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5 VR Games Worth To Try

22 May 2024
5 VR Games Worth To Try

Thanks to VR technology, a lot of different games have become much better. These options are now more advanced, more realistic, and more appealing to play. Although there are so many options online, these are some of the most appealing, desirable, and interesting. Yes, you can play them. Additionally, if you're looking for options on how to get around self-exclusion program, there are several ways available. Whether it's through offshore casinos or other methods, players have found ways to enjoy gaming without the restrictions of self-exclusions.

Moss: Book 2

Moss: Book 2 can be a game that you will love. First of all, this is a sequel, and a lot of players and gamers would like to try it, at least. You will control a small mouse, obviously. In the game, you will have to defeat evil powers and protect the world. It may sound like an obvious thing, but it is something you probably like and want to do.

In the game, you can see a lot of characters that were present in the first sequel. You can also solve amazing puzzles, which is actually the game's main part. There are a lot of puzzles so you will test your brain skills and you will want to solve all of them as soon as possible. The game is not something you can complete within minutes, and move to the next game here. It is something you will need to invest a lot of fun and skills into completing, and it is something that will require you to focus on attention. It is a great game, period. 

Cities VR

As some of you will know, this is a game with simple yet complicated gameplay. You will have to build your own city, and you will act as a major or something even more. You can move land, build buildings, control the city, and so much more. The game has a well-known theme due to the fact it is based on the game design that has been with us for a long period of time. There is nothing completely different here except one thing.

All of this is done in VR, so you can imagine the appeal. There are fewer options than in a traditional version of the game, but the possibilities are still massive. It is probably the game you will want to play as soon as possible. 

NFL Pro Era

If you like NFL and independent VR games, this game is for you. As you can assume, the goal of the game is to participate in NFL matches and have fun. Yes, you need to win. But the game is licensed, and this means one huge advantage. It means that the game will allow you to enjoy 32 teams, proper logos, T-shirts, and a lot more.

Some of you will know that this is the first game of this type and the one that is still very popular, and the one that will be more than just desirable even in the future. In the end, we can see a perfect game for all NFL fans, and we can deduce that the game is just the right addition to the VR realm. 


Wanderer is of a kind game. There is no simple task you have to complete or do anything else. You will be presented with all the best and most magical historical events. You will need to change each one in order to prevent the catastrophe and save the world. It may sound like a well-known thing, but it is a game that has no match here and anywhere online.

Keep in mind that some of these events are landing on the Moon, world wars, and so much more. Now you can get a better idea about what to expect and why the game is so special, and what makes it one of a kind. Be free to try it at least once, and you will see the appeal. 

Among Us

This game is unique and was one of the most successful titles of this kind back in 2018. All you have to do is to wear your headset, and you will be on a spaceship. But there are enemies here, and they are killing the crew members! You need to prevent all of that.

The game is fun due to the original design. It is also very appealing because players can form teams, talk to each other, navigate together, and do so much more. It is not a secret that the game is still very popular all over the world. Be free to try it and see the overall appeal. 

The Final Word

These VR games and many others such as World of Warcraft are more than just popular for a reason. They have a lot of features, realistic designs, and so much more. All of that is available to you right now, so if you want to play and have fun, you can. Try all the games we have revealed here and choose the ones that you like the most or the ones that you will want to play for months.

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