Battle-Bound Warhound

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  • Battle-Bound Warhound

 Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound Warhound mount

 All gold and recourses during the boost

Account sharing (only login and password)

60 level character

Active WoW Subscription

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The Battle-Bound Warhound Mount: A Prestigious Prize in Azeroth

Originating from the treacherous Theater of Pain zone in Maldraxxus, the Battle-Bound Warhound is a rare drop from the elite bosses that roam this area. Its rarity is what makes the Battle-Bound Warhound Mount Boost service so valuable. Dedicated players understand the prestige that comes with riding such a mount, and many seek professionals' help to increase their chances of obtaining it. But fear not, for with ExpCarry's this mount can be yours without the endless grind. 

Battle-Bound Warhound Mount Boost Includes:

Dive into an exciting world with our unique boost for the Battle-Bound Warhound Mount. Here's what awaits you:

  • Battle-Bound Warhound Mount: Our team will secure this rare mount for you.
  • Runs through the Theater of Pain: Increase your chances with multiple attempts.
  • All the Loot: Weapons, gear, and other valuables will be yours to keep.
  • Gold: All collected coins will be handed over to you.

Battle-Bound Warhound Mount Boost ETA:

Once you opt for the Battle-Bound Warhound mount boost, Due to its low drop chances, expected delivery time for the mount is between 1 and 3 months.

How to Get the Battle-Bound Warhound Mount:

To obtain the Battle-Bound Warhound Mount in World of Warcraft, follow these steps primarily in the Theater of Pain zone in Maldraxxus, where the mount is a rare drop from the rare elites found in the outdoor area:

  1. Locate Rare Elites: Head to the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus and look for the rare elites in the outdoor area. These elites have a chance to drop the mount, so you'll need to defeat them repeatedly until the mount drops​​.
  2. Group Up: It's advisable to bring friends or join a group through the Group Finder tool to make farming easier​.
  3. Keep Farming: Continue farming until the mount drops. The drop rate for the mount is low, so it may take a while to obtain it​​.
  4. Boss Encounters: Additionally, the mount has a small chance of being dropped by each of the bosses that appear in the Theatre of Pain, except for Sabriel the Bonecleaver, which is a special summon. There are four bosses in rotation on any given day, and you have one loot chance per boss per day.. The possible bosses include Azmogal, Devmorta, Xantuth the Blighted, and Unbreakable​​.
  5. Daily Farming: Some guides suggest that farming can be done daily, implying that attempts can be made every day to obtain the mount from the rare elites or bosses in the Theater of Pain​​.
  6. Mount Availability: Once obtained, the mount is account-wide, meaning if you obtain it on one character, all your characters will have access to it​​.
  7. Riding Requirements: The mount is available to all eligible characters on your account with a Level 10 and Apprentice Riding requirement​​.

This process may be time-consuming due to the low drop rate, and collaborating with other players could be beneficial to expedite the farming process.

How Does the Battle-Bound Warhound Mount Boost Service Work:

Experience the thrill of gaming excellence with our streamlined Battle-Bound Warhound Mount Boost Service. Here's the quick rundown:

  1. Order Placement: Secure your boost for the coveted mount.
  2. Verification: Our team will connect with you for account details using your preferred verification method (Email, Phone code, Authenticator).
  3. PRO Player Assignment: A top-tier player takes on your boost task.
  4. Boosting Process: Expect bot-free gameplay and real-time progress updates through live streams or screenshots.
  5. Completion: We'll notify you when your account is boosted and ready, complete with new rewards and the mount.

The Battle-Bound Warhound mount is a testament to a player's dedication and prowess in World of Warcraft. While obtaining it the traditional way is a challenge, ExpCarry's Battle-Bound Warhound mount Boost service offers a hassle-free alternative. So why wait? Buy Battle-Bound Warhound mount from ExpCarry today and ride in style!

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