Progenitor Tier Set

  • 49.00€
  • 39.20€

Available Options

  • Progenitor Tier Set

4 pieces of Progenitor Tier Set;

Unique Class Tier Bonuses unlocked;

Forge of the Creation unlocked if the corresponding option selected.

Character level 60;

Zereth Mortis unlocked;

Active subscription WoW Shadowlands;

Before a purchase, we recommend you to contact our managers to specify the details of this service.

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In patch 9.2, World of Warcraft Shadowlands has finally added class sets that provide bonuses and strengthen your character. Definitely, each player will want to get an extensive set of equipment to unlock all the bonuses for their class. There are two ways to get Progenitor Tier Set: get from the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, or create in the Forge of the Creation when it becomes available to players. Both of these options require a lot of time and luck, but with the ExpCarry service, you are guaranteed to be able to get the Progenitor Set for your character quickly and at a reasonable price.

On this page, you can buy Progenitor Tier Set for your character in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Our boosters are ready to fulfill your order in the shortest possible time and with a quality guarantee.

Sepulcher Progenitor Tier Set boost ETA:

The time required to obtain 4 items of the Progenitor Set varies depending on the method of obtaining and the desired level, please check this information with our manager.

How does the Progenitor Tier Set Boost work?

Progenitor Tier Set farm provided in the “Pilot” mode or in the “Selfplay” mode.

  • If you want to use the pilot mode, one of our boosters will play on your character. Please check the boost time with our manager and do not enter the game at this time or specify the desired game time. This information will help us use your account safely and prevent you from being kicked out of the game.
  • If you would like to use the “Selfplay” mode, you will play for our team by yourself. Follow the group leader's requests to complete SotFO raid quickly and get the desired items. Our manager will inform you to agree on the time of the boost.
  • Using the options, you can also select the desired item level: normal, heroic, or mythic.
  • If for some reason you want to stop the execution of the order, let us know, and we will calculate a fair price for the work done.

Progenitor Tier Set boost Reward:

Purchasing the Progenitor Tier Set will give you the following rewards:

  • 4 pieces of equipment of the class equipment of the progenitors;
  • Unique bonuses from the armor set for your class;
  • Forge of the Creation unlocked if needed.

Our team has extensive experience in providing boosting services and is ready to complete tasks of any complexity. If you did not find the product you are interested in, contact the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer.

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