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Honor point

Honor point

In the Shadowlands addon of World of Warcraft, the Honor points currency was added to the game, for ..


3v3 Arena Rating Pilot

3v3 Arena Rating Pilot

Arena Rating Boost in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is a complex area, as all fighting in arenas are..


Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Defeating the last boss of the current raid is the most difficult task of PvE content in World of Wa..


TBC Power Leveling 60-70

TBC Power Leveling 60-70

WoW The Burning Crusade (TBC) Power Leveling 60-70 is one of the most popular goods among players. W..


Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Release Sanctum of Domination (SoD) is the second raid of World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 called “..


Level Boost 50-60

Level Boost 50-60

Shadowlands level boost service gives you the opportunity to get a maximum level character in 12 hou..


Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

A lot of new content has been added to World of Warcraft in 9.1 Chains of Domination. So, for exampl..


Mythic+ 15

Mythic+ 15

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; One way to improve yo..


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For many years now, services have existed on the expanse of PC games to help players achieve goals, complete difficult tasks, gain titles, and epic rewards. Boosting Services came from the most popular MMO games, where skilled players with their skills mined gold and sold it for real money. In the present realities, the popularity of boosting community has reached a high quality of providing help in the game and many performers work under strict rules. Not violating customer requests, as well as completing the order within the stipulated time with a 100% guarantee from the store.

Our ExpCarry team has gathered a powerful team of professional players who are ready to fulfill any task with the available content in the game. Every time we try to use the available resources as efficiently as possible to provide our customers with the best service at a reasonable price.


Our team has a wealth of experience in the game World of Warcraft and over the years we have managed to gather professionals who are ready to perform any tasks quickly and efficiently. We always try to monitor the market to give you a cheap wow boosting service without extra fees. ExpCarry offers boosting of absolutely any content for the current version of the game — WoW Shadowlands, as well as for WoW Classic and Burning Crusade.


Most common and demanded product — World of Warcraft power leveling, with which anyone has the opportunity to achieve cherished numbers among the first or just reduce the long and tedious process of improving levels.

At the moment all can take a maximum level in these games:

  • 60th level of WoW Classic;
  • 70th level of WoW TBC Classic;
  • 60th level of WoW Shadowlands.

All items, gold, recipes, clothing obtained during the boost remain with the customer. You can choose the desired leveling speed using the options, and be 100% sure that the order will be completed within the specified time.


Dungeons are one of the main areas of activity of any player World of Warcraft, for the completing of which you can get all kinds of awards and bonuses, depending on the chosen difficulty. Mythic+ dungeons process can be time-consuming, in which case the most trust option – buying a boost.

We offer a wide range of services for the fastest possible passing dungeons in any add-ons World of Warcraft:

  • Current Addon WoW Shadowlands dungeons on any difficulty level and also mythic plus keys;
  • World of Warcraft Classic dungeons with the extraction of absolutely any equipment for your class;
  • WoW TBC dungeons on normal, heroic difficulty level with the ability to farm certain items.

When placing an order, each client can choose to play independently, or share the account to a booster. In addition, thanks to options, you can add a range of services to the order, allowing you to get additional loot and special achievements.


World of Warcraft raids are counterpart dungeons, but with much more valued rewards and more participants, so the difficulty is much higher. The main problem is a massive liability on each raider when the slightest mistake causes a wipe, so in some cases, a boost is the only way out.

We offer players feel like a true hero, take experience in a company with true PvE game masters, which ready explain all World of Warcraft raids nuances also share any loot from:

  • Actual Shadowlands raids, as well as raids of old add-ons;
  • WoW Classic raids;
  • Burning Crusade raids.

When you buy a boost from ExpCarry, you get a 100% guarantee of getting the job done with the support of managers 24/7 and the confidence that your character will collect all the best equipment. 


World of Warcraft's PvP system, as well as dungeons or raids, has its rewards, ranging from the equipment of varying quality and achievements from any categories to special mounts and respective season ranks. The PvP content is the hardest in MMO games, as users have to fight with real people on battlegrounds, arenas, and the open world.

Our team provides PvP carries services in such directions:

  • Boosting arena in 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 arenas and 10v10 rbg on EU/US;
  • Coaching to play correctly on the selected class in PvP battles;
  • Gaining seasonal ranks and achievements;
  • Farm battlegrounds, honor points, weekly caps, PvP mounts, and much more.

Thanks to a large staff of performers and cooperation with many organizations, we can provide you with a wide range of PvP services at a convenient time for you on any server in America and Europe.


In addition to PvP and PvE components, the game presented with a huge amount of diverse content, ranging from gold farming and trade, ending with increasing reputation levels with factions and the subsequent purchase of unique items. The diverse content in World of Warcraft forces the player to take part in different battles and travel the world of Azeroth.

Our team provides services in all areas where the player may need help.

Reputation boost

Available to any player almost from the moment of character creation. The process of increasing reputation begins with a “friendly” mark and ends with a maximum value — “Exalted”, which unlocks the most valuable items. Each faction is individual in terms of the difficulty of obtaining a reputation, but this is compensated by the rewards provided.

Thanks to the ExpCarry service, you can get the required number of reputation points, starting from any current value, while the work will be done safely and quickly. Consult our support to buy a boost for the reputation you are interested in Shadowlands, Classic, and Burning Crusade.

Character professions are an essential World of Warcraft part

An integral part of World of Warcraft. By leveling up any of the available professions, players will be able to create great items of equipment and even mounts. By mastering the right skills, your character will be able to gain an advantage in different aspects of the game, as well as create the right items using their resources.

