Power Leveling 1-60

  • 5.40€

Available Options

  • Power Leveling 1-60

Any range from 1 to 60 level.

Some flight points will be available.

Gold, items, and recipes received during the boost.

Battle Net Account.

Active subscription WoW Classic.

Order works only with account sharing.

Do not enter the game during the boost.

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Upgrading in World of Warcraft Classic took a very long time and was a stumbling block for thousands of gamers. With the release of WoW Season of Mastery, this situation was repeated, and many current users are not ready for it. We offer Season of Mastery Power Leveling Boost service from professional players on US and EU. With us, a fast growth of character levels is guaranteed. 

Season of Mastery Power Leveling Boost Execution Time

The time of Power Leveling Boost service depends on many factors. It can be the focus of the server, the difficulty of execution, the number of options selected and much more. Check with your ExpCarry manager for more information. 

WoW Classic Power Leveling Boost Include

  • Any range from 1 to 60 levels;
  • Some flight points will be available;
  • Gold, items, and recipes received during the boost.

How does Season of Mastery Power Leveling Boost Work?

This type of service is provided in pilot mode.

  • Select the tasks that the booster should do as part of the work.
  • Before you start, please specify a convenient time for the booster to enter your account. This will help to optimize the process and make it as safe as possible.
  • Give the data from the account and the preferred time of the booster (in the case of Pilot mode).
  • You can choose one of the related services to increase efficiency. These can be Profession Boost or Reputation Boost and more. Please contact your project manager.
  • If for some reason you decide to stop the work, kindly let us know in advance – we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
  • When all the nuances are clarified, add the selected item to the cart, make the purchase and just wait for the result. 

Note that due to the vast experience of our team, we are ready to take on even the most complex orders. If the list of options doesn't include the service you need, please contact your manager at discord or on the website, and you'll get a personal offer.

FAQ Power Leveling 1-60

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