New World Gear Score Boost

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  • Gear Score
  • A swift and efficient Gear Score Boost tailored to your chosen score in New World.
  • Expert assistance from seasoned boosters, ensuring a seamless and secure progression.
  • Personalized customer support, guiding you at every step and addressing all queries.
  • An active New World account with access to your preferred server.
  • Provision of necessary Steam account details post-purchase for exclusive account sharing.
  • Ensure your character meets the basic prerequisites for the desired Gear Score Boost level.
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In the ever-evolving realm of New World, hitting the level cap doesn’t signal the end. Your character's might grows with the potency of their gear. Yet, finding and enhancing the right equipment can be a daunting grind, lasting countless hours.

Thankfully, at ExpCarry, we’re ready to lend a hand! Opt for our New World Gear Score Boost service and let our expert boosters elevate your gear score swiftly. Say goodbye to exhaustive searches for high-level armor and weapons. Just sit back, relax, and revel in the spoils of victory.

⚠️ NOTE: This service includes farming random-start equipment and weapons. While armor items come in random weights (light, medium, heavy), you get to choose 2 weapon types. For specific stats and armor type customizations, check our additional options.

How Fast Can We Boost? New World Gear Score Boost ETA

The journey of powering up in the New World is exhilarating. And with our service, you can gauge just how fast you can soar.:

  • Gear score 510 – 1–2 days;
  • Gear score 520 – 1–3 days;
  • Gear score 540 – 2–3 days;
  • Gear score 560 – 5–6 days;
  • Gear score 580 – 7–10 days;
  • Gear score 600 – 10–12 days;
  • Gear score 620 – 14–17 days;
  • Gear score 700 - 21–28 days.

The time of order fulfillment can also be influenced by the population of your server, faction, level of trade skills and some other factors. Please check with our manager before buying.

ATTENTION! Additional options can increase the lead time.

    New World Gear Score Boost Mechanism

    Understanding the mechanism is crucial for a seamless experience. Here's a detailed breakdown:

    • Account Sharing: Post your purchase, provide us your Steam account essentials (login and password). A confirmation, either via email or authenticator, will be necessary for us to commence.
    • Goal Setting: Pinpoint your desired gear score with our user-friendly slider.
    • Freedom to Play: No need to stay idle. Play your character after locking in schedules with our dedicated booster.
    • Real-time Tracking: Keep an eye on our progress through regular screenshots or potential live streams, given your graphic configurations allow.
    • Change of Plans? Not an issue. If you ever feel like halting our service midway, we'll make sure you're compensated fairly for the work already done.
    • Strategic Boosting: Our seasoned boosters pick the most efficient routes and strategies to speed up your order.
    • Your Gains: Rest assured, all the gold, materials, and gear collected during the boost remain intact with your character.

    Looking for more? Navigate our platform or connect with our manager for services that give you an edge in professions, weapons, and more.

    What's Brewing in New World's Latest Updates?

    New World is notorious for its ever-changing landscape. And with the recent announcements, it's set to undergo some groundbreaking shifts that promise to redefine the gaming experience.

    A Revolution in Gear Progression:

    The news is out and it's creating ripples across the gaming community. The much-debated Expertise system is being shown the door. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the highlights:

    • Goodbye Expertise: This once-crucial system is now history!
    • Gear Score Cap Amplified: The bar is now set at a whopping 700.
    • Reaching New Heights: Prepare to scale up as the level cap gets a boost, now capping at 65.
    • Direct Drops: No more beating around the bush. Gear now drops at its actual score, removing the need for any upgrades.
    • Tailored Loot System: Introducing "Loot bias". Now, the drops you receive will be in sync with the gear you currently don. A strategic move for those who want to maximize their loot.

    Every update, every change is geared towards offering players a more intuitive, balanced, and rewarding gameplay experience. With these impending introductions, New World is poised to offer a gaming experience like never before.

    Years of expertise have solidified our reputation as industry leaders in boosting services. Our professional team is adept at tackling challenges of any magnitude. If our list doesn’t feature what you're aiming for, don’t hesitate to chat with our manager. Custom offers are our forte.

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