Dragonflight Leveling Boost

  • 5.90€

Available Options

  • Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling
  • Level 70 character
  • All related achievements
  • All items and gold received during the boost
  • Active WoW Dragonflight subscription;
  • Order works only with account sharing;
  • Before a purchase, we recommend you to contact our managers to specify the details of this service.
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With the release of the new WoW Dragonflight expansion 10.0 patch, the maximum character level will become 70, so players will again have to go through new locations, complete quest tasks, and improve the level of items. Using ExpCarry's Dragonflight leveling boost service, you can get all your characters to the maximum level, starting from any. Professional boosters will complete an order of levels 60-70 within 2–4 hours with additional wishes.

The best route to gain Dragonflight experience Boost guide

For more convenience, the ExpCarry team has prepared a table that clearly shows the ratio of levels and experience zones. In them, you can perform tasks, fight enemies, create new items, and more. This kind of grind allows you to enjoy the game and at the same time reach the max level. Information further:

Character level
Dragonflight zone
60-61Waking Shores
Bind the hearthstone in the specified area and perform all available tasks, earn exp.
61-62Waking Shores
Do storyline quest in isles. Upgrade your reputation with factions and select the right profession.
62-63Waking Shores
Just complete the quests in the specified area until the end, and run some dungeons.
63-64Ohn’Aran Plains
Contact NPC Naleidea Rivergleam after reaching 63. Complete her quest and travel to the designated area.
64-66Ohn’Aran Plains
Continue to move through the specified territory. Complete the side quest, increasing your reputation with the WoW Dragonflight factions.
66-68Azure Span
Go to the specified area. No special actions are needed here – complete missions and defeat enemies.
Complete the story in the specified area, gaining access to the main Dragonflight expansion content.

Dragonflight Leveling Changes Guide

As you know, with the release of WoW Dragonflight, the method of leveling was slightly changed. Important changes ExpCarry team allocated only 2:

  • The maximum level of players is 70. It may not seem like much, but the road from 60 to 70 can take an extremely long time. WoW Dragonflight Power Leveling can solve this problem quickly and cheaply.
  • Experience Count. Up to level 30, it's impossible to notice the difference, but after that, the growth will go much faster. From level 60 the process will slow down a lot and will last until the maximum development of the player.

Nokhudon Hold Leveling Boost

Nokhudon Hold Leveling option became available to any player not too long ago, allowing you to get the maximum level of your character in AFK mode. It doesn't require you to do long quests, retake the story, and so on. You can leave the character behind and go about your business. Great for those who have a bunch of alternative characters and no free time. It is important that if you choose Nokhudon Hold Leveling Boost, you must start the game in your starting location, not Exile's Reach.

The average time to get the maximum level from 60 is 2-3 hours, which is very little in the current realities and convenient.

Efficient Dragonflight Power Leveling Include

  • Start with any range from 60 to 70 level;
  • Additional 1-60 Character Boost with Standard leveling speed;
  • Additional Selfplay Leveling 60-70;
  • Additional Dracthyr Evoker starting level from 58;
  • Getting a Reputation with Selected WoW Dragonflight Factions for any players;
  • Accompanying character skill progression (optional);
  • Take some armor thing and weapons for transmogrification;
  • All loot, gear, gold, and achievements earned during level 70 boost.

How does Dragonflight Leveling Boost Work?

  • Dragonflight level boost is provided in pilot mode (booster play on your account).
  • Select any range of levels from 60 to 70 for boost, as well as select the speed of the service.
  • You can decide on additional options in the product, as well as add others to your cart that are needed for the character.
  • After purchasing Dragonflight Power Leveling, you must provide account information to our manager, as well as follows the instructions for security.
  • We provide progress reports in a convenient way for you, namely through a twitch live stream or in the form of screenshots.
  • You have the right to stop the Dragonflight level boost at any level, then we will refund the money for the remaining work after evaluation.
  • After WoW Power Leveling is completed, we will notify you in Discord or another messenger in the form of a screenshot. 

Note that due to the vast experience of our team, we are ready to take on even the most complex orders. If the list of options doesn't include the service you require, please contact your manager at discord or on the website, and you'll get a personal offer. Our boosters are ready to do all the work for you in the shortest possible time by game standards. You'll get a hero who's ready to go on adventures across the Dragon Islands and conquer them.

1-40 8.5
41-60 7.7
61-70 5.9
Delivery Speed Express 50
Delivery Speed Fast Speed 30
Delivery Speed Standard
FAQ Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling

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