Sanctum of Domination

Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Sylvanas Windrunner Kill

Defeating the last boss of the current raid is the most difficult task of PVE content in World of Wa..


Normal Sanctum of Domination

Normal Sanctum of Domination

The first patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft's Shadowlands addon is packed with new features. The Chains..


Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Heroic Sanctum of Domination

Release Sanctum of Domination (SoD) is the second raid of World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 called “..


Mythic Sanctum of Domination

Mythic Sanctum of Domination

Mythic Difficulty of current raid content is always conquered by only a small fraction of players. W..


Sanctum of Domination Gear

Sanctum of Domination Gear

With Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, a host of new gear has been added to World of Warcraft. The bes..


Great Vault: Raid

Great Vault: Raid

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Glory of the Domination Raider

Glory of the Domination Raider

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In the new addon 9.1: Chains of Domination in WoW Shadowlands game have been added new mounts. ..


Sanctum Gloomcharger

Sanctum Gloomcharger

In the new addon 9.1: Chains of Domination in WoW Shadowlands game have been added new mounts. ..


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Sanctum of Domination Boost

Not so long ago, most players WoW Shadowlands mastered the first raid dungeon add-on, and the developers have already shared information about the patch 9.1, which add to the game new raid – Sanctum of Domination, inside which players waiting for ten strong enemies, and the final, at last, it Sylvanas.

New raid 9.1 WoW Shadowlands is available, as always, on four complexities:

  • Raid Finder, where items are 220 at most, and no special tactics are required to win. A great choice for a beginner;
  • Normal, in which you take 233rd ilvl things, in addition, to pass the already have try to have well put together a group. Buying boost WoW SOD normal eu/us you guarantee yourself a quick and high–quality passage;
  • Heroic – mining has a maximum of 246th ilvl, and in order to win, you must clearly follow the tactics, know the characteristics of the enemy and their place in the raid. Just come and kill them – unpossible. And the requirements for the raid group are much more serious. You can buy heroic Sanctuary of Dominance boost of Eu/Us on the ExpCarry website from professional raiders;
  • Mythic – opens 3 weeks after adding raid 9.1, only 20 people from one server – guilds, as a rule, get there. Requirements for all participants are very stringent, and battles make even pros with years of experience sweat. In this case, any error lead to wipe the entire raid. Well, and as a reward offer things at least ilvl 252, which is very, very cool. Buying boost WoW SOD mythic from us, you absolutely everything you need in the shortest time.

For passing each difficulty you will be offered a slot in Great Vault Shadowlands, as it was before. The more you pass, the more you pick up.

Order Sanctuary of Dominion run right on the ExpCarry website. Contact the manager!

Sanctum of Domination Rewards

The number of strong enemies in Sanctum of Domination is 10, below a list from less strong to stronger:

  1. Tarragrue;
  2. Eye of the Jailer;
  3. Nine;
  4. Remnant of Ner'zul;
  5. Soulrender Dormazain
  6. Painsmith Raznal;
  7. Guardian of the First Ones;
  8. Fatescribe Ro–Kalo
  9. Kel'thuzad
  10. Sylvanas Windrunner.

And the loot from the last SOD boss is unique and intended exclusively for one class – the Hunter. A bow of legendary quality and a quiver identical to the one worn by Sylvanas. Buying WoW SOD Carry is available at any complexity level right now!

Of course, the raid produces a huge amount of cool items for all classes from 226 ilvl. On top of that, there are a few special rewards.

Sanctum of Domination Mounts

In Raid 9.1 WoW Shadowlands Sanctum of Domination, you can obtain 3 mounts:

  • Vengeance's Reins – loot from the final enemy on mythic complexity, which the purchase of the Sanctum of Domination boost help obtain;
  • Sanctum Gloomcharger's Reins – mined from the 3rd boss. Buying WoW Shadowlands PvE Boost help you take this mount;
  • Hand of Hrestimorak – Reward for the "Glory of the Sanctum Raiders" achievement, which you quickly done by buying WoW SOD boss boost from us.

Sanctum of Domination Pets

Patch 9.1 raid added a few new unique and really brutal pets to WoW Shadowlands. Gamers be able to knock out some of their options:

  • Eye of Allseeing – from the second raid boss, killed by our Sanctum of Domination boosters after payment;
  • Eye of Allseeing in red – from the same enemy in epochal mode. The task is difficult, but with the purchase of a WoW SOD booster is achievable;
  • Irongrasp – from the 5th raid boss on any complexity;
  • Mawsworn minion – loot from Kel'Tuzad on any difficulty.

Byuing WoW Raid boost you can be 100% sure that the pets will be yours.

Unique models of weapons and armor Sanctum of Domination

In addition to the cool combat pets and unique riding mounts, fans to decorate their hero receive a number of new brutal models: two–handed weapons, bows, one–handed weapons, and glaives. Also, by tradition Blizzard added different types of armor sets:

  • Plate in 4 colors, depending on raid level;
  • Male;
  • Leather;
  • Clothes.

In addition, armor sets from the epochal difficulty level get a special cool cosmetic effect. Well, and take a full set of items from Raid 9.1 you can buy Sanctum of domination boost eu/us on our website. Contact your manager!

Sanctum of Domination Achievements

As a reward for their progress through the raid, players will receive achievements:

  • On normal difficulty level, for killing each boss, in addition, special achievements required for great feat, «Glory of the Sanctum raider», for which the reward of a cool mount is due;
  • Heroic level difficulty also for each boss is an achievement, in addition, for killing the latter gamers receive a special reward – «Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner».
  • Mythic level difficulty also gives achievements for defeating everyone, and those who defeated Sylvana in mythic mode receive a great feat – «Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner» along with a cool title and the opportunity to get mountain.

Of course, the purchase of WoW SOD boost is available to anyone wishing on our website. Everything will be done quickly and efficiently.

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  3. Fast execution of orders;
  4. Professional managers;
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