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New World Best Builds Guide PvP & PvE by ExpCarry

06 Oct 2023
New World Best Builds Guide PvP & PvE by ExpCarry

MMO New World is a giant sandbox, where each player can create as much of a character as he or she wishes. A mage's build with a bow is easy, a hunter's build with an axe is even easier! The ExpCarry boosting community has prepared a comprehensive list of the best New World builds at the moment. For the convenience of readers, all data shown in table form. Data will be added and updated as soon as test information becomes available.

PvP & PvE Mage Best Build

At the moment magical staffs are one of the strongest weapons in the game, which, combined with the rapier, makes this New World build the most deadly and powerful.

The minimum amount of intellect is 150 units, the parameter of Dexterity and constitution is also important.

Equipment: light.

Weapon: Fire staff and rapier.

Fire staff: Fireball is the main combat knack in the skill tree. Incinerate — with giant injuries, which you have to pay for with health, it is best to take if you play with the healer. Burn Out — Great attacking and retreating knack.

Rapier: Evade — An excellent knack that allows you to gain a significant advantage over the enemy. Flurry — A damaging injury that, when combined with evasion, produces excellent results. Fleche is a great option to get close to the foe quickly and deal harm.

Warlord Best Build

A strong, aggressive New World builds on the front lines with cold weapons. By choosing this build, you can kill dozens of enemies in PvP and was the main force in expeditions.

You will need about 250 units of strength, the remaining points can be invested in the constitution.

Equipment: heavy.

Arms: Greataxe and War Hammer.

Great axe: Reap is an excellent ability that allows you to replenish health through harm. Charge — the knack to quickly shorten the distance with the foe and deal injury. Gravity Well — an ability that allows you to gather a mass of enemies in one place.

War Hammer: Shockwave — deals AoE damage and stuns enemies. Path of Destiny — a great option to do a lot of area injury. Armor Breaker — a knack that allows you to lower your enemy’s armor and deal extra harm.

Paladin Best Build

The New World build resembles the usual paladin, treating allies and able to deal injury using a battle hammer. 

You should put about 200 points into focus, the rest into strength or constitution.

Equipment: heavy.

Arms: Life Staff and Warhammer.

LifeMagic: Light's Embrace — an ability that heals allies and restores stamina. Sacred Ground: Stamina and healing buff.

Warhammer: Armor Breaker is a useful knack that allows you to lower the target's armor. Mighty Gave — a powerful strike that deals more harm if the foe has less than 30% health. Shockwave — useful knack in a group, which gives AoE stun.

Support Best Build

Real support New World build, who strengthens allies, heals them & can use throwing axes.

New World build will require a large amount of focus — 200 units, minimum.

Equipment: light.

Arms: Life Staff and Throwing Axes.

Life Staff: Sacred Ground — the main ability that allows you to heal members of the group gradually. Orb Of Protection — the second healing skill, applied to all players in the group. Beacon is the third healing skill to heal the group.

Throwing Axe: Rending Throw — the ability to put a debuff on the selected for. Social Distancing — slowing the target by 25% and character acceleration by 30%. Infected Throw — a wide AoE zone that weakens the enemy.

Hunter PvP Best Build

New World builds for fans of battles in groups or 1 on 1. Combines good injury and good survivability, but is weak in PvE. 

The normal game requires 200 units of dexterity, and the remaining points can be invested in the constitution.

Equipment: light.

Arms: spear and bow.

Spear: here are critical passive knack Exposed Wounds, which gives a chance of a critical hit, Bleed and Strong Conditioning, which increase the regeneration of stamina.

Bow: Archer's Speed — speeds up onions by 20%. Knee shot — slows the target by 50%. Poison Shot - a great skill that deals good DoT damage from poison.

Thrustmaster Best Build

Well-balanced New World builds, designed for both expeditionary campaigns and open-world battles. 

Minimum characteristic values: 200 dexterity and 100 constitution.

Type of armor: light.

Type of weapon: spear and bow.

Spear: Sweep — an ability that deals with injury and knocks the foe down. Perforate is swift damage that increases with each strike. Vault Kick — good harm and stun.

Bow: Penetrating Shoot — Shot that deals 150% damage to all enemies. Evade Shot — The ability to deal damage and shorten the distance to the target. Poison Shot — Excellent AoE poison injury.

Berserk Best Build

In this New World build, the Greataxe is revealed in all its glory. The huge amount of damage along with not the best survivability requires a tank in front.

In this case, you need to raise the strength to 250, and the remaining points to invest in the constitution.

Equipment: medium or heavy.

Arms: Greataxe and Hatchet.

Greataxe: The most important skills are Uninterruptible Berserk, Accumulated Power, Fortifying Strikes, thanks to which the injury will be just monstrous.

Hatchet: Critical Gains, Keen Edge, and Greed are must-have skills that allow you to deliver critical hits all the time.

AoE Mage Best Build

An excellent New World builds for mass battles, aimed at inflicting massive damage over an area.

The main characteristic is intellect, the secondary ones are constitution and focus.

Equipment: light.

Type of weapons: magic staffs.

