Pre Raid BiS Gear

  • 399.00€

  • Pre Raid BiS Gear

BIS dungeons gear in all slots (top1, top 2 or top 3 items in each slot);

All gold received during the boost.

Account sharing (only login and password);

60 level character (if you don't have it yet, you can buy leveling);

Active Wow Subscription.

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World of Warcraft Classic has a giant variety of different items of equipment. To make your character more effective, you need the right equipment with the right characteristics. Getting the best items of equipment is a very difficult task. To go on raids, it would be nice to get the best pre-raid gear in the dungeons. Experienced ExpCarry players are ready to help equip your character so that you can easily go to conquer raids.

On this page, you can buy WoW Classic Pre Raid BiS Gear Boost on Season of Mastery servers. Our boosters are ready to complete the order as soon as possible so that mastering raids does not bring a lot of trouble for you.

WoW Classic Pre Raid BiS Gear Boost ETA:

The estimated lead time is 7 to 30 days. The timing can be influenced by the level of equipment of your character and the population of the server. Please check the information with our manager.

How does WoW Classic Pre Raid BiS Gear Boost work?

  • The service provided only with account share. After paying for the order, our manager will inform you to obtain information on your account (only login and password). We need an email code or an authenticator to confirm login to your account.
  • You can still continue to play your character, but having previously discussed the mode for our performer.
  • We can provide you with interim reports on the work done in the form of screenshots or using a stream.
  • The booster, at its discretion, chooses the best way to fulfill your order as soon as possible.
  • All gold, resources, and equipment obtained during the boost will be saved on your character.
  • The service includes getting a top1, top2 or top3 item in each slot from the Pre Raid BiS list equipment. If you want to receive specific items in each slot, please write to the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer for you.

WoW Classic Pre Raid BiS Gear Boost recommendation:

  • For Pre Raid BiS Gear farm, you need level 60 of the character, otherwise you can purchase a character leveling service. To achieve this, contact the manager in the chat or use the site navigation.
  • If for some reason you want to terminate the order, let us know, and we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
  • You can also order additional services, by contacting our manager or using the navigation of our website.

The ExpCarry team has extensive experience in providing boosting services and is ready to perform tasks of any complexity. If you have not found the product or service you are interested in, contact the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer for you.

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