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  • WotLK Dungeons World Tour Bundle
  • 16 heroic dungeons complete.
  • Emblems of Triumph.
  • Achievement.
  • Drop 200+ item level gear.
  • 80 Level Character
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World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion features a plethora of captivating Heroic Dungeons, each with its own set of challenging objectives. To conquer these dungeons, players must not only develop winning strategies to defeat a variety of formidable bosses, but also execute those tactics seamlessly. In addition, success in these dungeons depends on building a synergistic team, which can often be a more difficult task than conquering the dungeons themselves. Our meticulously designed Wrath Dungeon Boost Bundle will help ease the stress of heroics and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Azeroth.

WotLK Dungeons World Tour Boost Rewards

By investing in our all-inclusive WotLK World Tour Boost, you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Mastery of all Phase 1 WotLK dungeons on Heroic difficulty
  • Opportunities to secure powerful 200-level gear to enhance your character's abilities
  • Exclusive ownership of all items dropped by ferocious monsters and fearsome bosses throughout your character's journey
  • Collect 48–49 Emblems of Triumph to trade for valuable items
  • Earn 140 Achievement Points and the prestigious Northrend Dungeon Hero meta achievement, signifying your achievements

Unveiled Heroic Dungeon Completion Achievements:

Embark on a remarkable odyssey through these enthralling Heroic dungeons:

  • Heroic: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom – Delve into the ancient halls and uncover hidden secrets.
  • Heroic: Azjol-Nerub – Traverse the intricate web of tunnels and chambers in this underground realm.
  • Heroic: Drak'Tharon Keep – Explore the foreboding fortress and face the darkness within.
  • Heroic: Gundrak – Unravel the mysteries of this once-majestic temple, now in ruins.
  • Heroic: Halls of Lightning – Harness the elemental forces as you navigate the electrifying corridors.
  • Heroic: Halls of Stone – Unearth the hidden knowledge locked within the hallowed halls.
  • Heroic: The Culling of Stratholme – Rewrite history in this epic battle against the forces of darkness.
  • Heroic: The Nexus – Uncover the arcane secrets of the magical Nexus, a focal point of power.
  • Heroic: The Oculus – Soar through the skies and challenge the dragons that guard this mystical citadel.
  • Heroic: The Violet Hold – Defend the prison against relentless waves of malevolent enemies.
  • Heroic: Utgarde Keep – Breach the imposing walls and confront the dark forces lurking within.
  • Heroic: Utgarde Pinnacle – Ascend to the summit and face the ultimate test of skill and determination.
  • Heroic: Trial of the Champion – Pay tribute to your chosen faction and earn the opportunity to become its champion, so that together you can defeat the Lich King.
  • Heroic: Forge of Souls - Dive into the haunting depths of the Forge of Souls, the chilling and thrilling dungeon in Icecrown.
  • Heroic: Halls of Reflection - Embark on a harrowing journey, a frightening dungeon in which you will fight ruthless opponents and receive valuable rewards.
  • Heroic: Pit of Saron - Plunge into the icy depths of this ominous abyss to confront formidable enemies and gain unique achievements.

WotLK Dungeons World Tour Estimated Completion Time

Our comprehensive boosting service typically takes 1–2 days to complete, allowing you to quickly reap the benefits of your investment.

Enhance your boosting experience with customizable options

Heroic+ Dungeon Upgrade: Enhance your boost with our Heroic+ Dungeon Leveling service. By choosing this upgrade, you will have the opportunity to acquire elusive level 7 items in addition to the powerful level 200 items. You will also earn Emblems of Triumph for each dungeon you complete, further increasing your character's strength. Please note that choosing this upgrade will increase the estimated completion time by 2–3 days.

Requirements for our WotLK Bundle Boost

To take advantage of our unrivaled Wrath Dungeon Boost Bundle, your character must be level 80. If you have not yet reached this milestone, consider using our WotLK Leveling Boost Service, which will efficiently get your character to the required level.

Please note that we will need access to your World of Warcraft account for an extended period of time to complete your order. Your account will be locked while our expert boosters work diligently to deliver the exceptional results you deserve. The security of your account is our top priority and will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Begin your epic adventure today

The time has come for you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of WotLK Heroic Dungeons. With our comprehensive Wrath Dungeon Boost Bundle, you will not only conquer challenging dungeons, but also unlock a treasure trove of rewards, achievements, and unforgettable experiences. Let our expert boosters enhance your gameplay, so you can fully enjoy the rich and immersive world that awaits you in Azeroth.

Don't let the daunting challenges of WotLK's heroic dungeons hold you back. Invest in our premier Wrath Dungeon Boost Bundle today and unlock the ultimate gaming experience you've always dreamed of. With our unparalleled service, expert boosters, and dedicated customer support, you can confidently embark on your epic adventure and leave the competition in the dust.

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