Burning Crusade

Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts

WoW TBC Hellfire Ramparts Dungeon Boost is a service available to every The Burning Crusade gamer f..


Heroic Dungeon Keys

Heroic Dungeon Keys

WoW TBC Heroic Dungeon Keys Unlock Boost - A service to help you access Burning Crusade dungeons on ..


Honor Points Farm

Honor Points Farm

In The Burning Crusade addon of World of Warcraft, the Honor points currency was added to the game, ..


Jewelcrafting 1-375

Jewelcrafting 1-375

With the opening of the Dark Portal, a new profession has been added to World of Warcraft - Jewelcra..


Karazhan Attunement

Karazhan Attunement

WoW TBC Karazhan Attunement Boost - getting access to the first Burning Crusade raid for 10 people. ..


Leveling 1-70

Leveling 1-70

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade (TBC) Leveling 1-70 Boost is a service to help players get a max l..




WoW TBC Netherwing Reputation Boost - perhaps one of the most difficult to up in the game. Requires ..


TBC Power Leveling 60-70

TBC Power Leveling 60-70

WoW The Burning Crusade (TBC) Power Leveling 60-70 is one of the most popular goods among players. W..


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Burning Crusade Boost

It is no secret that the next addition to World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade Classic is not far off, in connection with this particularly acute question becomes about tbc leveling the character to the maximum level and the recruitment of appropriate equipment. It would seem, if 60 levels were taken in the Classic, then dial only 10 - a simple task, but we hasten to disappoint you - this is far from it.

The process is time-consuming and takes a decent amount of time, even for gamers with experience for several reasons:

  1. Massive implementation of the patch. In other words - thousands will rush to study the expanse of TBC at the same time, which in tens or even hundreds of times will complicate the process of leveling;
  2. PVP-oriented people and entire guilds. This problem has always been - came a pack of gamer (or singles) and simply interfere with swinging, arranging gangs of the opposite faction. Respawn timer grew, leveling speed dropped to almost zero;
  3. Guild leveling. Naturally, the guilds want to remove all the cream, so often members of the guild swing in a few patches, which itself accelerates the process of wow tbc leveling, but slows it for ordinary humans;
  4. A change in class balance. Burning Crusade brought not only new locations, but also the balance of classes not only relative to each other, but also relative to PvE content. In other words, if in the Classic players on the mage could safely wow tbc farm almost everything solo, thereby speeding up the leveling process, in TBC this process is greatly slowed down.

And if the gamers with experience this caused certain difficulties, then for newcomers the process will become tediously long.

However, do not despair: Exactly for such purposes was created site ExpCarry, which helps to implement almost all aspects of the game, from power leveling to collection of equipment. Burning Crusade Boost is a common and proven process by thousands around the world, and it's also completely safe.

WoW TBC Professions

Learning a profession tbc classic even not in the initial stages of the game was a stumbling block for thousands, let alone at the start of the add-on. New recipes, new ingredients, and, of course, new tasks for wow tbc professions progression - a small list of what awaits potential craftsmen on the expanses of the Burning Crusade. Naturally, there will be a real war for resources both inside and outside of the factions.

Burning Crusade Boost is also available in this direction: our professionals will raise your chosen profession in wow TBC to the required values in the shortest possible time.


As in the previous version wow classic, to reach the TOP on Alterac, in the Song of War Gorge, the Arathi Depression, as well as the new BG - the Eye of the Storm, you have to practically live in the game, which the average people does not want to do. In addition, you can often find prepackaged groups at the BG, which will leave almost no chance to win, for newcomers - especially. However, it is always possible to buy Boost The Burning Crusade, which will speed up the desired result, because the real professionals, sharpened for PvP content, will take care of it.

WoW TBC Reputations

Perhaps one of the most tedious, but at the same time necessary process in Warcraft. Representatives of the various factions can reward the player with items of epic level equipment, cosmetic items, as well as wow tbc mounts and various consumables that help in the passage of a particular raid or dungeon. Often, this process requires passing hundreds of the same tasks, collecting tons of ingredients, and sometimes passing certain dungeons.

Boost Burning Crusade will help speed up this process. Our professionals will quickly and efficiently wow tbc reputation, so the gamers can enjoy all the necessary bonuses factions.

WoW TBC Gear

BiS or Best in Slot is the best item of equipment in each of the slots, the dream who has ascended to the last level. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to get BiS at once - to do so you need not only to pass the wow tbc dungeons and raids, but also to complete a lot of tasks, as well as sometimes to collect a bunch of very rare ingredients. If this process is difficult but realistic for an experienced guild member, then, alas, for a newcomer it's practically impossible to achieve in TBC.

The professionals at Boost Burning Crusade can help you with this. Experienced drivers, or boosters, will help carry your character in TOP raids and dungeons, as well as make all the necessary tasks and collect the right ingredients to make you proud of your game character.

About ExpCarry WoW TBC Boost Service

Burning Crusade Boost is a completely legal option used by players of Warcraft who have sufficient earnings in real life, who love the game universe, but due to a number of circumstances are not able to devote the right amount of time to the game to get the necessary results. The average time required for an experienced player to fully power leveling one character - 6 hours of play every day, a beginner - from 10 hours. Of course, the process of the game itself is fascinating, but few people will agree to spend half a day on the game. That's the reason why we created the service Boost players in any aspect of the game World of Warcraft.

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