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  • Ranking

Your chosen PvP rank.

Access to unique items of equipment and mounts depending on the selected rank.

All items and reputation received during the boost.

Account sharing (only login and password).

60 level character (if you don't have it yet, you can buy leveling).

Active Wow Subscription.

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PvP ranking in World of Warcraft Classic is a challenge that requires a lot of time and effort. To achieve the prestigious title of Grand Marshal or High Warlord, players must farm honor on the battlegrounds and in the open world every day for several months. This task is challenging, and only a few players can do it. ExpCarry service is ready to help you in this difficult task; our professional boosters will take care of your character so that you receive all the desired rewards without unnecessary effort.

Here you can buy WoW Classic PvP ranks boost for your character on Season of Mastery servers. Our boosters are ready to provide you with the best service and fastest order delivery—any details you'd like to discuss with our live chat manager.

How does the WoW Classic PvP ranks boost work?

  • Attention! The service price indicated for the farms is up to 500k honor per week. If the necessary cap on your server is higher, please write to us, and we will make the best offer.
  • Using the options, you can choose the desired WoW Classic honor ranks.
  • The service is provided only with account share. After paying for the order, our manager will inform you to obtain information on your Battle.net account (only login and password). We will need an email code or an authenticator to confirm login to your account.
  • Duration of boosting depends on the server and free spots in the brackets.
  • To calculate the amount of honor, we use add-ons “HonorSpy” and “HonorPerHour.”
  • If you want to terminate the WoW Classic PvP rank boost, let us know, and we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
  • More detailed information and answers to your questions can be obtained from the manager in the chat.

WoW Classic PvP ranks boost Recommendations:

  • We strongly recommend that you follow the community rules on your server; if you do not know what criteria to get a high bracket, write to us. For WoW Classic rank 14 boosts, you need to have a spot in the first bracket, and this can only be done by observing the server rules.
  • If you need an account during the boost, please let us know in advance or make arrangements during the purchase, but this may affect the completion time. If you want to buy rank 14 WoW Classic, your account will be used 24/7. Please see this information.
  • Booster will be glad if you can help him with gold, grenades, and potions. This will speed up the order execution time much.

WoW Classic PvP ranks boost Rewards and Titles:

1Private / Scout
Private's Tabard / Scout's Tabard
2Corporal / Grunt


Insignia of the Alliance / Insignia of the Horde

3Sergeant / Sergeant

Rare-Quality Cloaks

10% Discount on repairs/goods

4Master Sergeant / Senior Sergeant

Rare Necklace

5Sergeant Major / First Sergeant

Rare Bracers

6Knight / Stone Guard

Officer's barracks access

Unlock to Combat Mana Potion / Combat Healing Potion

7Knight-Lieutenant / Blood Guard
Rare Set Boots and Gloves
8Knight-Captain / Legionnaire
Rare Set Chest and Legs
9Knight-Champion / Centurion
Alliance Battle Standard / Horde Battle Standard
10Lieutenant Commander / Champion
Rare Set Helm and Shoulder
11Commander / Lieutenant General
Unlock Epic Mounts
12Marshal / General
Epic Set Gloves, Legs, and Boots
13Field Marshal / Warlord
Epic Set Helm, Chest, and Shoulders
14Grand Marshal / High Warlord
Epic Weapons

The ExpCarry team has extensive experience providing boosting services and is ready to perform tasks of any complexity. If you are still looking for the product or service you are interested in, contact the manager in the chat, and we will make a personal offer for you.

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