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Loot to Win: How Diablo 4 and Gambling Harness the Power of RNG

31 Aug 2023
Loot to Win: How Diablo 4 and Gambling Harness the Power of RNG

The most trivial example that gives a general understanding of how RNG works is tossing a coin in the air. It's not only about imitating the gameplay, but also about introducing new online casinos that offer the most attractive and fastest payouts, so players get their money instantly, like in land-based casinos. In this case, the probability is 50%, and the outcome may depend on the strength of the throw, the wind, and the weight of the coin itself. The work of the generator excludes all factors that can somehow affect the output of random numbers. There are two types of random number generators:

  • hardware generator;
  • Pseudo random number generator.

Hardware alternators are most commonly used in stationary machines where each unit is thoroughly inspected and sealed. The algorithms of the pseudo-random number generators are not interconnected or interdependent, and each slot machine or card machine uses its own algorithm. The most important requirements for random number generators are:

  • Algorithm and block security;
  • continuity of reproduction;
  • modernity and uniqueness;
  • long period;
  • compactness and mobility.
  • How RNG works in gambling

The first slot machines were mechanical, but in most cases they provided random results. In many cases, it was possible to "beat" them in some way, taking advantage of the flaws and shortcomings of the mechanism, but later this problem was partially solved with the help of video slot machines. But when the work of mechanical slot machines was to be translated into an electronic form, it was necessary to somehow model the random operation of the physical elements of the device. This is where the random number generators come into play.

When the provider approves a slot machine, it submits it to the licensing authority for inspection. The machine goes through a whole series of tests to make sure it's honest. So the winnings on are always unpredictable, honest and correspond to the RTP. At the same time, the RNG for all slot machines is provided by the provider; it resides on a separate, secure server and provides responses to requests. So each licensed site is just a collection of games and doesn't affect the outcome. Each slot machine has its own algorithm for reading the outcome, which depends on the mechanics but ultimately relates to the RNG. When you press the spin button, the online slot machine already knows the result in the same second. The RNG has already worked and issued a certain sequence of numbers, which means a certain position of the drums. The machine acts like it doesn't know until the last moment, like the drums really spin and stop.

RNG and legendary loot in Diablo 4

RNG is very important in loot-based games like Borderlands, Destiny, and especially Diablo. The reward you receive for uncovering a treasure chest or defeating an enemy depends on the circumstances. Because the system randomizes the reward each time, you can get lucky and repeatedly get a low-level piece of armor or an extremely rare item.

Of course, some randomness in loot is necessary to keep the game balanced. There are systems that prevent you from opening the first treasure chest and finding the best weapon in the game. The different games have different strategies to deal with it, e.g. B. Limiting the items you can equip based on player level.

Sometimes players are lucky enough to snag a unique item in Diablo 4: The Fists of Fate. These are gloves whose effects are tied as much as possible to the result of a random number generator. The gloves have five random effects. For example, they can restore the character's health and resources, as well as impose negative effects on enemies. In addition, the gloves are able to increase the attack. The chances of triggering the effects aren't all that high; for example, for healing, it is no more than 5% (although it can be lower). Secondly, the gloves can both increase and decrease the attack; at worst, the character deals 1% of normal damage.

Is it possible to trick the RNG, or does luck affect the RNG?

Ever since the first slot machines, players have been trying to figure out when the machine hits the jackpot, and many believe that instant payout online casinos and their land-based predecessors are able to time the random number generators to beat their customers.

Theoretically, it is possible to break the security of the random number generator and set it up to generate big wins. However, the probability that the result will actually match the desired result is extremely small. Modern random number generators are vastly improved compared to their predecessors.


A random number generator is a device that ensures the game you are playing is safe, fair and random. Always play at online casinos with instant payouts whose games are checked for fairness and RNG for randomness. Look for the auditors' logos at the bottom of the homepage of the casino you are playing at. And remember: you can never predict the outcome of a spin as the RNG generates it randomly. Games with RNG depend solely on luck.

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