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  • Awakened Raids Bundle

When you choose the Awakened Raids Boost Bundle, you can expect a range of benefits designed to enhance your WoW Dragonflight experience:

  • Access to All Three Raids: Complete all three Season 4 raids: Vault of the Incarnates, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, and Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.
  • High-Level Gear: Earn gear with item levels ranging from 493 to 528, depending on the difficulty level of the raid.
  • Special Achievements and Titles: Obtain unique achievements and prestigious titles like "Awakened Hero."
  • Exclusive Mounts and Cosmetics: Gain exclusive mounts such as the Voyaging Wilderling and other cosmetic items to enhance your character's appearance.
  • Improved Skills and Strategies: Benefit from personalized strategies and guidance provided by experienced players, helping you to master raid challenges more effectively​​​​.

To ensure a smooth and successful raiding experience, there are certain prerequisites you must meet to utilize the Awakened Raids Boost Bundle:

  • Game Version: Must have the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion.
  • Character Level: Your character must be at the maximum level to participate in the raids.
  • Raid Readiness: Some gear level prerequisites may apply depending on the raid and difficulty selected. Typically, higher item level gear is required for higher difficulty levels.
  • Availability: Scheduling availability for sessions, as raids may need to be coordinated with the booster team's timetable.
  • Account Details: You may need to provide account or character details for the boost, adhering to the provider’s security and privacy protocols.
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Get 3 Awakened Raids Boost with Bonus

One of the toughest challenges in World of Warcraft Dragonflight requires an Awakened Raids Boost Bundle. This service will enable you to choose any of the three Awakened Raids: Vault of the Incarnates, Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible, or Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope, in any of the difficulties, be it Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. Score the best of gear, item level 493-535+ loot, exclusive achievements, mounts, and the highly desired Awakened Raid title—all while running with our team of World of Warcraft professionals.

What are Awakened Raids in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Dragonflight: Season 4 sees a new twist on old foes… Awakened Raids! Featuring a modernized take on these classic encounters, now including:
  • Challenging Intensified: New mechanics, deadlier attacks, and tighter timers compared to standard raids await you.
  • Weekly Rotation: A New Awakens. Plan your conquest and target your loot. Check the Adventure Guide to see which raid is Awakened this week.
  • Superior loot: Gain item level 493-535 gear with superior stats compared to raid rewards.

Here is the item level breakdown:

  • Normal: Item level 493-502.
  • Heroic: Item level 508.
  • Mythic: Item level 528.

What's Included in the Awakened Raids Boost Bundle?

What will be included in our Comprehensive Boost Package:

  • Complete 3 Raids: We will get completion carried through the completion of all three Awakened Raids (Vault of the Incarnates, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, and Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope).
  • Equitable Loot Distribution: Equal chance for every group member to get the best equipment dropped by using the Group Loot mechanism provided through Blizzard.
  • Achievement & Title Unlocks: Earn special achievements associated with each Awakened Raid and a desirable title for Heroic & Mythic-ranked Awakened Raids.

Bonus! We've included additional Mythic+ runs in your bundle:

  • Normal Bundle: x1 Mythic+ 7 run.
  • Heroic Bundle: x1 Mythic+ 10 run.
  • Mythic Bundle: x3 Mythic+ 10 runs.

Why Conquer the Awakened Threat with ExpCarry?

To overcome the Awakened Raids in Dragonflight, you will need a trusty partner. Look no further than ExpCarry! We know the pure excitement that follows beating new and very tough content. No time constraints or just lack of an organized, good group to help you tackle it. Here's why ExpCarry is just the perfect ally for your Awakened Raids Boost Bundle:

  • Trusted Community: Thousands of players trust ExpCarry with their in-game goals. We've worked hard for this excellent reputation of expertise, reliability, and a smooth experience when getting boosted.
  • Elite Raiders at Your Service: We don't recruit top players; we are associated with high-end guilds over EU and US servers. This ensures that, with us, you are paired with raiders who can communicate, coordinate, and down bosses effectively, no matter how hard they may be.
  • 24/7 Support: Raiding should be without stress. Our professional customer service team is available always to answer any of your questions, address any concerns, and make sure the boost goes through like clockwork.
  • More Than a Boost: At ExpCarry, we are glad to offer you service and enjoyment from the success itself. Our experienced raiders share some tips and tell more about insights during the run. Get confidence through play.

Think of ExpCarry as your very own raid Sherpa that will walk you through all the Awakened Raids holds, making sure that you don't miss any best gear, prestigious achievement, or the thrill of the fight. Buy your Awakened Raids Boost Bundle and take your place alongside the Azeroth leaders!

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