Professions play an important role in each of the World of Warcraft game patches, but their leveling is most effective in old add-ons. By creating items in WoW Classic and Burning Crusade, you can get noticeable advantages in PvE and PvP. By contacting the support on the website, you can get up-to-date information about all professions and find out which one to choose for your class in a given situation.

Opening accesses

To get into many dungeons, raids, and even some locations, players need to fulfill certain conditions. Moreover, in most cases, you need to travel a lot across Azeroth, make a group for complete complex quest chains and collect a bunch of materials.

The content of WoW Classic and Burning Crusade is closely related to getting attunes - this is one of the main tasks after reaching the maximum level. On the site, you can find any service for gaining access to raids, dungeons, unlocking the heroic mode, and much more.

Weekly and Local Questing

Progressing through the story and collecting resources along with reputations and rewards is the main task of World of Warcraft quests. Behind the simplicity is a rather difficult process that requires a huge time investment and, in some cases, special actions that players do not have much desire to perform.

Buy WoW Boosting to make everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, with all rewards that you get stays with you. Assistance in completing tasks is available for representatives of each faction on any server.

Mounts, Companies, Currencies

You can find all kinds of farm services on our website, but if you haven't found the service you need, use the hourly driver service, which will execute any of your orders quickly and efficiently.

What is wow boosting?

It is a service provided by professional gamers to develop your character in different aspects of the game. The service is suitable for beginners as well as for players who have been playing for many years. Buying WoW Boosting is usually for people who have not had time to work on their character for a long time or do not find the community to complete raids and dungeons.

How does the wow boosting service work?

Each product has a description of the service and how it works. We recommend that you use our tips when choosing a service and the nuances of their performance:

  • Select the desired service, read the requirements in advance and what you will receive;
  • If there are any doubts, and you need additional help, you can write to the chat for information;
  • After payment, you will be contacted by the manager to clarify the details;
  • If you choose Self Play, then you will be offered a convenient game schedule, and if you choose Pilot, then expect the completion of the order within the specified period.


Despite the relative game novelty, our team members have been able to study all aspects of it in detail, spending a huge amount of time on PTR and all possible tests. We safely say that any game aspect can be boosted without any difficulty for anyone, and our low prices definitely surprise our clients. ExpCarry specialists vouch for turnaround time, work quality did also guarantee complete deal security!

We offer services for:

  • Leveling;
  • Expeditions;
  • Battles;
  • Farm items and currencies.


Most important products — New World power leveling, using which you get a significant advantage over other players, not only in early game stages but later. At the moment the maximum level is 60, but you achieve it in different ways:

  • Killing enemies;
  • Quests;
  • Expeditions;
  • Professions.

What methods choose — it's up to the user, we on our part guarantee the result on time, complete transaction security. Using ExpCarry services, you not only get a quick level up, but all accompanying items received in leveling. Ask your manager for details on how to get experience!


Closing expeditions, heroes pick a huge experience amount, valuable resources, and equipment items. In the New World, dungeons made in a special way, which makes it much more difficult to pass them at low and high levels.

If in the already known MMO dungeons players could simply learn the mechanics of the bosses and repeat the same actions from passage to passage, in New World the system does not allow this. Not only do boss and mini-bosses of New World expeditions know how to adjust to the actions of the player, but the environment itself — traps and puzzles, can change in the most unexpected way. To successfully complete the expedition, you need not just the usual composition of the group and real teamwork. Particular difficulty passing gives Non-target in the MMO RPG from Amazon.

The ExpCarry team is ready to provide expedition boost services in the fastest possible time with a 100% guarantee.


New World PvP system is unique — there are no warring factions and fight or not — only the player chooses. For victory over the enemy in the open world, you pick an equipment variety items also resources falling off the defeated enemy body, defeated has nothing to lose — an unusual option to dress your character.

In addition, at the moment in-game are available several types of PvP activity, to help in the successful completion of which we are pleased to offer anyone. We are proud of our giant staff, who have managed to become true PvP masters and are ready to give you their services at any convenient time on any server.

Buying New World Boost will bring you the rewards and achievements you want without the risk.


Players occupy their time with another plan: up professions, creating cool things for sale, mining valuable resources plus gold, improving various weapons skills, and completing tasks.

We are happy to offer you our services in various areas.

Azoth Farming — Most valuable currencies, which you'll be able to pick almost from the beginning. Azoth required for almost any activity:

Professions for your character — most important aspect, thanks to which you create items armor/weapons, consumables and more. It is extremely difficult to develop skills in this or that profession — this is because they are divided into 3 groups:

  • Gathering;
  • Refining;
  • Crafting.

We are ready to help anyone who wants a profession — just contact ExpCarry manager, specify all data, buy New World boost and wait quietly for the result.

Weapon skills for a character — something new in MMO because weapons choice depends on the character's development path. For each weapon type, there is its talent set from 2 variations, which are very difficult up to maximum.

Faction Quests and Simple Quests — are the main mechanism of a hero's movement through the story and possible special games opening. For each completed quest, the hero receives different currency kinds, equipment, etc.

In addition to main, there are factional quests — these are PvP directed quests, for their completion character earn special currency, required purchase also improve special factional armor.

Buying New World Boost, you can forget about monotonous content for dozens of hours — ExpCarry game masters do everything themselves in the shortest time, exactly on order of customer!

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