Heroic Dungeon Keys

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  • Heroic Dungeon Keys

Access to heroic mode in selected dungeons

Reputation progress with TBC factions based on selected dungeons

Gold and items received during the boost

Account sharing (only login and password)

70 level character

Active WoW TBC Subscription

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WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost — A service to help you access Burning Crusade dungeons on heroic difficulty. Our team will go through areas like Caverns of Time, Tempest Keep, Auchindoun, Coilfang Reservoir, Hellfire Citadel to get the keys to unlock all dungeons of Heroic difficulty. Buying WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost you free yourself from farm reputations for this attunement and get access in no time with a guarantee.

What does WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost include?

Caverns of Time
Keepers of Time - Revered
Key of Time
Tempest Keep
The Sha'tar - Revered
Warpforged Key
Lower City - Revered
Auchenai Key
Coilfang Reservoir
Cenarion Expedition - Revered
Reservoir Key
Hellfire Citadel
Honor Hold (Alliance) / Thrallmar (Horde) - Revered
Flamewrought Key

How does the WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost work?

  • The service runs in “Account Share” mode — our professional performer plays on your account. In the future, we also plan to open “Self Play”.
  • If you already have progress, you can use options to choose to start a quest chain.
  • You can request a report and progress for the service from our manager.

WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost ETA:

Time to complete the service within 1-2 weeks. Time is subject to change at the start of the add-on. Check with the manager in chat.

Choosing ExpCarry as a WoW Boosting Company, you will receive:

  • Professional support mode at any time of the day or night;
  • Fair price for the service, as well as discounts and bonuses;
  • 100% completion of work or money-back guarantee in case of impossibility to complete the order;
  • Safe use of your account.

Join the universe of World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade with ExpCarry and achieve your desired goals.

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