Death Knight Leveling

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  • Death Knight Leveling

Selected level for your Death Knight;

Gold, resources and equipment obtained during the boost.

Account sharing (only login and password); account and WoW subscription.

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With the Wrath of the Lich King patch, World of Warcraft Classic also added a new hero class, the Death Knight. Unlike other classes, the death knight starts at level 55 in Azeroth, but you still need to reach level 80 to unlock the high-level WotLK content. For an inexperienced player who is not ready to devote many hours to leveling every day, it can take several months. Fortunately, experienced ExpCarry service boosters are ready to take on this tiring part. You can buy WotLK Death Knight leveling boost and our experienced raiders will reach the desired level for your death knight in much possible time.

WotLK Death Knight Leveling Boost ETA

The total lead time depends on the selected range and Additional options. Please clarify this information with the manager in the chat. You can also choose preferred leveling speed. Approximate boost times 55-80 for each of the options listed below:

  • Express: 6-9 days;
  • Fast Speed: 10-12 days;
  • Standard: 12-16 days.

Please note that at the launch of WotLK patch, queues for servers and other factors affecting the increase in boost times are possible.

How does WotLK Death Knight 55-80 boost work?

  • WotLK Death Knight level boost provided only with account share. This means that our booster will play on your character to reach the required character level. To start the execution of the order, we will need your account information (only login and password).
  • Using the slider, you can select the desired range of the leveling for your Death Knight.
  • Using the Delivery speed option, you can decide an increased speed and priority for your order.
  • In addition, you can include additional options with your order: for example, Full dungeon gear or learning Cold Weather Flight to be able to fly in Northrend areas. Please note that adding additional services to your order may increase the overall lead time.

Death Knight Leveling Boost progress rewards

When you buy DK leveling 55-80 boost from ExpCarry, you can get the following rewards and achievements:

  • Level 80 achievement;
  • Cold Weather Flying ability when the corresponding option is selected;
  • Access to high-level content such as arenas, raids and heroic dungeons.

The ExpCarry team has extensive experience in providing boosting services and is ready to complete tasks of any complexity. If you did not find the product or service you are interested in, contact the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer for you.

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