WotLK Gear Boost

WotLK Gear Boost gives you the ability to get any selected item, or a whole set of BiS items. With this service, you won't have to spend months trying to make your character one bit stronger. After buying WotLK Gear Boost, the best players of TOP guilds will take care of the issue and will undoubtedly obtain the result.

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WotLK Gear Boost – Tier Sets & Item level Score

One of the most important aspects of playing WoW WotLK is collecting various pieces of equipment to enhance the character. Content opens up over time and needs to be prepared for each stage, so WotLK Gear Boost will be the perfect opportunity to get maximum ilvl. With our help, the character will feel great at any game stage, showing the best results.

Why WotLK Gear Boost is so important

There are quite a few classes & specializations in the world of WoW. Each has a particular set of suitable items, some of which are better or worse. Each has a certain chance of falling out, and the group consists of at least five players. All of this makes the extraction of items incredibly long, and if the user wants a particular thing, it can take months. All these factors make WotLK Gear Boost a great alternative to the usual monotonous farming of items. As part of this service, you can get the item you are looking for and assemble an entire kit for any class.

A few advantages of this service:

  • Possibility to get any stuff or a whole set.
  • There is no need to gather a group or even spend a considerable amount of time.
  • ExpCarry experts can find the perfect set of parameters for any character.
  • Not had to share the loot with other gamers.
  • It is possible to get one of the legendary stuff.

There are a huge number of variants & it is extracted in different ways:

  • Dungeons;
  • Raids;
  • PvP;
  • Craft.

All of them are good in their way, and the ExpCarry team will tell about each as part of their services.

WotLK Gear Boost from Dungeons

One of the first activities the player can engage in is running through various dungeons. Inside, you can get friendly, excellent starter equipment & even items that may last a long time. The problem is that good things fall only in Heroic mode, available only once a week. Further, it would be best to understand that the item you need might not fall out at all, or it will be taken by someone else – this makes it very difficult to collect the equipment. With WotLK Gear Boost, the process is much faster and more efficient because the group is assembled specifically for a particular character. Anything needed from the dungeons will be obtained much faster.

The maximum level of dungeon drop is 232; in addition, there are several forceful stuff:

Collecting clothes in dungeons is a great way to prepare the hero for upcoming raid battles.

WotLK Gear Boost from Raids

After conquering the dungeons, they can go on full-fledged raids, where the struggle for each dropped object is even greater. In raids, the items fall much harder, and their number – more- so it is possible to choose based on the characteristics. We offer to buy WotLK Gear Boost because our team consists of former players who know the salt of the situation. Users go to a raid of at least 10 people, where a couple of other players claim the right thing, and the chance of its fallout is slight, even with a few hits.

The maximum possible level of drop in raids is 284:

These & much other loot will make your character one of the strongest on the server and allow getting into any group.

WotLK Gear Boost from PvP

The second side of WoW is battled with other players, where you also need good equipment for a comfortable game. It takes a tremendous amount of time to collect a starter kit. Further increase of the level of items occurs only by battles in the arena, where also need to get a particular rating. These reasons gave the impetus to create the service WotLK Gear Boost from the service ExpCarry. We offer a quick way to collect the best PvP equipment in any season. Please leave the work to us and go about your business. The result will be short in coming.

WotLK Legendary Gear Boost

A separate niche among the items are two available legendary items:

They are difficult to obtain for solo players. With the WotLK Gear Boost service, this becomes a reality, as we have some of the best EU & US guilds among our performers. Entrust the work to the pros, and soon the character will wear a legendary piece.

WotLK Gear Boost from Craft

One of the earliest methods of getting a good outfit is to create one. The game has many crafting professions, but only some people want to up them. You can create many worthy items, and WoW Gear Boost service will help. Ordering this option, the client will get the opportunity to craft the initial epic armor and strengthen the skill in the chosen profession. This is an excellent opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Here are a few examples:

With this service, you can take the first step towards adventure and be ready for serious battles.

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