Blood Beasts

  • 16.00€

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  • Blood Beasts

One or more Bloody Beasts to choose from;

A special Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers for hunters;

All gold and resources gained during the job.

Character level 60+;

Active WoW Subscription.

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Blood Hunter Pets 

With the release of the add-on Dragonflight, a special type of pet marked bloody has been added to the game, which have a unique model and a set of specific skills. To get them is not so easy — you need a special item Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers for interaction with monsters. Blood Beasts Taming service gives you the opportunity to get a unique pet in your collection and unlock this feature for any hunter on your account.

There are a number of difficulties in catching this kind of beasts. Among them:

  • Hundreds of people wanting to get a particular pet, even just for the collection;
  • Huge competition with a hostile faction. Sometimes there are real battles over rare pets;
  • The requirement to obtain special items for capture;
  • The mechanics of catching individual specimens force the player to perform complex actions;
  • Sneaky players can kill a pet without allowing it to be tamed.

That's why the best option is to contact the professional ExpCarry players and arrange the purchase of Blood Beast's Taming.

Pets are available in all specializations; a few specimens are discussed in more detail below:

  • Crawgs — familiar from many dungeons and open-world battles, the monster that can now become your;
  • Blood Ticks — familiar from many locations monster, resembling a flying spider with a special set of abilities.

You can choose to get one of these pets or both at once on the ExpCarry website. Buy Bloody Beasts boost right on the spot!

Why should you trust ExpCarry with your Blood Beast's Taming?

1. Huge team of collectors, the best hunter pets with over five years of experience;

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4. The shortest terms of receipt;

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