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Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide

20 Apr 2023
Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide

Discovering the Secrets of Armor in Lost Ark: A Comprehensive Guide to Equipment and Progression

Welcome to our in-depth guide to armor in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where we reveal the intricacies of the game's equipment and how it affects your gameplay. We will take you step-by-step through the process of collecting the best gear, all without breaking a sweat. So sit back, relax and enjoy your journey through the world of The Lost Ark.

Understanding the Basics: Equipment and Armor in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, your equipment is a direct reflection of your seeker's strength. Armor comes in four stages, ranging from the weakest to the strongest: rare, epic, legendary, and relic.

Aside from the basic attributes like rarity and level, armor also possesses a quality attribute. Quality only impacts the additional effects of the armor, without altering its other characteristics. However, a higher quality will result in a stronger character overall.

Having powerful equipment is essential in Lost Ark as it opens up more opportunities for your character. For example, venturing into the most challenging continent with only 340 armors would be futile. This is why Lost Ark is particularly demanding when it comes to farming and enhancing your character.

Acquiring top-tier equipment requires consistent participation in raids and dungeon runs, as well as the tedious task of gathering vast amounts of resources. Not everyone has the patience or endurance for such an endeavor, but worry not – we're here to help you navigate this arduous process!

Tier 1 Progression — North Vern and Rohendel

250 Item Level:

Once your character has reached maximum development and completed the necessary missions, you will receive level 250 items. Simply complete all the main quests to gain access to high-level PvE content.

250-302 item level:

The next step is to tackle the first level of the Chaos Dungeon, where your hero will collect level 302 gear.

With this gear, you can now attempt the Ur'Nil Guardian Raid and collect a significant number of components inside to improve your equipment. You can also complete all the errands in the first region, which will give you access to the Abyssal Dungeons and the Shushire Continent. Alternatively, you can continue questing on the Shushire Continent to obtain 302 items.

302-340 Item level:

Continue to complete daily quests and collect as many components as possible to upgrade your equipment. Ideally, enchant each item by +2.

Form a party and clear two Abyssal dungeons: Demon Beast Canyon and Necromancer's Origin. This will give you epic equipment for your hero. You can also turn rare items into epic ones at the Recycling NPCs.

340-460 item level:

Don't forget to complete chaotic dungeons, raids and quests to gain useful items for upgrading. Aim to have at least +8 on all character items by this point and complete the Guide Quest to proceed to Rohendel.

Once in Rohendel, be sure to complete the mandatory quest chain to gain access to more challenging content.

The final stage is to complete the new Abyssal Dungeons: Hall of the Twisted Warlord and Hildebrandt's Palace. Heroes are rewarded with Legendary sets, and you can also upgrade Epic armor to Legendary.

460-600 item level:

Continue to gather resources from known locations. At this level, you'll need to have +15 equipment to play comfortably.

Complete the Conductor quest to gain access to the third location - Yorn. Complete all the necessary tasks in Yorn to unlock more challenging PvE content.

To speed up the collection process without taking up too much time, consider the options presented at the end of this guide. A project manager will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Tier 2 Gear Progression — Yorn and Feiton


600-802 Item Level:

Recall how your hero acquired their first "blue" outfits, and repeat the process by completing the first Yorn Chaos Dungeon with level 802 items.

While progressing, farm valuable resources to improve your equipment as needed.

802-840 Item Level:

Keep farming components and upgrade your existing equipment to +2. Don't forget to tackle the two new Abyssal Dungeons in Yorn:

  1. Lamenting Road.
  2. Falling Proud Furnace.

Defeating the bosses will grant you "purple" gear. You can also transform "blue" items into "purple" ones through NPC Gear Recycling.

840-960 Item Level:

Continue to enhance your hero's existing items, achieving at least +8 improvement on each.

Complete the Guide quest chain, which allows you to reach the fourth mainland, Feiton. New challenges and more difficult content await you there.

In Feiton, you can explore three new Abyssal Dungeons:

  • Sea of Sloth;
  • Tranquil Karkosa;
  • Alaric's Sacred Ground.

Defeating the dungeon bosses will reward you with "orange" – legendary gear. You can also upgrade epic items to legendary, allowing for greater customization in your development path.

960-1100 Item Level:

As before, run through Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and complete Una's Tasks to acquire useful materials.

Your primary goal is to achieve +15 enhancement on each item, allowing you to complete the Guide Quest with ease. Afterward, the path to the fifth location, Punika, will open up. Complete the required missions and unlock the next stage of PvE content.

In addition to standard methods of boosting your character's combat power, several additional options are available. These can be found at the end of this guide.

Tier 3 Gear Progression in Punika

1100-1302 Item Level:

Venture into any of the new dungeons and locations listed above and complete them. As a reward, you will obtain a blue set of level 1302 items.

Continue to gather the necessary resources to improve your items as you progress.

1302-1325 Item Level:

Character growth slows down slightly at this stage due to the increased complexity of the content.

First, achieve a +6 enhancement on all equipment. Then, you can enter the Eye of Aira, where your group can obtain a piece of the epic set. You can also convert "blue" items into "purple" ones.

1325-1340 Item Level:

Aim for a +9 enhancement on all items before moving to Oreha Preveza. Defeating the enemies there will reward you with a purple set of Level 3 items. You can also use Gear Recycling NPCs to upgrade the blue armor you previously obtained.

1340-1415 Item Level:

Continue gathering the materials needed to improve your hero's gear.

Once you achieve a +15 enhancement on your collected armor, participate in the full Abyss Raid: Argos. Defeating the raid boss will grant you a legendary set of items. Don't forget to utilize NPC Gear Recycling.

In addition to standard methods of boosting your hero, various options for enhancing equipment levels are available. These can be found by scrolling to the end of the guide.

1415-1460 Item Level:

After obtaining the 1415 set, you have four options for further development:

  • Upgrade your Argos set by improving it to +18 – the easiest option.
  • Complete the Legion Raid "Valtan" on normal difficulty, create 1340 outfits & upgrade them to +18.
  • Upgrade Argos or Valtan armor to +16 and participate in the Legion Raid "Biackiss" – upon defeating the bosses, you'll receive legendary equipment to upgrade to +18.
  • Enter "Valtan" Hard raid, and obtain a set of relics from there, upgrading them to +18.

1460-1490 Item Level:

At this stage, you have several possible paths:

  • Improve your existing set to +20.
  • Complete the Legion Raid "Biakiss" at normal difficulty, allowing you to create and enhance powerful equipment up to +20.
  • Achieve +19 on each item, participate in the "Kouku-Saton" Legion Raid at standard difficulty, and improve the gear obtained after winning to +20 – the strongest option.

1490-1575 Item Level:

For this stage, there are two options:

  • The easiest is to improve any armor you receive to +25. However, remember that the characteristics of different sets are entirely unique.
  • Complete the raid "Abrelshud" at standard difficulty, obtain 1340 items, and further upgrade them to +25.

How to Quickly Obtain Maximum Item Level in Lost Ark?

Keep in mind that Lost Ark is an Asian game, so the gameplay has specific nuances. Expect plenty of farming, killing countless enemies, and spending hours running around the continent, gathering groups, and defeating bosses.

As you get closer to obtaining top-tier gear, the gathering process becomes more difficult and time-consuming. In Lost Ark, it's impossible to jump from the weakest items to the strongest without considerable effort.

For this reason, ExpCarry offers Lost Ark Boost assistance to anyone who wants to save time and effort while fully experiencing the process of becoming a hero. Our professional gamers are ready to help you now. Rest assured that the process will be entirely safe and transparent.

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