RBG Rating Pilot

RBG Rating Pilot

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; Rated Battlegrounds a..

84.80€ 106.00€

RBG Rating Selfplay

RBG Rating Selfplay

const whTooltips = {colorLinks: true, iconizeLinks: true, renameLinks: true}; Rated Battlegrounds a..

84.80€ 106.00€

RBG Wins

RBG Wins

PvP component of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is perhaps one of the most interesting and at the sam..

9.60€ 12.00€

RBG 1800 Rating: Classic PvP Tmog

RBG 1800 Rating: Classic PvP Tmog

Here you can buy boost RBG 1800 Rating: Classic PvP Tmog in game World of Warcraft Shadowlands...

207.20€ 259.00€

Warbound Veteran of the Alliance

Warbound Veteran of the Alliance

Here you can buy achievement Warbound Veteran of the Alliance in game World of Warcraft Sh..

6.40€ 8.00€

Warbringer of the Horde

Warbringer of the Horde

Here you can buy achievement Warbringer of the Horde in game World of Warcraft Shadowlands. We ..

6.40€ 8.00€

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WoW RBG Boost

Want to have access to great opportunities in World of Warcraft Shadowlands? Then it's for us. 

Our service is effective in helping players achieve the desired position on the RBG rating ladder in the game. As a rule, the acquisition of an increased rating is necessary primarily for newcomers who need to get used to the game and join the elite level of PvP, veterans to maintain their current positions.

What are rated battlegrounds in WoW?

RBG is a rating battlefield where participants in the game fight against each other in 10v10 format, while fulfilling the same requirements as capturing points, flags, etc. But in the end, they get not only a victory, but also an increase in the rating.

The rating is a certain king WoW PvP. Participation in the battles requires a lot of attention and, of course, skill from the players. This is necessary to achieve success and titles. At the same time, the entire course of the game directly depends on individual players who are engaged in promoting their RBG rating to 2400+. But to a greater extent, the rating depends on the team.

Therefore, we provide you with our best teams aimed at helping with the RBG rating upgrade. Our experts are ready to help you and provide access to some “chips” of the game.

How can I buy a rating?

The first thing to do is to choose in which mode the rbg boost will take place:

  • Pilot Mode (account share) — booster will play on your account using all safety rules. This will give you the opportunity to get the desired rbg rating without wasting your time. The procedure is safe because all of our workers verified, and we use Premium VPN connection to log in from your country/city/state.
  • Self Play (you play yourself) — A safer method of playing, which is preferred by many of our customers. If you are a fan of the game and want to get your progress on your own, this is the way for you. The disadvantages are that you waste your valuable time and the price of self play is more expensive, as well as you need to adjust to the team's schedule.

The next step is to select the desired rating. You can see all available rewards in our rbg rating rewards table, as well as on other information resources.

For customers who want to buy weekly wins or finish the desired rating, you can order them in a separate product, selecting the desired amount and the valid rating.

RBG Boost Rewards and Titles


Alliance RBG Title

Horde RBG Title











Master Sergeant

Senior Sergeant


Sergeant Major

First Sergeant



Stone Guard



Blood Guard








Lieutenant Commander




Lieutenant General





Field Marshal



Grand Marshal

High Warlord

Why exactly are ExpCarry?

With us reliably and easily. For a long time, we have been working with ten teams in the regions of Europe and America. During this time, we have established ourselves as ExpCarry a professional team to provide various services in online games. Using our service, you get access to the choice of a convenient time for boosting. And that's not all. Since, to wholesalers, our team provides good discounts. Therefore, it is also profitable for us.

Frequently asked Questions RBG

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