Shattered Sun Offensive

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  • Shattered Sun Offensive

Friendly/honored/revered/exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive depending on your choice

Access to unique rewards depending on the level of reputation

Gold and items received during the boost

Account sharing (only login and password)

70 level character

Active WoW TBC Subscription

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WoW TBC Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation Boost - the process is quite difficult and is only possible within the Isle of Quel'Danas location, completing quests and passing the dungeon Magister's Terrace. Reputation boosting is necessary for each class. Buying Shattered Sun Offensive reputation boost will save you a huge amount of time and effort.

WoW TBC Shattered Sun Reputation Boost Rewards:

  • Epic and Rare recipes for a professions
  • Rare weapons

Exalted rewards:

  • Alchemist recipes
  • Dawnforged Defender for tanks
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Might
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration
  • Sunward Crest for healers

WoW TBC Shattered Sun Offensive reputation boost ETA:

The average reputation time to Exaltation takes ~ 3-5 weeks. Check with your manager on chat for more exact information.

How does WoW TBC Shattered Sun Offensive reputation boost work?

  • WoW TBC Reputation Boost works in Account Share mode. In the future we plan to make "Self Play" as well.
  • Choose the amount of reputation you want to get at any stage
  • You can still continue to play on your character, but by negotiate the mode for our performer
  • Progress and progress report will be sent to you by messenger or email
  • You can always leave a feedback, and we'll calculate the work done fairly

What do I need to know about WoW TBC Reputations?

Burning Crusade is saturated with different factions throughout Outland. Virtually every Reputation will be important because through them you can get into heroic dungeons, unlock access to raids, and dress your character well. Leave it to the Farm Reputations in WoW TBC team at ExpCarry to take care of it. We've researched all the available reputations well and know the best ways to farm.

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