Tier Sets

  • 396.00€

Available Options

  • Tier Sets
  • Pieces of the selected set or the whole set;
  • Achievements from slain bosses;
  • All gold, materials, and recipes obtained during the Boost.
  • Account sharing (only for Pilot mode);
  • 80 level characters;
  • Active WoW WotLK Subscription.

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Each content addition to World of Warcraft brings many new items to the game, a special place among which are sets. In Wrath of the Lich King, there are only 4 of them, and they are unlocked only when you open a certain raid. You can get each of the sets as part of the WotLK Tear Sets Boost from the ExpCarry team. We'll do our best to make sure your character gets the selected items, among the first on the server.

WotLK Tear Sets Boost Execution Time

The average time to receive any PvE set is 4-5 weeks. It all depends on a variety of factors. These include the initial equipment, the number of items required, the amount of time given, and more. 

WotLK Tear Sets Boost Include

  • All related achievements;
  • Rewards from bosses (when selecting additional options);
  • The right number of PvE set pieces.

WotLK Tier 7 Boost

From the start of Wrath of the Lich King, only one main raid and several secondary raids are available. Within this raid, called Naxxramas, heroes will have access to Tier 7 items, which differentiate for 10 and 25 people. In the 10-player lineup, the set is prefixed with Heroes, and in the 25-person Valorous. Next, for customer convenience, the ExpCarry team has compiled a table.

ClassTier NameDrop FromBonuses
Death KnightScourgeborne Battlegear

(2) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of your Obliterate and Scourge Strike abilities by 5%.

(4) Set: Your Obliterate and Scourge Strike generate an additional 5 Runic Power when used.
DruidDreamwalker Battlegear

(2) Set: Your Rip lasts for an additional 4 seconds, and your Lacerate deals an additional 5% damage. 

(4)Set: Increases the duration of Barkskin by 3 seconds and decreases the cooldown of Tiger's Fury by 3 seconds.

HunterCryptstalker Battlegear
(2) Set: Your pet deals an additional 5% damage.

 (4) Set: Your ranged attack speed is increased by 10%.

MageFrostfire Garb
(2) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of Fireball, Frostbolt, and Arcane Blast by 5%.(4) Set: Your offensive spells gain an additional 5% increased critical strike bonus damage.
PaladinRedemption BattlegearNaxxramas
(2) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Divine Storm by 10%. (4) Set: Reduces the cooldown of your Judgment ability by 1 second.
PriestGard of FaithNaxxramas
(2) Set: The mana cost of your Mind Blast is reduced by 10%. (4) Set: Your Shadow Word: Death has an additional 10% chance to critically strike.
RogueBonescythe Battlegear
(2) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Rupture by 10%. (4) Set: Reduces the Energy cost of your Combo Moves by 5%.
ShamanEarthshatter Battlegear
(2) Set: Your Lightning Shield damage is increased by 10%. (4) Set: Your Flurry effect provides an additional 5% melee haste.
WarlockPlagueheart Garb
(2) Set: Your Corruption and Immolate periodic effects have a chance to increase the critical strike chance of your next Haunt, Shadow Bolt, or Incinerate by 10% for the next 10 sec.(4) Set: Critical strike change increased by 3%.
WarriorDreadnaught Battlegear
(2) Set: Increases the damage to your Slam by 10%. (4) Set: Your Bleed periodic effects have a chance to make your next ability cost 5 fewer rages.

How does WotLK Tear Sets Boost Work?

This type of service is provided in Pilot only.

  • Select the number of items that the booster should do as part of the work.
  • Before you start, please specify a convenient time for the booster to enter your account. This will help to optimize the process and make it as safe as possible.
  • Give the data from the account and the preferred time of the booster (in the case of Pilot mode).
  • We recommend ordering a companion service called WotLK Gear Boost (for Wrath of the Lich King only). This way the character will get the maximum result.
  • If for some reason you decide to stop the work, please let us know in advance – we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
  • When all the nuances are clarified, add the selected item to the cart, make the purchase and just wait for the result. 

Note that due to the vast experience of our team, we are ready to take on even the most complex orders. If the list of options doesn't include the service you need, please contact your manager at discord or on the website, and you'll get a personal offer.

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