WoW Shadowlands

Zereth Mortis Flying unlock

Zereth Mortis Flying unlock

In patch 9.2 Eternity's End, a new location, Zereth Mortis, was added to WoW Shadowlands. Initially,..


Mage Tower Challenge

Mage Tower Challenge

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Zovaal, The Jailer Kill

Zovaal, The Jailer Kill

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Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal

Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal

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Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic

Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic

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Gladiator Boost the arena rating in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is a difficult area, one of the ha..


Elite PvP set

Elite PvP set

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Custom Mythic Key

Custom Mythic Key

One of the most popular aspects of World of Warcraft, and perhaps the fastest way to get gear for yo..


Mythic +15

Mythic +15

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Great Vault

Great Vault

The Great Vault is a weekly reward system in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Depending on your activi..


Keystone Master

Keystone Master

Mythic+ dungeons is one of the PvE aspects of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The hardest achievement..




In the new addon 9.1: Chains of Domination in WoW Shadowlands game have been added new mounts. ..


Vicious War Croaker

Vicious War Croaker

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WoW Boosting Service

With every addons release in the MMO in addition to the familiar content — PvE and PvP battles, quests, up a reputation and collect riding animals, the opening of the allied race, there were a few novelties. Users are available in Torghast Tower, the ability to choose a key covenant with a unique quest chain, the great chests with a choice of bonuses, etc.

World of Warcraft is now wider, more varied & more interesting, but buying WoW Boost any type of content is still available on our website. The ExpCarry team consists only of professionals who cope with any task just in time at the lowest price. We constantly try to monitor the market to provide The Cheapest WoW Boosting for every kind of available content.

WoW Shadowlands Boost


A grim tower located in Shadowlands heart, which gamers expect to receive basic currency — the Ashes of Souls — as well as a number of Torghast Tower rewards: exclusive Torghast mount, cosmetic items, and a battle pet. However, it's not possible to simply get inside the tower: players must select a covenant, then pass many quest chains before getting inside. The fastest way to get inside is to contact our manager and buy World of Warcraft Boosting from our service.

All Covenants

Four great factions, each located in a different part of the new zone. Each has its own distinctive features and list of rewards, ranging from equipment to unique means of transportation. The following is an extensive list of them:

  • Kyrian;
  • Necrolords;
  • Night Fae;
  • Venthyr.

Getting the renown maximum lvl in any of the above covenants is not easy — it takes months. Taking advantage of the Buying WoW Boost not only saves you a lot of time, but also a lot of effort.

How do covenants work? A covenant is a faction and only one choice at a time. As you are up heroes renown and the storyline progresses, new options open up for the player, from transmogrification to riding animals.

Items & Currencies

The items obtaining system in World of Warcraft has greatly changed: Now can't unlock stuff — heroes have to create it at Runecuter. Champions need many materials and ashes of souls — one of the main currencies. You also require a legendary property, which is very hard to get, so the creation process takes a very long time.

Getting one legendary item is not easy, but if you require several of them? In that case, ExpCarry boosters are ready to help users solve this problem. All you need to do is buy World of Warcraft Boost on our website. Thereafter,, clients go about their own business in peace, leaving all the work to us.

There are many unique currencies added in the latest addition:

Reservoir Anima — used everywhere, from companion quests to improving armor stuff. There are many ways to obtain it, but all of them will require effort and time;

Soul Ash — a critical resource that is important for creating and enhancing legendary items. Procuring this valuable component can be very time-consuming, but another option is to buy Shadowlands Boost from the ExpCarry Community.

Buying WoW Boost from our team of expert miners with over 10 years of experience will help you obtain the currency gamer need.

Great Vault

A versatile mechanic who allows the gamer to choose a reward from the great vault at his or her discretion, depending on weekly activity. There are 3 options available, and their value depends on the tasks the user completes. If the stuff doesn't suit the player, it's possible to take the universal currency.

  • Raid currency depends on the number of bosses completed and the difficulty level of the raid itself. Rewards given for 3/7/10 bosses respectively.
  • Mythic+ depends on the lvl of dungeons the group has completed.
  • PvP depends on the maximum rank reached by the gamer during the week.

It is effortless to take every kind of reward from the great treasure chest without any effort or time at all — just write to the manager of ExpCarry and buy the WoW Carry from us.

Allied Races

Allied races introduced earlier and now have 5 members each for horde and alliance, with special mechanics. Each has unique vehicles and armor sets. Earning access to them is incredibly hard and requires a huge amount of time.


  • Mechagnomes;
  • Dark Iron Dwarves;
  • Lightforge Draenei;
  • Void Elves;
  • Kul Tirans.


