make a certain plan about how many cases you want to open a day. This will allow you to stay consistent with the process and enjoy it for longer.

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