Reins of Valiance Boost

  • 299.00€
  • Reins of Valiance
  • “Unparalleled Prestige”: With our Reins of Valiance Boost, you become the enviable owner of this majestic mount, a true emblem of the WoW Dragonflight.
  • “Resource Bonanza”: Benefit from the trove of loot, gold, and resources that accompany your mount acquisition, further bolstering your gameplay experience.
  • “Max-Level Character”: Your character must be at the maximum level to avail of this service. Need help leveling up? Check out our Powerleveling Service!
  • “Quest Completion”: Prior to this service, you'll need to complete a prerequisite quest and secure the Makeshift Grappling Hook to unlock Zackett Skullsmash vendor.
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Step into the extraordinary world of Dragonflight with our WoW Valiance Mount Boost service. At ExpCarry, we make the arduous Reins of Valiance Farm process a walk in the park. Buy Reins of Valiance from us and ride on the wings of glory as you explore the exciting realms of World of Warcraft.

Uncover the magnificent aura of the Reins of Valiance, a striking emblem of courage and valour, once the prized possession of Thane Korth'azz himself. With our WoW Valiance Mount Boost, obtaining this legendary mount becomes a breeze.

Benefits of Our WoW Valiance Mount Boost Service

With our Reins of Valiance Boost service, we do the grind, so you can enjoy the ride. Be the proud owner of this iconic mount without breaking a sweat. Our Reins of Valiance Farm service guarantees:

  • Direct acquisition of the Reins of Valiance mount.
  • All resources, loot, and gold accumulated during the boost process.

Swift Delivery

Our Reins of Valiance Boost service ensures prompt delivery within 3–7 days. With three or more max-level characters, the Valiance Boost will be delivered in just 3 days.

Extra Perks

Unlock the Death's Bargaining Chip vendor without the tiresome grind with our WoW Valiance Mount Boost. We handle all requests and ensure the acquisition of the Makeshift Grappling Hook and the completion of the Inconvenience Fee quest.

Guide to Procure the Reins of Valiance Mount in Dragonflight 10.1.5

  1. Unlock Achievements: The path to the Reins of Valiance mount begins with unlocking the Memory of Scholomance and the Wards of the Dread Citadel achievements. This will open up the ancient secrets within Naxxramas. Next, the vendor Zackett Skullsmash must be unlocked.
  2. Harvest 30X Death's Bargaining Chips: Following the accomplishment of the achievements, the next phase involves harvesting Corruptor’s Scourgestones from bosses in Naxxramas. These Scourgestones can then be traded with Zackett in exchange for Death's Bargaining Chips, which are essential for unlocking the Valiance mount.
  3. Journey to Naxx 10-Man Mode: With 30 Death's Bargaining Chips in hand, your next stop is the 10-man mode of Naxxramas. Remember, Instructor Razuvious must be alive. Purchase a Rotten Delicious from Zackett and offer it to Valiance.
  4. Utilize Obedience Crystal: Lastly, an obedience crystal will help you control an understudy add-on. Bring this add-on close to Valiance to mount it. After dismissing the add-on and defeating it alongside Razuvious, you will find the Valiance mount in your loot.

Ready to ride on the Reins of Valiance? Buy Reins of Valiance now, and let us help you in unlocking achievements, harvesting Death's Bargaining Chips, journeying to Naxx 10-Man Mode, utilizing the Obedience Crystal, and more!

Fast-track your journey in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 2023 with ExpCarry. Buy Reins of Valiance now, and let the adventure unfold!

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