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Hourly Leveling

Hourly Leveling

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade (TBC) Hourly Level Boost is a hiring driver service for your c..


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Leveling 1-70

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade (TBC) Leveling 1-70 Boost is a service to help players get a max l..


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TBC Power Leveling 60-70

WoW The Burning Crusade (TBC) Power Leveling 60-70 is one of the most popular goods among players. W..


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WoW TBC Power Leveling

After the addition of the patch, maximum WoW Burning Crusade Power leveling threshold reached the figure 70. Which further complicated the process of WOW TBC leveling, especially for those who are just starting to play and become familiar with the World of Warcraft. 

Of course, with the introduction of The Burning Crusade, there is a kind of boost to the character to level 58. However, it is only available to one hero, so especially rejoice not. 

We hasten to tell you that on our website is available to buy quality boost absolute from any stage — fastest TBC leveling will take from 1 to 3 days.

Different terms of  Wow Burning Crusade Power Leveling

It sounds strange, but in fact it's really true. For example, members of the alliance who choose human and the corresponding classes (mage / warrior / rogue / paladin / priest / warlock) are much faster to get starting levels than other races (dwarf / dwarf / night elf / drenei). Speaking of which, the Burning Crusade add-on added the ability to create a shaman for the alliance by selecting the drenei race.

With the horde, the situation is the same: players who decide the race of orcs or trolls with the appropriate class (warrior / brigand / blackmailer / mage / hunter) level up in TBC much faster than other races with similar classes (tauren / undead / blood elf). Furthermore, an innovation of World of Warcraft TBC 2.4.3 — it is possible to create a paladin for the horde by selecting a race of blood elves.

Among other things, representatives of the horde in general are slower to WoW TBC classic leveling to 45-50 than the representatives of the alliance. The reason for this is the complexity of the territory and its accessibility, while the alliance can simply move through locations like rails.

Of course, for our professionals, all the above is not a problem. If you buy a character boost in WoW TBC Power leveling on our website, you get a guarantee that in 1-3 days your character will get the highest level and will be able to conquer the expanses of Azeroth. 

Ways to level up in WoW The Burning Crusade

Actually, the list here is very limited. Leveling character in the World of Warcraft TBC, the gamer can perform tasks in different locations, along with killing thousands of mobs, which also gives a significant amount of experience.  In addition, experience can be gained by up professions, both mining and manufacturing.

Well, perhaps the third way, a little different from the first — leveling up in Burning Crusade using dungeons for groups of players. Actually, the method existed in WoW Classic and since then, nothing has changed: going to a group of tank, healer and 3 DPS, enter a suitable dungeon and begin its systematic clearing.

The distinct advantage is a faster experience gain because the monsters in the dungeon — the elite, in addition, there are the bosses, as well as various quests with higher rewards than the world. 

Our boost service is not limited to one thing: professional gamers will choose the best way to boost your character for a minimum period. As a rule, level boost takes from 1 to 3 days. Control of your character can be taken either by a professional driver or by a group of boosters in a dungeon.

The difference between PvP and PvE servers

Here, in fact, for everyone with a basic understanding of PvP and PvE everything is obvious.

PvP — Player vs Player. On such servers, mostly players prefer to fight with each other, less time giving other content. Leveling on these servers on the order of a complex because for the experience have natural to fight with the opponent, as often occur from the opposing factions gangs, which slows down the process even more.

PvE — Player vs environment. In this case, the server population prefers quiet farming battles. However, due to its specificity, on these servers the number of key monsters, resources, and others markedly reduced because the characters literally sweep away everything they see. But on the other hand, the PvE is much easier to find a group for hiking in the dungeons and Wow TBC leveling.

But do not despair: buying a boost in WoW The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 on our website, you can choose any server you like – our boosters will easily hold your character to the maximum level in the shortest time. Service will take from 1 to 3 days on a server of any orientation.

In addition, do not forget that between 67 and 70 levels in World of Warcraft TBC is a huge difference. In other words, if you think that you quickly rose to level 67, then you're not far from level 70 — you're wrong. The amount of required experience grows exponentially, the number of aggressive opponents is increasing, and the experience zones are decreasing. All of these problems can be solved by our booster service, which you can buy on our website.

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