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Using ExpCarry's Lost Ark Boost, you'll always be on time for any activity, complete challenging raids and dungeons, and complete daily and weekly quests with our bundles. Lost Ark Carry Services are available in the EU and US regions, where we will gladly help you get the rewards and achievements you want.

Lost Ark Categories:
Akkan Legion Raid

Akkan Legion Raid Boost ServiceLost Ark stands as an epitome of immersive MMORPG experiences, drawin..


Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon

ExpCarry's Superior Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon Boost ServiceGet ready for an unforgettable adventure w..



The latest December update for Lost Ark added a lot of content. The most striking was Legion Raid Br..


Kakul Saydon

More recently, the game Lost Ark was another update, which gave gamers new content in the form of a ..


Vykas Legion Raid

The second Legion raids boss that players will face is Vykas. To fight this boss in normal mode you ..


Valtan Legion Raid

Legion raids are high-level content in Lost Ark. Valtan is the first enemy Boss that awaits players ..


Lost Ark Gold

Gold in MMORPG games is one of the most critical components. In Lost Ark, you will need gold, from b..


Lost Ark Daily Bundle

Daily activity is one of the fundamental things in many MMOs, and Lost Ark is no exception. Completi..


Lost Ark Weekly Bundle

Weekly activity is one of the fundamental things in many MMOs, and Lost Ark is no exception. Complet..


1-50 Level Boost

You can plunge into the world of Arkesia in the Lost Ark game only after reaching the max level 50 b..


Item Level

High-level activities of the game Lost Ark have restrictions on the level of equipment of players. U..


Elgacia Questline

Step into the mesmerizing world of Lost Ark and conquer every challenge in the captivating continent..


Guardian Raids

Lost Ark has various Guardian Raids as end-game content. Since these battles only open when you reac..


Abyss Raid Argos

The final content in Lost Ark is the 8-player Abyss Raid. Depending on the level of equipment, diffe..


Abyssal Dungeons

In Lost Ark, the strength of your character primarily depends on the level of your equipment, and wh..


Chaos Dungeons

In the game Lost Ark, your character's progress to level 50+ depends on many activities. In the Chao..


Continent Quests

Your character's progress in the game Lost Ark is only possible by completing the main quest line on..


Mokoko Seeds

In the world of Lost Ark, Mokoko Seeds scattered across all continents, which can be collected to re..


Rowen Questline

Lost Ark has a clear division between PvE and PvP content, so clear that there are entire continents..


Skill Points Boost

In the game Lost Ark, the combat abilities of the characters enhanced thanks to skill points. The ma..


Trade skills

Trade skills in Lost Ark allow you to gather materials needed for ammo production, estate exploratio..


Una's Tasks

In Lost Ark, your character's progress is heavily dependent on daily and weekly recurring quests. Un..


Hourly Boost

The services of an hourly driver in Lost Ark will help you save your time and avoid endless farming,..



When you reach level 50 in the game Lost Ark, a massive amount of content that was not available at ..


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Maximize Your Gaming Potential with Affordable Lost Ark Boost & Carry Service by Expert Players

Along with releasing the Action MMORPG Lost Ark in Europe and USA, the ExpCarry community is expanding its list of services. We offer the Last Ark boosting service as an opportunity to quickly realize your character's potential.

This service covers all game content and includes the following:

  • Power Leveling;
  • Increase of skills in any profession;
  • Completion of any quests;
  • Collecting resources and equipment;
  • Passing dungeons and raids as part of a fantastic group.

Lost Ark Power leveling

Especially for those not ready to do hundreds of laps around the locations, we offer the perfect starter — Lost Ark Boost from experienced gamers. Our boosters have been playing on eastern servers since the release date, guaranteeing their professionalism and service quality.

You are guaranteed the highest character level by taking advantage of our services. As part of the Lost Ark boost service, you can assemble a starter kit and gain access to dungeons and raids. In addition, any of the services are as safe as possible for your game character and account.

