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Warlock – Best PvP & PvE Build Tree

22 Feb 2023
Warlock – Best PvP & PvE Build Tree

The Warlock class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is famous for many reasons. Among them is the flexibility of gameplay, with which everyone will find a style of play for themselves, and the ability to deal massive damage to enemies at any battle stage. In the PvP part of the game, the class is also widespread and, in capable hands, is very effective, what's just a bunch of warlocks + shamans in the arena and not only. Once you've mastered this class, you can show excellent results in any part of the game. ExpCarry team prepared a short guide on warlock, and we'll help you choose the best talent tree.

Warlock PvE Builds in WoW Dragonflight

The main task of this one in PvE is to deal damage to the enemy, and the warlock has several functional raid abilities that allow you to overcome long distances or quickly replenish your health. Choosing this class will put you in the group for m+ or raids of any difficulty.

Destruction Warlock PvE Build

The first available PvE specialization will be destruction, one of the most destructive in inflicting permanent damage to the target. The Warlock in this specialization can deal damage point by point and distribute it if necessary. The essential abilities of this specialization are Immolate, Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate, and Incinerate. The talent tree in maximum level is below:

The pluses of destruction build include enormous damage on one or two targets, low time to disperse maximum damage, the ability to inflict significant damage on the team, and flexible, comfortable gameplay. The disadvantages are relatively average damage among other classes without bursts, weak AoE, and low mobility.

Affliction Warlock PvE Build

The ExpCarry team chose affliction as the following specialty in this guide. These warlocks have excellent damage on many targets and good damage on a solo target with the ability to quickly change focus, which is very relevant in PvP and PvE. We're sure you'll find the affliction game exciting and dynamic. The essential cooldown of this specialization is Agony, Unstable Affliction, Corruption, Malefic Rapture, and Shadow Bolt. It would be best if you used all in rotation. The primary stat here — is haste. Now let's take a pick at the talent tree on the 70 levels:

The pluses of affliction warlock include tremendous mobility, the most substantial AoE with the ability to change targets quickly, and excellent priority damage to a solo target. The disadvantages are average single-target damage, no ability to do fast damage, high requirements for the game skills, and good reaction.

Demonology Warlock PvE Build

The last PvE warlock spec is demonology, based on controlling demon hordes and dealing damage using some pet. It is one of the most convenient specializations for solo leveling and traveling the world. Also, demonology warlock has excellent damage on isolated targets, increasing over time, and a good AoE. The primary abilities of this specialization are Call Dreadstalkers, Hand of Gul'dan, Demonbolt, Shadow Bolt, and Summon Demonic Tyrant. Next warlock talent in 70 levels: 

And the pluses are massive damage on a single target, excellent damage on multiple targets, high mobility, and burst damage on demand. Among the disadvantages of the build is weak resource generation. Also, you need to monitor the pet and its state hard constantly.

Warlock PvP Builds in WoW Dragonflight

In the last few add-ons, warlocks actively play in the PvP of each spec at any rate. Nothing has changed in WoW Dragonflight either – the class is just as famous and robust. With its excellent control capabilities, high survivability, ability to take advantage of a good position, and severe damage to one or more targets, a warlock becomes one of the most dangerous opponents, especially in good hands.

Destruction Warlock PvP Build

PvP guide on warlock builds, we'll start with the specialization, distinguished by the explosive damage on a single target with a relatively low rollback time. The primary abilities of this destruction spec are Immolate, Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate, and Incinerate in a row. In addition, remember Demonic Gateway, Shadowburn, and Dark Pact spells. Now for the talents:

The strengths in PvP are extra damage, firm control over the enemy, strong heal, and the ability to issue a burst on demand. Weaknesses could be more substantial damage avoidance, dependence on rollback skills and shards, and only fire damage skills.

Affliction Warlock PvP Build

Next, the ExpCarry team will turn players' attention to one of the most vital classes to play on the battlegrounds and arenas 3v3, called affliction warlock. The strength of the build lies in its ability to deal damage to multiple targets at once while surviving well and avoiding injury in return. The essential skills of this specialization are Agony, Unstable Affliction, Corruption, Malefic Rapture, and Shadow Bolt spells. Not to forget Unending Resolve, Fear, and Soul Rot. If you're ready to learn how to play this specialization, check out the list below:

The advantages of affliction warlock are excellent damage distribution, high efficiency in any combat stage, and versatility when fighting with any class. The disadvantages are weakness to interruptions, lack of mass control, no ability to do explosive damage, and only one school of magic in the arsenal.

Demonology Warlock PvP Build

The last specialty to review in the guide will be demonology lock, which is not the most popular, but also quite strong in capable hands. An important feature is the possibility of high control at the right moment and the density of the hero, which makes the warlock a lousy target. The essential abilities of this specialization are Call Dreadstalkers, Hand of Gul'dan, Demonbolt, Shadow Bolt, and Summon Demonic Tyrant cast. Not to forget Soul Link, Dark Pact, Soulburn, and Fear. Skills should be distributed as follows:

The pluses of this build include the ability to control the enemy, excellent mobility, and substantial damage accumulation during combat with demons. The weaknesses are souls shards dependence, predictability of damage, and high CD of defensive abilities.

Reading this little guide will make choosing talents and specialization trees easier. This allows you to increase your character's strength in the dungeon and raids of patch 10.0.5 in any selected skill build. We recommend checking back periodically for up-to-date content that is constantly being updated.

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