WotLK Start Bundle - Winter Is Coming

  • 124.00€

WotLK Start Bundle Includes:

  • 70-80 Leveling;
  • Cold Weather – Northrend flying;
  • 200 item level gear;
  • 10,000 gold.

Use additional options to get what you need for your character. The discount is already included.

Available Options

  • WotLK Start Bundle - Winter Is Coming
  • Selected character level;
  • Any profession's progression;
  • Rare equipment;
  • Game gold;
  • Honor Points;
  • Some Reputations;
  • Northrend Flying.
  • Account sharing (only for Pilot mode);
  • Active WoW WotLK Subscription.
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Taking your first steps on the icy shores of Northrend takes work. You always want reliable support through a pumped profession or an extra thousand gold pieces in your pocket. We can offer all this in the WotLK Start Bundle Boost, which allows you to confidently make steps in the new addition. Trust us and get results in the shortest possible time.

WotLK Start Bundle Boost Preparation Time

The WotLK Bundle without additional options will take approximately 1–2 weeks to complete. If you choose additionally, could you check with the manager?

WotLK Start Bundle Boost Includes

The list of essential services includes:

  • 70-80 Leveling on the selected character;
  • Cold Weather – Northrend flying;
  • 200 ilvl Gear from Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons;
  • 10,000 Gold in any realm.

Extra WotLK Start Bundle Boost Options

In addition to the primary, secondary services can be added:

  • 55-70 leveling, an option for those who decide to start as a death knight;
  • 1-70 leveling, suitable for players who want to start their journey in Northrend from the beginning;
  • Fast speed for leveling, perfect for users who would like to be among the first to conquer content;
  • 75,000 Honor points this is the maximum possible number in this add-on;
  • Gathering Professions 375-450 will allow you to earn gold by selling reagents at auction;
  • Crafting Professions 375-450 will give you the ability to earn the ability to create rare and epic items from the first weeks of Wrath of the Lich King;
  • 200 Gear Score in WotLK is an indicator of a character's strength and access to content;
  • Unlock Sons of Hodir Reputation, which is one of the most challenging factions of the 3.0.1 patch;
  • x1 Revered Reputation grants access to any of the possible WotLK reputations of your choice;
  • 10,000 Gold in any EU or US server.

For more information, please get in touch with your ExpCarry project manager.

How does WotLK Start Bundle Boost Work?

This type of service is provided in pilot mode.

  • Select basic and advanced options by highlighting them with the mouse.
  • Before you start, please specify a convenient time for the booster to enter your account. This will help to optimize the process and make it as safe as possible.
  • Give the data from the account and the preferred time of the booster (in the case of Pilot mode).
  • If you decide to stop the work, kindly let us know in advance – we will calculate a fair price for the job done.
  • When all the nuances are clarified, add the selected item to the cart, purchase, and wait for the result. 

Note that due to the vast experience of our team, we are ready to take on even the most complex orders. If the list of options doesn't include the service you need, please get in touch with your manager at discord or on the website, and you'll get a personal offer.

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