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Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide

23 Feb 2023
Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide

We will tell you what is the armor in Lost Ark, how it affects the gameplay. Furthermore, we'll give information on how to collect the best equipment step by step without much effort. Enjoy reading!

Equipment in this great game is a direct indicator of the strength of the seeker. For starters, let's note that all armor divided into 4 stages from the weakest to the strongest: rare, epic, legendary, relics.

In addition to the basic characteristics – rarity, level, etc., the armor has such a characteristic as quality. It only impacts the additional effects, without altering the others. However, a character with higher quality will be stronger.

The stronger the equipment, the more roads are open to the character. For example, it doesn't make sense to go to the hardest continent with 340 armors. That's why Lost Ark is very difficult and demanding regarding farming and character enhancement.

Sets only obtained through constant raids and raids in dungeons, as well as monotonous mining of huge amounts of resources. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience and strength for this!

Tier 1 Progression — North Vern and Rohendel

250 item level

Having reached the maximum level of development & having completed all necessary missions, the character receives level 250 items. Note that by this point, the user simply needs to complete all the main missions and gain access to high-level PvE content.

250-302 item level

The following step is to pass Chaos Dungeons level one. By doing this, the hero collects a level 302 gear.

Gamers can then easily go to the Ur'Nil Guardian Raid and get a huge number of components inside to improve your equipment items. For example:

It's also possible to complete all errands in the first region. This will give access to the Abyssal Dungeons, and the Shushire Continent. Alternatively, there is another option: go straight through the quests on the Shushire Continent and get 302 items as well.

302-340 item level

Continue to perform daily missions, gathering as many components as possible to upgrade the obtained equipment. Ideally, enchant each item by +2.

Then pick up a group and clear 2 Abyssal Dungeons:

  • Demon Beast Canyon;
  • Necromancer's Origin.

This helps get epic gear for the hero. Furthermore, at Recycling NPCs, players can make epic items from rare items.

340-460 item level

Don't forget to complete Chaos Dungeons, Raids & Tasks, gaining useful items to up items. It's important to collect at least +8 of all character items by this point and complete the Guide Quest to go to Rohendel.

While on the mainland, be sure to complete the mandatory chain of command, which allows access to new content of higher difficulty.

The final stage will be the completion of the new Abyssal Dungeons:

  • Hall of the Twisted Warlord;
  • Hildebrandt Palace.

Heroes will be rewarded with an already legendary set. There is also an option to improve epic armor to legendary.

460-600 item level

Continue to farm resources in already known locations. At this stage, it is required to have +15 equipment to play comfortably.

Next, pass the Conductor quest, after which you can get to the third location — Yorn. Already in the new location, must complete all necessary tasks in the location and get the opportunity to visit even more difficult PvE content.

It is possible to speed up the process of collecting the things you need without spending a huge amount of time. The possible types presented at the very bottom of the page. A project manager advises you on any questions.

Tier 2 Gear Progression — Yorn and Feiton


600-802 item level

Remember how the hero got his first «blue» outfits and did it again — complete the first Yorn Chaos Dungeon with level 802 items.

Along the way, farm what gamers can — valuable resources to improve your equipment, always required.

802-840 item level

Continue to farm components, upgrading your existing equipment to +2. Don't forget the two new Abyssal Dungeons in Yorn:

  • Lamenting Road;
  • Falling Proud Furnace.

For defeating the bosses, gamers already receive a «purple» gear. It is possible to transform «blue» stuff into «purple» from NPC Gear Recycling — keep that in mind.

840-960 item level

Continue to improve the hero’s existing items, reaching at least +8 improvement on each.

Complete the quest chain called the Guide, which enables users to reach the fourth mainland called Feiton. New challenges await there, as well as more challenging content.

Users can visit as many as 3 new Abyssal Dungeons:

  • Sea of Sloth;
  • Tranquil Karkosa;
  • Alaric's Sacred Ground.

After defeating their opponents, a group of players will receive «orange» -legendary clothes. It is also possible to upgrade epic stuff to legendary. Everyone chooses their development path.

960-1100 item level

As before, go through Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and complete Una's Tasks, mining useful materials.

The main task of the player is to get a +15 gain on each item, which allows them to pass the Guide Quest without much difficulty. Thereafter, the way to the fifth location, the Punika, will be open. Immediately pass close all specified missions and open the next stage of the PvE part.

In addition to the standard methods of boosting a character's combat power, there is a list of additional options. These can be found at the end of the page.

Tier 3 Gear Progression in Punika

1100-1302 item level

Go to any of the new dungeons and locations listed above and complete it. As an award, the gamers will be available to the blue set of level 1302

The rest of the gameplay is no different — keep getting the reagents you need to improve your items.

1302-1325 item level

Further on, the process of character growth slows down a bit and proceeds in minimal steps due to the complexity of the content.

The first step will be getting a +6 gain on all equipment, thereafter, you can go to the Eye of Aira. Inside, the group can get a piece of the epic kit. It's also possible to make «blue» items into «purple» ones.

1325-1340 item level

It is important to do +9 gain on all items, after which the player can safely move to the Oreha Preveza. The reward for defeating the enemy is a purple set of Level 3 items. Gear Recycling NPCs can also be used to pump blue armor previously obtained.

1340-1415 item level

Continue to gather the materials needed to improve the quality of the hero’s gear.

Achieve a +15 on collected armor and visit the full Abyss Raid: Argos. After killing the raid boss of the same name, you'll receive a legendary set of items. Don't forget to take advantage of NPC Gear Recycling.

In addition to the standard methods of boosting a hero, there are many options for boosting equipment levels. These can be found by scrolling to the end of the page.

1415-1460 item level

After receiving the 1415 kit, there are as many as 4 options for further development:

  1. Upgrade your Argos kit by improving it to +18. The easiest of the options.
  2. Completion of the Legion Raid — «Valtan» on normal difficulty, creating 1340 outfits & up it to +18.
  3. Upgrade Argos or Valtan armor to +16 and participate in the Legion Raid called «Biackiss». After killing the bosses, the group gets legendary equipment, which must be up to +18.
  4. Get into «Valtan» Hard raid, and get a set of relics from that place and them up to 18.

1460-1490 item level

As in the past, there are several possible developments here:

  1. Improve an existing set to +20.
  2. Complete the Legion Raid «Biakiss» at a normal level, which allows gamers to create cool equipment and pump it up to +20.
  3. Get 19 on each item, go to «Kouku-Saton» Legion Raid on a standard level, and improve the gear obtained after winning by +20 — the strongest option.

1490-1575 item level

The number of options, in this case, is only two:

  1. Easiest is to improve any armor you receive to +25. However, it's worth remembering that the characteristics of different sets are entirely unique.
  2. Ending the raid «Abrelshud» on standard difficulty, getting 1340 things & further pumping up to +25.

How to quickly get the maximum level of items??

It's worth realizing that Lost Ark is an Asian game, so the gameplay has certain nuances. There's a lot of farming to do, killing tens and hundreds and hours of running around the continent, gathering groups & killing bosses.

At the same time, as we said earlier, the closer a character is to a top outfit, the more difficult and time-consuming the gathering process is. Furthermore, in this game it's simply impossible to jump from the easiest items to the strongest – a lot of action required anyway.

For this reason, ExpCarry offers help to anyone who wants to save a lot of time and effort, while going through the process of becoming a hero in full. Professional gamers are ready to take care of your quest now. Of course, the process will be completely safe and open.

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