Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Defeating the last boss of the current raid is the most difficult task of PvE content in World of Wa..


Normal Sanctum of Domination

Normal Sanctum of Domination

The first patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft's Shadowlands patch, packed with new features. The Chains o..


Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Release Sanctum of Domination (SoD) is the second raid of World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 called “..


Mythic Sanctum of Domination

Mythic Sanctum of Domination

Mythic Difficulty of current raid content, always conquered by only a small fraction of players. Wit..


Sanctum of Domination Gear

Sanctum of Domination Gear

With Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, a host of new gear has been added to World of Warcraft. The bes..


Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper

Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper

Legendary weapons always provide a special advantage and are the object of desire of all players. In..


Great Vault: Raid

Great Vault: Raid

The Great Vault is a new weekly reward system in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Depending on your ac..


Glory of the Domination Raider

Glory of the Domination Raider

In almost every raid in World of Warcraft, there is an opportunity to earn a special achievement fro..


Black Temple Timewalking

Black Temple Timewalking

Here you can buy Black Temple Timewalking run in game World of Warcraft Shadowlands. We have assembl..


Ulduar Timewalking

Ulduar Timewalking

Here you can buy Ulduar Timewalking run in game World of Warcraft Shadowlands. We have assembled a s..


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WoW Raid Boost

More than, to simple dungeons in WoW popular raids, the number of characters in which starts at 10 people and reaches 40. Level rewards are also much higher, but their passing — more difficult. You have to spend hours or even days to find a group, but this does not guarantee that the raid passed.

WoW Shadowlands Raid Carry is the fastest way to take the necessary equipment at any stage of character development. In addition, buying WoW raid boost, absolutely any customer be sure to get exactly the item, mount, pet, or achievement they want, in the shortest time possible.

Also, pick up a cool thing from wow raid great vault!

In fact, more than 15 professional gamers work for one customer, trying to fulfill the order properly. 

ExpCarry partners with the largest WoW Shadowlands gaming guilds on every possible server in two regions: US and EU, so WoW Shadowlands Raid Boost is available in both of these segments.

Order WoW Shadowlands EU Boost Raid on our website. It is also possible to buy WoW Shadowlands US Boost. Contact the manager to clarify!

There are 3 raid difficulty types that require a boost: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The guilds we work with offer a choice of Wow Shadowlands US or EU boost.

However, before you make a purchase, be sure to check with your ExpCarry manager for all the details: difficulty, required bosses, reward, and most importantly, convenient time, as different guilds work on their own time schedule. Which, among other things, depends on the region. Stay tuned!

WoW Raids Boost Options

It would seem that there are a huge number of people in the raid, how you pick up anything? In fact, it's very simple — when you buy a WoW Shadowlands Zerg, you get a huge range of options, which we'll tell you about below:

  • Selecting your raid roster by armor type;
  • Selecting boosters by spec;
  • Raid of clothed characters who give away the WoW Raid loot;

More, when buying WoW Raid Carry, there is an opportunity to select the equipment according to the BiS-list specifically for your class and specialization. There is also an opportunity to collect any set of equipment on any difficulty raid WoW Shadowlands.

In addition to the main options mentioned above, there are a number of secondary options when buying World of Warcraft raid boost:

  • Gathering the necessary items for transmogrification;
  • Collecting special things needed for quests;
  • The ability to choose specific bosses to kill.

This is not a complete list of services, for more information on buying Shadowlands Raid Runs, write your manager!

Available raids for the WoW Shadowlands Boost

Sanctum of Domination

An upcoming raid dungeon where players have to fight Sylvanas. The raid populated by 10 dangerous enemies, and it will also be available in 4 variations:

  • Raid Found, where the loot is level 220;
  • Normal, where you can pick up 233-level items;
  • Heroic, where the reward — armor and weapons 246-th level;
  • Mythic, where gamers rewarded with 252nd level of armor.

Also, when passing in its entirety on the heroic difficulty, players will receive the achievement of “Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner”, on the mythic — “Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner". Hunters count on a very cool bow and quiver. More then, there be a chance to become the owner of one of two mounts and several combat pets.

Buy Raid Sanctum of Domination Boost also from the professional guilds in America and Europe that we work with.

Castle Nathria

The main raid of patch 9.0, inside the player will meet 10 bosses, as a reward from which you can take following items on 4 difficulties:

  • Raid found where maximum level of items is 194;
  • Normal, players take 207th item and get achievements for killing bosses in normal mode, as well as the achievements necessary for “Glory of the Nathria Raider” and the accompanying mounts;
  • Heroic, the reward is 220th items and the great feat is Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius”, hurry before the raid loses its relevance;
  • Mythic, from bosses gamers raise 233-items maximum, achievements for killing each boss, and for killing the last one — “Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius” until patch 9.1 is released.

Boost raid WoW Shadowlands have the opportunity to buy on the site ExpCarry from the professional guilds of America and Europe

Timewalk Raid in WoW Shadowlands

Raiding in the format of timewalk appeared not long ago, but have already managed to love the characters. To become the owner of the thing that has been familiar for many years, but got a “second life” in the actual additions WoW Shadowlands — a real memory.

The loot from WoW Shadowlands timewalk raids is similar in level to the loot from normal difficulty raids. Of course, boost purchases are available for WoW Shadowlands timewalk raids for all gamers.

The full list of ExpCarry's WoW raids available for boost is below:

  • The Black Temple — Burning Crusade raid add-on for 9 bosses, on the full passage of which the heroes can get unique cool pets and items for transmogrification;
  • Ulduar — raid dungeon in the add-on Wrath of The Lich King, inside which as many as 13 strong bosses, to cope with is not so easy! In addition to the usual level items of the current raids, characters will be able to pick up unique pets and a brutal set of armor for transmogrification to any class!

Buying WoW Timewalk raid boost, you can be sure that absolutely any product from these and not only you will get in time without any effort.

Frequently asked Questions Raids

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