Work with us

ExpCarry Team recruits people to work in the field of computer games. At the moment we are a company with good experience in the market with automated work. Working with us, you will get a stable income, work in a place comfortable for you, timely payment, work experience in IT and game structure.

  • We are open to cooperation with representatives or managers of other projects, as well as innovations in our website. We work with official registration in the country, pay taxes, have their own legal code and address.
  • Our project does not stand still, and we are developing by connecting other sites of our activity, as well as consider other areas of the game. Recruitment is ongoing, so please fill out the form and send it to us for review.
  • For the games World of Warcraft Classic / Shadowlands requires boosters, namely, solo players with free time, M+ teams, raiders, and people with their characters.

Fill out the form below and wait for a quick response from our team. We will be happy to work with you.

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