Black Temple Attunement

Black Temple Attunement

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Hyjal Summit Attunement

Hyjal Summit Attunement

Hyjal Summit is a Phase 3 raid in WoW The Burning Crusade. It gives players the opportunity to trave..


Tempest Keep Attunement

Tempest Keep Attunement

Tempest Keep is one of the most beautiful raids in WoW The Burning Crusade, getting equipment and th..


Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement

Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement

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Karazhan Attunement

Karazhan Attunement

Getting access to the first Burning Crusade raid for 10 people. To complete this, you must complete ..


Shattered Halls Key

Shattered Halls Key

WoW TBC Shattered Hall's Key Boost is a quest chain to open The Shattered Hall's dungeon in Burning ..


Heroic Dungeon Keys

Heroic Dungeon Keys

WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost — A service to help you access Burning Crusade dungeons on ..


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WoW TBC Attunements Boost

With the release of Burning Crusade, the mechanics of dungeons and raids have changed slightly — there are heroic difficulty levels, and some raids require a key to pass. Opening process is long and time-consuming, but it is necessary for every gamer. However, by purchasing the WoW TBC Dungeon Opening Boost, you will save yourself from this tedious process.

Part One — Karazhan Attunement

Karazhan is one of the first 10-man raids that every self-respecting player must visit. However, it is very, very hard to do. You can make the challenge easier by buying a WoW Burning Crusade attunement boost.

Archmage Alturus:

  • Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity — take quest items;
  • Contact from Dalaran — find Archamage Cedric;
  • Khadgar — speak with Khadgar.

First key fragment:

  • Entry Into Karazhan — find First key fragment in Shadow Labyrinth.

However, Shadow Labyrinth itself still needs to be opened. Our boosters can help you with dungeon Attunement. You get own all items from Shadow Labyrinth and Sethekk Halls. 

  • The Second and Third Fragments — find Second and Third key fragment’s.

WoW TBC Attunement Boost you can order on our website.

Attunement to Arcatraz:

  • Consortium Crystal Collection — go to Khay’ji;
  • A Heap of Ethereals — pick up 10 quest items;
  • Warp-Raider Nesaad– kill Nesaad;
  • Request for Assistance– find Gahruj;
  • Rightful Repossession — take quest items;
  • An Audience with the Prince– speak with Haramad;
  • Complete Triangulation Point One and Triangulation Point Two;
  • Full Triangle — kill Culuthas;
  • Special Delivery to Shattrath City — go to A’Dal;
  • How to Break Into the Arcatraz — kill bosses in Botanica and Mechanar.

Our boosters can help you with dungeon Attunement. Buy WoW TBC Attunement boost u get own all items from Botanica and Mechanar. 

Second and Third Key Fragments:

  • Steamvault and kill bosses;
  • Arcatraz and kill bosses;

Our boosters can help you with WoW  TBC dungeon Attunement. You get own all items from Steamvault  and Arcatraz. 

  • Return to Khadgar, get the challenge — “The Master's touch”.

Attunement to Black Morass:

  • Find Steward of Time in Tanaris. Take To The Master's Lair — speak to Andormu;
  • The Caverns of Time — listen Andormu;
  • Old Hillsbrad — speak with Erozion;
  • Taretha's Diversion — help Taretha;
  • Escape from Durnholde – help Thrall find destiny;

Our boost group help with this Attunement now. Just told to manager. Moreover, you get own all items from Old Hillsbrad Foothills. 

  • Return to Andormu — back to dragon.

Opening the Dark Portal:

  • Black Morass and take a task to Sa'At. The Opening of the Dark Portal — complete dungeon.

Buy boost WoW TBC Attunements you will not only complete the task, but you will also pick up items from Black Morass.

  • Return to Khadgar — find Khadgar;

As of now, access to the Karazhan is open to you.

To save time, it's now possible to buy WoW TBC attunement boosts from our gamers.

Attunement to the Shattered Halls

To gain Access to most WoW TBC raids, players must, at a minimum, complete  Burning Crusade dungeons on heroic difficulty. Unlocking them is not easy, but our pro WoW TBC attunement Boost can help you do just that. We'll start with the hardest one — access to Shattered Halls.

  • First, you need to knock out a quest item from the smith Gorlunk in Shadowmoon Valley. The dropped item gives you the mission;
  • Entry Into the Citadel — go to Force Commander Danath Trollbane or Nazgrel;
  • Grand Master Dumphry or Grand Master Rohok — find Dumphy or Rohok;
  • Dumphry's Request or Rohok quest — bring reagents;
  • Dumphry's Request — kill Fel Reaver.

Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost

The process of opening attunement to other heroic dungeons comes down to up reputation from the factions of Burning Crusade, the list of keys can be found below:

  • Flamewrought Key — access to Hellfire Citadel — honored from Thrallmar or the Honor Hold;
  • Reservoir Key — access to Coilfang Reservoir — honored with the Cenarion Expedition in WoW Burning Crusade;
  • Auchenai Key — access to Auchindoun — honored from Lower City;
  • Warped Key — access to Tempest Keep — honored from side of Sha'tar;
  • Time Key — access to the Caves of Time — honored with Time Keepers of Burning Crusade.

To buy a WoW TBC attunement booster for any of the stages, you can on our website, thereby saving tons of time.

The sequel will appear in the near future…

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