Most important knack in the branch: Occultist or Scholar, Empowering Meteor Shower, Keenly Empowered, Fire Damage allowing to inflict a huge amount of area injury in combination.

Siege Mage Best Build

Ideal attacking mage New World build for large sieges or territory battles. 

The main characteristic is intellect, which is 250, the rest is the constitution.

Armor type: light.

Arms: Staff of Fire and Ice Gauntlet.

Fire Staff: Fireball is the main skill throughout the game. To him, we add passive skills on weak attacks, thereby simply burning the foe,  Burn Out — a chance to get away from the attack.

Ice Gauntlet: Ice Storm is the main ability of mass battles, allowing you to control your opponent. Entombed - gives you a chance to defend against attacks.

Ice Tempest Berserk Best Build

PvP-targeted New World builds, designed for contact combat and the knack to slow down the enemy. Requires a certain level of play.

Important parameters — strength and constitution, which must be over 200.

Type of armor: heavy or medium.

Weapon types: Axes and Ice Gauntlet.

Axe: Berserk and Feral Rush are two basic skills, allowing you to deal with giant injuries in a short period.

Ice Gauntlet: Ice Shower and Ice Storm allow you to keep your distance while the main skills are on rollback.

Hunter Support Best Build

Unusual New World build, which implies both healing allies and weakening enemies.

Minimum dexterity and focus are 150.

Equipment: light.

Weapon type: Life Staff and bow.

Life Staff: Sacred Ground, Orb Of Protection & Beacon — basic healer skills.

Bow: Evade shot and Poison shot — skills aimed at inflicting damage and avoiding damage.

Spear PvP Hunter Best Build

A strong New World builds for those who prefer to play carefully, striking at a distance rather than standing in the front row in mass battles.

Dexterity and build are the priority.

Armor type: light.

Arms: Spear and Bow.

Spear: A standard set of 3 key skills, plus the essential passive ability Exposed Wounds that give more damage and stamina regeneration.

Bow: Here it is important to take Archer's Speed and Knee Shot to effectively keep the distance, as well as Poison Shot to deal with DoT injury.

Solo Spear Best Build

A great New World build, designed for solo play, quick leveling & extraction of valuable resources.

Key stats: dexterity — 250 and constitution — the rest of the points.

Equipment: Light or Medium.

Weapon Type: Spear and Bow.

Spear: Sweep, Perforate, and Skewer — the basic weapon of choice for dealing massive damage to large crowds of enemies.

Bow: Poison Shot, Rain of Arrow & Evade Shot — Main link. Slows and deals excellent harm to the foe.

Ice Spear Best Build

New World builds, which is a kind of combat mage, fighting in close combat, but with the support of ice magic. Great for 1-on-1 PvP battles and against multiple opponents.

Dexterity (250 and above) and build are important parameters here.

Armor type: light.

Weapon choices: Spear and Ice Gauntlet.

Spear: Sweep — A chance to drop the enemy and deal massive harm. Skewer — Great chance to shorten the distance and inflict bleed. Vault Kick — also shortens the distance and stuns, plus has many bonuses.

Ice Gauntlet: Ice Storm and Ice Shower slow down the enemy, while Entombed helps you survive a tough situation.

Faithful Tank Best Build

The only currently strong New World builds for a tank. Uses more pure provocation, thereby covering weaker allies and taking the hit.

The main parameter is the constitution, which needs at least 250 units.

Equipment: Heavy.

Arms: Sword and Warhammer.

Sword: Shield Bash — A powerful taunt with the provocation of one or more targets. Final Stand — Mass provocation of monsters around. Reap — The final provocation, pulling enemies in from far away. 

Warhammer: No active skills needed here, just take the passive harm reduction and self-healing skills.

Classic Rapier Best Build

A popular New World builds, suitable for both PvP and PvE battles. You can level up yourself, and participate in all types of battles with this character.

Minimum Agility: 250, other personal preferences optional.

Armor type: light.

Weaponry: rapier and musket.

More details will be added soon.

Ice Duelist Best Build

Experimental New World builds with an emphasis on intelligence and endurance. Here you deal combined damage and ice magic allows you to keep your enemy at a distance. 

Minimum intellect: 250, constitution optional.

Armor type: light.

Weapon: rapier and ice gauntlet.

More information will be added soon.

Duelist Best Build

New World builds with an emphasis on agility and gradual damage. You can deal direct and DoT harm with venom or bleed while staying at a distance from the enemy.

Estimated Agility: 300, the rest preferably in the constitution.

Armor type: light.

Arms: Rapier and Bow, talents for which are shown below.

Rapier: Tondo — the first ability for inflicting bleeding and direct damage. Flurry is the second ability, dealing high damage. Evade — the third skill, giving evasion and increased stamina. Unerring — key passive ability, increases bleeding time.

Bow: Poison Shot — gives the ability to poison an enemy and deal gradual harm. Evade Shot — Helps you keep your opponent at a safe distance. Splinter Shot — Grants the ability to attack multiple targets at once. Be sure to use Scatter Shot, Battle Precision, Evasive Tactics, and Mark passive skills.

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