Honor Points

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  • Honor Points

Selected amount of Honor;

Random Battleground Wins and Achievements.

Account sharing (only login and password);

70 level character;

Active WoW Dragonflight Subscription.

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In the Dragonflight add-on of World of Warcraft, the Honor points currency was added to the game, for which you can buy various PvP equipment. You can earn this currency by completing various PvP activities such as battles in the arena or battlegrounds, as well as various PvP quests. The cap of honor points a character can have is 15,000. Our boosters are ready to help you get the required amount of Honor points.

On this page you can buy Honor points WoW Dragonflight with using the Pilot mode (Account Share). There are various ways to get this currency and our PvP boosters will choose the easiest and fastest of them, taking the features of your character. Any details you can discuss with our live chat manager.

Honor points WoW Dragonflight ETA

Estimated delivery times shown below. Deadlines can be changed for various reasons. Please see this information before purchase.

  • 5000 Honor points – 1 day;
  • 10000 Honor points – 1-2 days;
  • 15000 Honor points – 2-3 days.

Honor points Boost WoW Dragonflight Recommendations

Honor points farm provided with Pilot (account share)

  • Your account will not be used all day, so be sure to check the booster schedule or state your desired game time. This information will help us use your account safely and prevent you from being kicked out of the game.
  • Hard cap for Honor points is 15000, so if you want to buy more than 15k, please, make a list of things you need to buy a booster to spend the available honor points. Or you can buy the necessary items yourself, after which the booster will continue Honor farm.

Honor points Farm Boost Rewards

For honor points, you can buy equipment of 380 ilvl. You can also improve this equipment for honor points, the level of equipment for each rank is given below:

  • 1 rank – 
  • 2 rank – 
  • 3 rank – 
  • 4 rank – 
  • 5 rank – 
  • 6 rank – 
  • 7 rank – 

Additional progress during the Honor points farm

  • Arena or RBG rating – booster can raise your current arena or RBG rating during the boost, but this is not a prerequisite.
  • Conquest points – currency for purchasing powerful PvP equipment.
  • Honor levels – with the receipt of honor points, your honor level will also up. Upon reaching certain levels, you will get various cosmetic rewards such as mounts, titles, toys, and pets.

Our team is ready to complete a task of any difficulty. All the best rewards can be obtained quickly and qualitatively using the ExpCarry service.

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