August Phoenix Mount Boost

  • 5.49€
  • August Phoenix
  • Unleash the August Phoenix: Claim the coveted Reins of the August Phoenix and add this legendary creature to your collection.
  • Trial of the Phoenix Mastered: Conquer the Trial of the Phoenix, the challenging scenario required for the mount.
  • Bonus Bronze: Earn Bronze, the Pandaria Remix currency, to acquire other exciting collectibles during the boost.
  • Active World of Warcraft Subscription
  • Level 60 Character (or higher)
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Pandaria Remix: August Phoenix Mount Boost Service

Remix Mists of Pandaria has brought a fiery passion for collectors with the August Phoenix mount. This magnificent creature bathed in golden flames symbolizes rebirth and power. Flying across the skies on its fiery back is an awe-inspiring sight, but getting it can be a long and arduous journey.

With the Pandaria Remix August Phoenix Mount Boost by ExpCarry, you no longer need to struggle. Our team of expert WoW veterans has the knowledge and skill to go through the challenges and unlock this magnificent mount quickly.

Included in the August Phoenix Mount Boost

  • Unleash the August Phoenix: Get the Reins of the August Phoenix and add this legendary creature to your collection.
  • Trial of the Phoenix Mastered: We'll complete the Trial of the Phoenix, a difficult scenario required to unlock the mount.
  • Get Bonus Bronze: Get Bronze, the Pandaria Remix event currency, so you can get other exciting collectibles with the boost.
  • Spoils of War: All loot dropped along the service remains yours.

Why ExpCarry?

  • Experienced Veterans & Secure Methods: Our seasoned team and secure boosting methods make for a smooth and safe experience.
  • Clear Communication & Guaranteed Results: Get regular updates and a guaranteed August Phoenix mount upon completion.
  • Competitive Prices: Get this service at an affordable price point.

Do not let the chance get this awesome August Phoenix pass. With ExpCarry's Pandaria Remix August Phoenix Mount Boost, you shall rise from the ashes to dominate the skies ablaze! Let the experts do the grind while you get the rewards!

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