  • Vulpera;
  • Highmountain Tauren;
  • Nightborne;
  • Zandalari Trolls;
  • Mag'har Orcs.

Any of the above races obtained by every gamer in the shortest possible time by doing just a couple of simple things — contact the ExpCarry manager and buy WoW Shadowlands Character Boost!

Popular WoW Boosting Service

WoW Raids

The current version of the World of Warcraft features 2 raiding dungeons: Castle of Nathria & Sanctum of Domination.

Both raids include 10 bosses each, and in each, players can complete the great achievement «Glory of the Raider», take cool riding animals & battle pets.

  • Raid Founder — the drop item's lvl in Castle Nathria is 194, in Sanctum of Domination, it is 220.
  • Normal, where the loot is 207, and 233.
  • Heroic, where stuff levels are 220 & 246 respectively.
  • Mythic, where heroes mine equipment levels 233 — Nathria & 252 — Sanctum of Domination.

There are plenty of old raids, having passed, which users take valuable loot: unique mounts and a whole range of achievements with ranks. Time travel raids are not to forget — they help to immerse gamers in the atmosphere of past addons, bring back memories and obtain equipment equivalent in lvl to those available in normal mode. A nice bonus is the achievements and the chance to own a mount. There are currently 2 of them:

  • Black Temple, one of the main raids of Burning Crusade;
  • Ulduar, the first of the Wrath of The Lich King raids.

Completing an actual raid on any difficulty, killing one or more bosses also conquering a raid in time travel mode is easy! Simply get help from our experts and buy World of Warcraft Boost from us!

WoW Dungeons

Dungeons come in 4 categories:

  • Normal difficult, available almost from the start of the add-on;
  • Heroic, open from max level to all comers;
  • Mythic difficult, also open from 60 but requires a certain amount of preparation and;
  • Mythic + is one of the main pieces of PvE content, as players gain equipment and ranking almost indefinitely. Passing in the strong gamer's company make your gameplay much more dynamic and entertaining. Incidentally, buy WoW Boosting from ExpCarry, you easily make it through any dungeon in every mode, complete the achievements and pick up the desired reward.

WoW Character Leveling

It's interesting to play end-game content, but no one wants to spend dozens of hours leveling up. Players in BFA had the task to raise 10 levels, while newcomers — 60, which is very slow in the process of pumping.

We shouldn't forget about the leveling of professions. By leveling up in each of the available professions, users will be able to create great equipment items and even ride animals. By mastering the right skills, your character will be able to gain an advantage in various aspects, as well as crafting items using their resources. When time is short, there's a WoW Shadowlands Character Boost on our website from the masters.

WoW Reputations

Each patch introduces new factions that offer players their bonuses. These are not only equipment and cosmetic stuff, but also cool mounts and achievements. The reputation boosting process starts with the «Friendly» mark and ends with the maximum value, the «Exalted», unlocking the most valuable items. Each faction is individual regarding the difficulty of gaining reputation, but this is compensated by the rewards provided.

In addition to the previously available, buy Shadowlands Boost reputations, a large list of new ones has added:

Improve character reputation with any faction, as well as get any achievements associated with it, our pro-gamers are always ready. The only thing needed is to make Buying WoW Shadowlands Boost.

WoW PvP Service

PvP is one of the main game pillars, dating back to when the first version released. Rewards include equipment of various qualities and achievements, ending with special riding animals and ranks of the respective season. PvP is one of the toughest in MMO games, as characters have to fight real people on battlegrounds, arenas & in the open world.

  • Rating Battlegrounds, where users pick up Honor & Conquest points, for which you can buy a variety of PvP rewards. Special rewards given when you reach a certain rating.
  • Arena, where an increase in ranking opens access to cool rewards, in addition, the most persistent and determined waiting for the award-winning ranks and mounts gladiators. Buy WoW Boost and feel like a gladiator can every player on any server.
  • Open World PvP, gaining achievements, in which champions become the owner of a very cool flying mount!

Get a high rank in the arena with the appropriate reward, an elite riding animal or a rank, as well as other awards you can easily, buying WoW Carry with us!


The mount's list is astounding in its size and choice, but getting just about every mount isn't easy. Difficult, monotonous actions often required, as the chance of getting a mount is half a percent, and more.

By enlisting the help of our pros, champions expect to receive both mounts of past editions, such as:

Also on the current patch, riding animals:

Becoming the owner of unconventional mounts isn't easy, and getting truly rare specimens is difficult, without exaggeration. It is simplified: contact our manager, find out the details and buy WoW Shadowlands Boost, and then our pros get to work.

Frequently asked Questions WoW Shadowlands

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