Castle Nathria Gear Heroic

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  • Castle Nathria Gear Heroic

 Full 213-220ilvl items from Castle Nathria Heroic in all slots

 Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius achievement

 Heroic: Castle Nathria achievement

Character level 60

Active subscription WoW Shadowlands

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In World of Warcraft, you can get equipment for your character in various ways. One of the sources for obtaining equipment is raids. Castle Nathria is the first raid in Shadowlands, in the Heroic mode of this raid, you can get 213-220ilvl loot. Getting a raid item in each gear slot is a rather difficult task and requires a lot of effort and time, but ExpCarry will allow you to complete the raid and earn rewards quickly and effortlessly.

Here you can buy Castle Nathria Heroic full Gear using the Pilot (Account Share) or Selfplay options. Our experienced raiders are ready to help with getting the full gear from Castle Nathria Heroic for your character as soon as possible.  Any details you can discuss with our live chat manager.

WoW Castle Nathria Heroic full Gear Boost ETA:

We have many runs every day and we will find the optimal raid time for you. Estimated time to complete the raid is 2-5 hours and getting the full gear will take up to 4-7 weeks. Deadlines can be change for various reasons. Please check this information before purchase.

Castle Nathria Heroic full Gear Boost Recommendations:

This service is provided with Pilot (Account share) or Selfplay option. 

  • If you want to use the pilot mode, one of our boosters will play on your character. Please check the boost time with our manager and do not enter the game at this time. It will help us use your account safely.
  • If you want to use Selfplay, you will play with our raiders. Please follow the raid leader's requests to complete raid and get reward quickly and effortlessly. Our manager will contact you to arrange the time of the boost.

Castle Nathria Heroic full Gear Rewards:

    Additional progress during the Castle Nathria Heroic full Gear Boost:

    Our team is ready to complete a tasks of any difficulty. All the best rewards can be obtained quickly and qualitatively using the ExpCarry service.

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