Lost Ark Professions

Every MMO RPG has many professions without which you cannot play comfortably. Each allows you to collect valuable resources, make equipment items, and engage in trade. By taking advantage of Lost Ark's boost, your character will be among the first to master all the necessary skills in the chosen area. It's up to you to decide what to do with the resources next: you can create an excellent armor set, earn a massive amount of money and make rare potions.

Available professions in Lost Ark:

Lumbering is a manufacturing skill that allows you to extract valuable resources for making items, components, and food with various bonuses and create fires to increase health regeneration. One of the most profitable professions.

Mining is one of the most challenging skills to develop, which would take a lot of time. By taking advantage of the Lost Ark boost, you can become a promising specialization in no time at all, with the ability to create items of equipment, grenades, and more.

Herbalism is one of the most popular skills for harvesting plants and mushrooms. A nice bonus will be the ability to become invisible, to prepare potions and food, and even equipment items.

Fishing is an associated skill for preparing food, tinctures, and weapons.

Hunting is not the most profitable craft, as gamers must hunt animals not displayed on the mini-map. As pleasant bonuses when boosting Lost Ark, you'll get accelerated skill builds and the ability to create food, certain potions, and several equipment items.

Archeology is the most challenging profession and is best suited for experienced gamers. To level up, you must explore every corner of the chosen location. Archeologists can create particular scrolls and chests with valuable equipment.

Lost Ark Daily & Weekly Quest

The daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark are essential parts of the game. By completing them, characters gain valuable resources, equipment, potions, and, most importantly, reputation with multiple factions in the game. The latter provides precious rewards.

For thousands of players, it will be a revelation that the game has many of these tasks, and fulfilling them should be ideal. In this case, the Lost Ark boost is the perfect solution not only for newcomers but also for those who are familiar with the game. You'll get quick results while saving a lot of personal time and effort. Moreover, you get better prioritization to get on with everything.

Souls of the Island is the most valuable quest in Lost Ark. Some are easy to get, but others require 5-6 searches. The resource is available as part of the Lost Ark Character Boost and can be exchanged for excellent items from a unique character. This service will significantly increase the power of nature.

Another option within the Lost Ark Boost is to collect all the Hearts of the Giant. These are special items awarded for specific achievements or victories over powerful enemies. The rewards are unique engravings, sail blueprints & in-game currency.

Lost Ark Dungeons & Raids

There are no particular differences from the usual PvE content here. Groups of gamers go through various types of dungeons, killing many small enemies and bosses.

As part of the Lost Ark, boosting is available as part of the normal dungeons, as well as dungeons of the abyss and chaos. All rewards are given to the client universally.

Chaos dungeons are particular areas that can be accessed from level 50 using a unique statue in the city. This is a great way to upgrade your hero's equipment and learn how to play in a group.

Abyss dungeons — a much more complex game zone where parts are mined to create powerful abyss gear. The level of mind items there reaches up to, 1340th.

Raiding in Lost Ark is presented in the form of battles with keepers. The latter is divided by difficulty levels.

Table of raid difficulty in Lost Ark:

TierBossesItem Level
  • Ur’nil;
  • Lumerus;
  • Icy Legoros;
  • Vertus.
  • 302;
  • 340;
  • 380;
  • 420.
  • Chromanium;
  • Nacrasena;
  • Flame Fox Yoho;
  • Tytalos.
  • 460;
  • 500;
  • 540;
  • 580.
  • Dark Legoros;
  • Helgaia;
  • Calventus;
  • Achates.
  • 802;
  • 840;
  • 880;
  • 920.
  • Frost Helgaia;
  • Lava Chromanium;
  • Levanos;
  • Alberhastic.
  • 960;
  • 1000;
  • 1040;
  • 1080.
  • Heavy Armor Nacrasena;
  • Igrexion;
  • Night Fox Yoho;
  • Velganos.
  • 1302;
  • 1325;
  • 1355;
  • 1385.
  • Deskaluda;
  • Kungelanium;
  • Caliligos.
  • 1415:
  • 1460:
  • 1490.
By taking advantage of the Lost Ark Boost, you are guaranteed to take part in a battle against any of the bosses in a steep raid. The reward will be the best armor and weapon items available up to the level limit.

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