SoD Timbermaw Hold Boost

  • 15.00€

Available Options

  • Timbermaw Hold
  • Exalted Reputation: Achieve exalted status with Timbermaw Hold.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Unlock rare recipes and unique items, like the Timbermaw Trinket.
  • Retain All Loot: Keep all gold, experience, and items obtained during the boost.
  • Active Subscription: Must have an active WoW Classic and Season of Discovery subscription.
  • Character Level 60: Your character must be at least level 60.
  • Account Access: Temporary access to your account is required for our team to perform the boost.
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WoW Classic SoD Timbermaw Hold Reputation Boost

Gaining exalted status with Timbermaw Hold in World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery will certainly be a chore that will take some hours. The furbolgs of Timbermaw Hold, standing in their tunnels connecting Felwood and Winterspring, require enough dedication to be granted their trust. Of course, this includes a heavy grind in the form of repetitive tasks, farming specific enemies, or turning in rare items. Boosting the SOD Timbermaw Hold Reputation will ease this process, offering a fast way to reach exalted status and unlock all the unique rewards. With the boost, players can play high-quality gameplay without making long-term time investments.

What's Included in SOD Timbermaw Hold Reputation Boost

  • Exalted Reputation: Our service will grant you exalted status with Timbermaw Hold, ensuring you attain the best level of rewards and benefits from this particular faction.
  • Exalted rewards: Include the highly sought-after rare recipes for several classes and some unique items, such as the Timbermaw Trinket. These will greatly increase the overall potential of your character in both PvE and PvP.
  • Retain all loot: All gold, experience, and items that your character will get during the boosting process are yours. This ensures that you extract full value from the boosting service without losing any valuable in-game assets.

The Process of Getting Timbermaw Hold Reputation

  1. Quests: Turn in Felwood and Winterspring quests to start gaining a reputation. Initial quests will give a huge reputation boost and introduce you to the Timbermaw Hold furbolgs.
  2. Slaying of Enemies: Kill as many Deadwood and Winterfall furbolgs as possible to gain more reputation. They can be found all over Felwood or Winterspring and, on top of it all, drop good items to maintain reputation with.
  3. Item Turn-ins: Collect things like Deadwood Headdress Feathers and Winterfall Spirit Beads from the furbolgs you kill. These items can then be turned into various NPCs, such as Nafien in Felwood and Salfa in Winterspring, for further reputation.
  4. Repeatable Quests: Do the repeatable quests for the Timbermaw Hold NPCs, normally gathering or killing certain mobs, which continue to provide one with the option of gaining a reputation.

Gaining a reputation with Timbermaw Hold is not just a matter of prestige; it will carry definite in-game benefits that can enhance your playing experience. At Exalted, you get access to some cool unique items and additional crafting recipes that can greatly improve your character. This includes the Timbermaw Trinket, which gives very valuable all-purpose buffs for so many situations. Moreover, with a higher reputation with Timbermaw Hold, one can move through their tunnels without danger. This is quite a valuable advantage to players who often have to travel between Felwood and Winterspring.

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