WotLK Gold

WotLK Gold will be a great way to get almost any amount of game currency. Having a solid stock of gold will make the game much easier and more comfortable because access to the necessary items from the auction will always be open. Buy WoW WotLK Gold from ExpCarry in EU and US Regions to get your coins after only half an hour of real time.

WotLK Gold EU

WotLK Gold EU

Gold is the most crucial currency in the World of Warcraft. You can buy weapons and armor, upgrade e..


WotLK Gold US

WotLK Gold US

Gold is the most crucial currency in the World of Warcraft. You can buy weapons and armor, upgrade e..


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Buy WotLK Gold

The problem of lack of gold is relevant to most gamers of any MMO. In the World of Warcraft, you can buy almost everything for gold, so WotLK Gold is an excellent alternative to the usual farming. There's no need to spend 5–6 hours on the dull grind or auction trading; you can get gold in a few minutes. This dramatically simplifies the gameplay process, from leveling up to end-game content. For gold, you can buy equipment, consumables, and more.

For which purposes WoW WotLK Gold is required

Almost from the game's first minutes, the player must pay for something, whether it be equipment or skills. But the list of expenses is wider than NPCs because WoW is a social game. Gold is required for:

  • Learning class skills and professions.
  • Upgrading your chosen profession.
  • Learning to ride a horse and buying mounts.
  • Trading with other users in an auction.
  • Purchasing consumables for certain classes.

Obtaining gold in WoW Wrath of The Lich King is slightly more accessible than in previous add-ons but needs improvement, especially at the start. Sometimes even buying a mount becomes a problem, and if these words sound relevant, we offer WotLK Gold as an excellent solution to financial difficulties. Specify an amount, make a purchase, and take your gold.

What is the difficulty of obtaining the Wrath of The Lich King Gold?

Most likely, playing Battle for Azeroth or Shadowlands, the average player has no issues with gold because the gold for the quests and dungeons is enough. The game appears comfortable and not stressful, but Wrath of The Lich King can't be said about it. In contrast, 10,000 gold in the latest add-on is hardly worth 100 gold in WotLK, showing the high mining complexity. This is due to several reasons:

  • Low enemy killing rate.
  • Low rewards for completing quests.
  • High competition among gamers.
  • Disproportionately high costs.
  • The issue of prioritization by users.

The list needs to be completed, so the ExpCarry team decided to add a service called WoW WotLK Gold at the lowest possible prices. With our help, the character will get everything he needs to play comfortably at any stage.

How to buy WotLK Classic Gold?

This is an elementary and, most importantly, safe process because we work with proven performers. ExpCarry's suppliers are large guilds that have earned their captain completely legally, unlike some gamers. The process is done in several stages:

  • Registering an account on the ExpCarry website.
  • Select the delivery amount using the slider.
  • Adding an item to the cart.
  • Payment for the purchase.
  • Checking with the project manager for all the details and nuances of the transaction.
  • Trade of gold.

Furthermore, everyone who wants to buy WotLK Classic Gold can choose a convenient way to exchange the currency, many of which exist. For our customers' convenience, all possible options will be described below.

Buy WotLK Gold from Mail

The method is the most traditional and familiar to all players, and the process of obtaining is very similar to trading in an auction. After paying, the client receives the nickname of the user who will send the gold by mail. Subsequently, the specified amount of currency will come to the character with an explanatory letter. The inconvenience of this method is that the mail takes an average of 1-2 hours, but simultaneously, it is a very safe way.

Buy WotLK Gold from trade.

This method of exchange is sometimes called face2face. It is essential: players in private chat agree to meet in the chosen location, and the purchased gold is transferred through the exchange. Fast but a potentially insecure way to trade currency purchased through WotLK Gold. The likelihood of being caught buying is minimal, but it is present. Pay attention to this.

Buy WotLK Gold from an Auction house.

An exciting and non-trivial way to get game currency, the critical role played by auction. As a rule, the client sells a low-quality item at a giant price, and the booster redeems it. The disadvantage is the auction commission of 5%.

Transaction within the guild

The most sophisticated, but also the most 100% safe, type of gold transfer. In this case, the client joins a predetermined guild, giving him the right to withdraw a certain amount of gold. After the transaction, the hero quietly leaves the guild.

Is the latter paid if the player receives the agreed amount of gold and there are no claims to the performer? In case of violations for the booster or other problems, inform the ExpCarry manager – the transaction will be returned, and the performer will be fined. This ensures a high reputation and guarantees of performance of the WotLK Gold service. Our priority is high service delivery and honesty, so the requirements are stringent.

Why Choose ExpCarry for WotLK Gold Seller?

We are chosen because:

  • All team members have at least five years of experience;
  • We work with TOP guilds in US and EU;
  • Insurance against non-fulfillment of the order;
  • Hundreds of positive feedbacks;
  • Some of the lowest prices for services;
  • 24/7 manager support.

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