The Twilight Zone

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  • The Twilight Zone

Epic level 200-226 rewards;

All gold and currency gained as a result of the passage;

Title Twilight Vanquisher or of the Nightfall, depending on complexity.

Account sharing (only for Pilot mode);

80 level character;

Active WoW WotLK Subscription.

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Killing the last boss in almost any World of Warcraft raid is hard, and doing it with 3 mini-bosses is much harder. A group of heroes is rewarded for their efforts by achieving The Twilight Zone. Together with the service WotLK The Twilight Zone Boost anyone can earn it, because one of the best guilds US or EU will help. The player will also receive various items and currency.

WotLK The Twilight Zone Boost Execution Time

The average time to clear this raid is 30 minutes. Time can be increased due to various factors. For example, it may depend on the time of collection of the raid or expectations on the part of the client.

WotLK The Twilight Zone Boost Rewards, Loot And Additional Progress

In the course of the passage, the character will get:

  • All appropriate equipment for the chosen class level 200-226.
  • Other achievements. 
  • Rare title.
  • Experience playing with a strong group (In the case of Selfplay)
  • All gold and other currency obtained during the boost.

How WotLK The Twilight Zone Boost Works

This type of service is provided in Pilot or Selfplay mode.

  • Before you start, please specify a convenient time for the booster to enter your account (in the case of Pilot mode). This will help to optimize the process and make it as safe as possible.
  • Give the data from the account and the preferred time of the booster (in the case of Pilot mode).
  • We recommend ordering a companion service called WotLK Obsidian Sanctum Boost. This way the character will get the maximum result.
  • You can use Selfplay, and play for our team. Please follow the party leader's requests to get the win you want quickly and effortlessly. Our manager will contact you to arrange the time of the carry.
  • If for some reason you decide to stop the work, let us know in advance - we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
  • When all the nuances are clarified, add the selected item to the cart, make the purchase and just wait for the result. 

Note that due to the vast experience of our team, we are ready to take on even the most complex orders. If the list of options doesn't include the service you need, please contact your manager at discord or on the website, and you'll get a personal offer.

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