Cataclysm Tailoring Boost

  • 22.00€

Available Options

  • Tailoring
  • Max Tailoring Skill: Attain a tailoring skill level of 525 quickly.
  • Access to Elite Recipes: Unlock the ability to craft advanced gear and large capacity bags.
  • Resource Savings: All required materials are provided, saving you time and in-game money.
  • Account Access: This service requires access to your account to apply the boost.
  • Character Level Appropriate for Crafting: Ensure your character level is suitable for higher-level tailoring skills.
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Cataclysm Classic Tailoring Profession Boost

Unlock the full potential of fabric and thread. Our service is professionally designed to level your tailoring skills at the fastest possible rate to maximum. This means you can create the game's most highly sought-after bags, armor, and magical cloths. It will also save you the many hours normally spent farming materials so you can head right to the fun of crafting top-level gear or items for your local auction house.

What is in the Cataclysm Classic Tailoring boost?

  • Tailoring Skill Leveled to 525: This means the character has mastered Cataclysm Tailoring and has access to every pattern. They can craft the highest-available cloth armor sets and enchants.
  • Important Recipes Learned: Our boosters ensure that you learn all of the important Cataclysm Tailoring recipes, which enable you to craft all sorts of important, powerful Cloth Armors for all cloth-wearing classes.
  • Materials and Equipment: You will keep all the items received during the leveling process. This may well be a decent value for future crafting and even some quite rare equipment upgrades.

The Cataclysm Classic Tailoring Advantage:

Cataclysm brings Tailoring to new heights of prowess. At the top of the mastery of cloth-working, here is what you are going to get:

  • Epic Sets of Cloth Armor: Forge powerful sets of cloth armor boasting incredible statistics, specially designed for casters (Mages, Warlocks, Priests) and healers (Priests, Druids).
  • Unlock Tailoring Enchants: Learn how to make special enchants on your gear, giving you extra stats, such as spell power or healing power, which can also have special effects, like mana regeneration.
  • Become a Market Master: Fulfill this great demand for strong cloth armor and enchants. Sell your crafted items to other players, especially ones who have not maxed out their Tailoring skill. Turn your expertise into a profitable venture!

Why Choose ExpCarry's Cataclysm Classic Tailoring Boost

  • Become a Master Tailor: Gain access to all Cataclysm tailoring patterns and craft sets of epic cloth armor for yourself or others. Become the envy of the cloth-wearing classes and a legend to everyone else.
  • Gear Up with Style: Utilize cloth armor sets you craft to be powerful with superior stats, so you can fully maximize your character in order to perform in any situation.
  • Enchants for Customization: Tailoring offers specialized enchants for your gear, which will further mean more stats or even special effects, allowing you to get that edge up on the competition and crush them on the battlefield or in the raid!
  • Dominate the Market: Top-level cloth armor and enchants are bound to remain in demand for all eternity. Reap huge profits by selling your stitched items at the Auction House. This will easily turn your tailoring skills into a gold income stream that keeps growing.
  • Skip the Grind, Maximize Fun: Leveling professions can be such a big problem. Our boost lets you skip through this repetitive process and enjoy to the best of your ability the most pleasing parts of WoW: clearing dungeons, raiding bosses, or exploring Azeroth!
  • Secure and Safe Service: At Expcarry, we prioritize account safety. Our professionals use the most reputable methods that have stood the test of time and are in accordance with Blizzard Terms of Service. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer service for your convenience.

How does the Cataclysm Classic Tailoring Boost work?

The steps are simple and convenient:

  1. Choose Your Power Leveling Boost: Choose which option best fits your needs. We offer power leveling from scratch (Levels 1-525) or you can choose our targeted leveling that only focuses on Cataclysm recipes (Levels 450-525).
  2. Place Your Order: Proceed to the check-out at ExpCarry and get your purchase completed securely. Our support team is really flexible and can answer any questions you might have.
  3. Sit Back and Let Us Do the Grind: Your account will be picked up by a professional and experienced booster who will grind your Tailoring to the desired level and collect all the necessary patterns. We will keep you informed of the work's progress at every stage.
  4. Become a Master Tailor: By the time you're done, you will have a maxed-out Tailoring profession that will allow you to craft epic cloth armor sets and enchants, so you can take the battlefield or raid encounter by storm!

Choose the profession boost for ExpCarry Tailoring. It will save you untold hours of play, so you can just relax and let us do all the leveling for you. Our service is absolutely safe, effective, and guaranteed, with 24/7 support.

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