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  • Vicious Warstalker

Character level 70;

395 item level Gear;

Active WoW Dragonflight subscription.

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In Patch 9.2 Eternity's end, a lot of new content and new mounts were added to World of Warcraft. The new PvP mount, which can be obtained in Season 4 of Shadowlands, is a brutal wolf in armor. To get the Vicious Warstalker mount, you will still have to fight in the Arena and RBG, for each victory at a rating of 1000 or higher, progress will accumulate, and when it reaches 100%, you will receive the coveted mount. Of course, not everyone loves PvP battles, so buy Vicious Warstalker Boost from ExpCarry is the best way to get this epic mount into your collection.

WoW Dragonflight Vicious Warstalker Boost ETA

On average, it takes from 2 to 7 days to get the mount Vicious Warstalker. The deadline can be affected by the level of equipment of your character, Play method, as well as your current progress.

How does the Vicious Warstalker carry work?

This service is provided both in self-play mode and in pilot mode.

  • If you choose a self-play game, you will play in the Arena on your character with one or two of our boosters. Please follow the requests of the group leader in the Arena battles to receive only positive emotions and the desired rewards. Our manager will contact you to agree on the time of the boost.
  • The pilot mode means that our booster will play on your character to get the mount Vicious Warstalker in your collection. We will need your account details (login and password only) to begin processing your order. You will also need to confirm the booster login using an authenticator or an email code.
  • We can provide you with interim progress reports in the form of screenshots or via stream.
  • All gold, resources and equipment received during the boost will be saved on your character.

PvP mount Rewards

When you buy Vicious Warstalker carry, in addition to the mount itself, you will also receive:

  • Honor points that will count towards the reward in the Great Vault;
  • Conquest points, for which you can purchase the most powerful PvP equipment;
  • Chance to increase the current rating of the Arena.

Vicious Warstalker model

You can evaluate the appearance of the Vicious Warstalker mount from the image on our website or by clicking on the link Vicious Warstalker.

The ExpCarry team has vast experience in providing boosting services and therefore is ready to fulfill an order of any complexity. If you did not find the product you are interested in on our website, please write to the manager in the chat, and he will make a personal offer for you.

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