Season of Discovery Bundle

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  • Season of Discovery Bundle
  • Fast Leveling: Level up quickly from 50 to 60, with an optional boost from lvl1.
  • Maxed Professions (1-300): Choose and max out one gathering and one crafting profession effortlessly.
  • Emerald Wardens Reputation: Raise your reputation level from a new faction to Honored and get cool class sets and a rune.
  • 9 Runes of Your Choice: All new phase runes for your class. Change or improve your playing style.
  • Game Account: Must have an active game account starting at least level 50.
  • Game Compliance: Ensure compliance with your game's terms of service.
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Season of Discovery Bundle: Your Gateway to Epic Gaming

Ready to transform your gaming experience? Meet the Season of Discovery Bundle from ExpCarry. Tailored for gamers who want to dive deeper and play smarter, this bundle is more than just a set of services; it's your shortcut to a richer gaming world.

Forget about the slow grind. With this bundle, you'll leap through levels, max out your professions, and even get your hands on some exclusive gear. It's designed for players who value their time and want to get the most out of every gaming session.

What's Included in Your SoD Bundle:

  • 🌟 Leveling (50-60): Fast-track your progress with our professional leveling service. Starting from level 50, we'll boost you all the way to level 60, ensuring you're ready for the high-tier challenges. Plus, there's an optional boost from level 1-50 if you're starting fresh or tackling a new character.
  • 🔨 Professions Boost: Choose one gathering and one crafting profession, and watch them soar to the maximum level 300. Whether you're an aspiring blacksmith, herbalist, or any other tradesman, our experts will efficiently level up your chosen professions.
  • 🔮 9 Runes of Your Choice: Enhance your gameplay with a set of three randomly chosen new runes. These magical enhancements will give you an edge in your quests and battles.
  • ⚖️ Customizable Options: Tailor the bundle to your preferences. Select the desired weight and amount of gold to suit your character's needs and play style.

Why Choose the Season of Discovery Bundle?

  1. Save Time: Who wants to spend all day leveling up? With this bundle, you jump levels fast and get to the cool stuff sooner.
  2. Save Money: Buying stuff one by one costs more. This bundle is like getting a deal — you get more but pay less.
  3. Make It Yours: Want extra gold or special gear? You can add that. It's like customizing your meal at a fast-food joint.
  4. We Know Our Stuff: Our team is good at this. They'll get your character leveled up and sorted without any fuss.
  5. Cool Extras: New reputation, items and mystery runes? These are the fun bits you get just with this bundle.
  6. Be Part of the Crew: Lots of gamers are already using ExpCarry. Join in and maybe even find new buddies to play with.

Get a fast track from level 50 to 60, max out your chosen professions, and grab cool runes at level 60. All these and more, including customizable options like extra gold and gear, at an unbeatable price.

Don’t just play, play smart with ExpCarry’s Season of Discovery Bundle – Your shortcut to epic gaming experiences!

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