Destiny 2

Power Level Boost

Power Level Boost

As with many other MMO games, in Destiny 2 your character's strength depends on the equipment you we..


Destiny 2 Hourly Boost

Destiny 2 Hourly Boost

The services of an hourly driver in Destiny 2 will help you save your time and avoid endless farming..


Exotic Weapons

Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2 has a giant variety of weapons. Of course, you need to put in significant effort to get th..


Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons

Destiny 2 has a giant variety of weapons. Of course, you need to put in significant effort to get th..


King's Fall Raid

King's Fall Raid

King's Fall is new PvE content in Destiny 2, where you can face off against Savathun's brother Oryx,..


Trials of Osiris Flawless

Trials of Osiris Flawless

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; In Season 10 of Desti..


Vow of the Disciple Raid

Vow of the Disciple Raid

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; Vow of the Disciple i..


Vault of Glass Raid

Vault of Glass Raid

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; The Vault of Glass ra..


Duality dungeon

Duality dungeon

Duality is a dungeon added along with Season of the Haunted to Destiny 2. This dungeon takes place i..


Grasp of Avarice Dungeon

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon is very useful regarding loot content, but is only available to players wit..


Witch Queen Campaign

Witch Queen Campaign

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; With The Witch Queen ..


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Destiny 2 Boost

Destiny 2 or D2 has already become one of the favorite games of thousands of users. Once you enter it, you can find yourself in a multitude of activities: PvP and PvE content, farming and completing missions. Using Destiny 2 boost allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of planetary exploration without much time and effort, gain levels and become acquainted with all the content. We are happy to facilitate the process of getting to know the game for any user.

Destiny 2 activity types

For almost 3 years, a system has added to D2 that divides the game into four seasons. Simply put, every 3 months updated and Destiny 2 boosting service is great for getting a potential advantage over other users. Along with the updates come added content, new world events and battles, and unique rewards.

Similar to other MMO projects, the hero needs to level up as soon as possible in Destiny 2, collect cool equipment and go to conquer the world. To achieve this, there are several options:

  • PvE – this includes long grind, farming dungeons and raids, monotonous passing through missions;
  • PvP – hundreds of battles in the arena with other players or Crucible;
  • Gambit – competitive PvE mode, where gamers perform tasks, trying to get ahead of each other.

Each mode is challenging in its own way, so Destiny 2 boosting is a great option, especially for those new to this universe. After all, the harder the challenge, the greater the reward.

Destiny 2 Dungeons

In this game are a type of end-game content available to users with a certain level of equipment. Battles take place in many stages, and can take up to several hours to complete. There are currently 4 of them:

  • The Shattered Throne;
  • Pit of Heresy;
  • Prophecy;
  • Grasp of Avarice.

In the first you can get in with 570 + equipment, the second only with 940 + gear, in the third – after reaching the bar in 1040 and the last available to the most powerful heroes with items 1310 +.

Completing each is no easy task, so Destiny 2 boost will be a great option not only for beginners, but also for experienced heroes. You can save a lot of energy and nerves.

Destiny 2 Raids

Raiding is a little different from usual, as you need a maximum of 6 characters to conquer them. In addition to the usual battles in some semblance of a room, the group face various combat challenges. In addition, in the usual sense, there are no goals and markers on the map – players must find their own way. All this significantly complicates the passage, so we are ready to offer an alternative, called Destiny 2 boosting service. Thanks to this tool, the completion of any raid becomes a real pleasure for the client. There are 8 of them in total:

  • Leviathan;
  • Last Wish;
  • Scourge of the Past;
  • Crown of Sorrow;
  • Crown of Sorrow;
  • Deep Stone Crypt;
  • Vault of Glass;
  • Vow of the Disciple.

In accordance with the list increases the level of difficulty of the raids. Try to pass them all.

Destiny 2 PvP mode

Battles between players in D2 take place in a special format and are currently presented in 4 modes:

  • Countdown – one team required to blow up an object and the other team required to defend it;
  • Trials – a mode reminiscent of Trials of Osiris from the first part of the game;
  • Control – a classic battle for control of certain objects;
  • Survival – in this case, you simply have to survive your opponents and emerge victorious.

Regardless of the mode, our team of pros is ready to provide quality services within Destiny 2 boost and make your character a true PvP champion. Entrust the job to the wizards and admire the result afterwards.

Destiny 2 Boosting Services

We at ExpCarry have tried to collect all available services in one place, so that potential customers can quickly find everything they need. Destiny 2 boosting is available in the directions below.

Power Leveling

Normal increase of the level of the hero to the selected value or the maximum. All items and rewards received remain with the customer.

Season Pass 

Gives a booster help to quickly perform all the activities of the current seasons. It can be absolutely anything from doing the whole cycle of tasks to specific ones. Contact your manager for more information.

Quest completion

By selecting this service, you will get a booster, ready to complete any quest. The entire reward goes to the client only. The difficulty and type of the assignment do not play a role at all. All you need to do is spend a few minutes with our employee and clarify all the nuances.

Getting a specific item or set of items

As part of your order, you simply pick the desired item (weapon/armor/ship/item) and our team will take care of the rest. ExpCarry understands in any online game, it can be unrealistically hard to get the item you want. We assure you that with our help, this task will become quite feasible.

Closing a dungeon or raid

If you purchase Destiny 2 boost, our team of pros will assist you in completing a dungeon or raid as Solo/Solo Flawless/Flawless. 

Often it is very difficult to find a strong coordinated group for many reasons:

  • Lack of experience;
  • Difference in time;
  • Different goals of its participants;
  • Competition;
  • Other circumstances.

With ExpCarry masters, your character will become a real threat to PvE content.

Farming Service

Everyone is familiar with about not having enough game currency. We understand this and offer the help of the experienced ExpCarry staff to receive Legendary Shards, Ascendant Shards or Tokens in the right amounts.

You no longer have to spend all day in front of the monitor, trying to get a hundred virtual coins – ExpCarry service takes care of all the work. Contact your manager and set tasks for our boosters – they are already ready.

Hourly Booster

As part of the order, the customer assisted by a top-notch pro who run any errands with or without an account transfer.

The service is just perfect for users with a huge interest in the game, but little leisure time. Imagine that all the routine has already done for you, and all that's left is to enjoy the battles in PvP or PvE. Sounds really cool.

We understand that every player has different objectives, so we offer a flexible system of service selection. For example, standard prices can be adjusted to suit the complexity of the order, the level, and strength of the character and so on. Buying boosting in Destiny 2 for cheap becomes much cheaper during different activities that simplify the process of pumping or grinding – you should use this opportunity to the full extent.

Why do users often turn to Destiny 2 boost?

D2 is foremost a free-to-play game, where a person's spare time is the main resource. The more time the player spends, the more he develops his character in either direction. You want the best equipment set – spend hundreds of hours battling other players or monsters. Many players are not satisfied with this, they want to enjoy end-game content, skipping the process of pumping and farming.

This was the reason for opening up the Destiny 2 boosting service area on ExpCarry. We are certain that our experienced boosters will do the job without any problems, and your character receives the best of everything in a short time and at an attractive price.

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