New World Artifacts Boost

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  • New World Artifacts
  • Personalized Artifact Unlocking: Acquire your desired artifact through our dedicated grinding service.
  • Quest Mastery: Complete associated quests to enhance your artifact's capabilities.
  • Full-Throttle Upgrades: Unlock every latent perk for your artifact.
  • Elevated Existing Collection: Upgrade your pre-owned artifacts to their maximum potential.
  • Base Game Access: Must have the base version of New World and the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.
  • Account Access: Temporary access to your Steam account is required.
  • Character Level: Character should be at or near end-game level.
  • Cooperation: Avoid logging in during the service period for efficient boosting.
  • PvP Track Level: Nimble Leather Coat (lvl 100), Serenity (lvl 20), Pestilence (lvl 50), Michael (lvl 20), Unyielding (lvl 100), Freedom (lvl 20), Ankh (lvl 50).
  • Season Pass: Endless Thirst (lvl 100).
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New World Artifacts Boost Service: Your Key to Mastery

Step into the enchanting realm of New World, where legends are waiting to be discovered and mastered. The New World Artifacts Boost Service is your ultimate companion in this journey, ensuring you unlock and elevate your artifacts to their pinnacle of power.

Discover the Power of Artifacts

In New World, artifacts are not just items; they symbolize an elite tier of power, introduced with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Boasting an unmatched 700 GS (Gear Score), these artifacts are pivotal for end-game strategies. Each artifact is equipped with unique perks and the universal attribute – Magnify, which amplifies your dominant attribute, enhancing your gameplay strategy.

What Does the New World Artifacts Boost Service Offer?

Navigating the vast expanse of New World, our Artifacts Boost Service offers tailored solutions:

  • Unlock Desired Artifact(s): We grind to ensure your desired artifacts are in your arsenal.
  • Unlock + Quest Completion: Beyond acquiring the artifact, we unlock the initial perks through quest completion.
  • Unlock + Full Upgrade: After acquisition, we undertake the quest chain, meeting all prerequisites to unlock every perk on the artifact.
  • Upgrade Existing Artifact(s): We unlock perks on your pre-owned artifacts, ensuring they reach their full potential.

The Journey of New World Artifacts

Artifacts in New World are a unique journey. Their power unfolds as you achieve milestones. Each artifact has its growth trajectory, revealing its features as you progress. While you can't purchase artifacts with New World Coins, their acquisition is a testament to your prowess, as they become bind-on-pickup and are irreplaceable.

Dive into the New World of Artifacts

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion introduced 27 unique artifacts, each with its distinct power. From the Flail Odo, echoing the fervor of battle, to the Unyielding heavy headwear, symbolizing resilience, every artifact has a tale, waiting to be harnessed.

Why Opt for Our Artifacts Boost Service?

In a world where every artifact is a legend, our Artifacts Boost Service ensures you're not just playing the game but mastering it. Every challenge is an opportunity, every quest an adventure, and with our service, every artifact is a legend you command.

With the New World Artifacts Boost Service, transform your gameplay into a strategic masterpiece. Unlock, upgrade, and command the power of artifacts, ensuring every move you make resonates with legendary prowess.

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