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  • Alchemy 1-375

Alchemy skill leveled up to the required rank

All gold, potions and recipes received during the boost

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Professions are an integral part of World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade, each one unique and serving a specific purpose. Players who decide to study Alchemy will be able to make various potions, flasks, and elixirs that enhance the character. During exploring the lands on the other side of the Dark Portal, players will discover various primal elements, and only Alchemists with a sufficient level of skill. Will be able to carry out complex transmutations of some elements into others. If you want to earn gold through the auction using a profession, then Alchemy is definitely the right choice: raiders always need to replenish their potions, and you can make good money on it.

Here you can buy boost Alchemy WoW TBC and our professional boosters will reach the desired skill level in the shortest possible time.

Alchemy WoW TBC Boost ETA:

The approximate time for boost Alchemy 1-375 is 2-7 days. The dates are subject to change for various reasons. The presence of ingredients in the world, 375 skills of Herbalism and the ability to spend gold on ingredients will significantly speed up the speed of order fulfillment. Please see this information before purchasing.

    Alchemy WoW TBC Boost Recommendations:

    • Your account will not be used all day, so be sure to check the booster schedule or state your desired game time. This information will help us use your account safely and prevent you from being kicked out of the game.
    • The booster independently chooses the shortest path to achieve the required skill.

    • Booster will be happy if you have the opportunity to help him with the gold. You can also choose the option “I will provide the required amount of gold for reagents” and we will make a good discount for you. This will significantly speed up the delivery time.

    • We recommend choosing the Herbalism profession boost service. The combination of these professions will give you maximum efficiency.
    • When purchasing a service for increasing to a maximum of 375 skills, we recommend that you specify in advance the desired specialization based on the production of elixirs and flasks, potions, or transmutations.
    • You can select any skill range using the slider.
    • If for any reason, you want to stop the boost of the WoW TBC profession at a certain level, let us know, and we will calculate a fair price for the work done.

    Alchemy WoW TBC Boost Rewards, loot and additional progress:

    Upon reaching the maximum skill of the Alchemy profession in the game WoW TBC, you will receive:

    • The ability to create the most powerful flasks, elixirs, and potions;
    • Access to the epic trinket Alchemist Stone, which will greatly strengthen your character at the initial stages of the game and will allow you to transmute some elements into others;
    • All gold, resources, and recipes received during the execution of the order.

    Our team has extensive experience in providing boosting services and is ready to perform tasks of any complexity. If you have not found the product you are interested in, contact the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer.

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