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Combining Gaming with Studying: Benefits of Playing Video Games

28 Jan 2024
Combining Gaming with Studying: Benefits of Playing Video Games

Digital entertainment has earned a bad reputation over the years. Opposers claim that gaming exerts a bad influence on pupils of all ages. It shortens everyone’s attention span, plus it becomes an addiction after some time. Using games to play while studying may seem absurd to some. But modern players, including young people, use computer games to learn new skills. So, for example, in the game World of Warcraft there are many areas where players can develop social, economic and many other skills that will undoubtedly be useful in real life.

Furthermore, numerous students use them to facilitate their education. Today’s multiplayer modes and open-world adventures offer much more than just mindless entertainment. They are used as tools to make learning fun. Also, as simulators that help pupils obtain valuable skills and technical knowledge. Virtual worlds of endless possibilities are slowly becoming our reality.

How to Enjoy Both Learning and Gaming

A lot of time passed since Super Mario and Donkey Kong came out. Today’s open-world adventures run by Real Engines of the fifth generation blur the line between reality and fiction. Dozens of genres are available to gamers worldwide. Strategies, races, stealth adventures, or shooters. Like with any guilty pleasure in life, finding balance is key to enjoying it. Even more, numerous titles can help pupils in their studies. Many simple mobile games actually develop certain skills needed for surviving college years.

College Assignments Vs. Mortal Kombat Tournaments

Learning is hard, no doubt. Students’ days are filled with obligations, including taking classes, writing assignment papers, and surviving exams. Help and assistance can come in different forms. One of them is consulting professional essay writing services or taking private tutoring. In some cases, some students prefer pay someone to write college essays if the schedule is too tight and the pressure to succeed is too high. It’s a proven way to save academic performance and effort.

Others find help in unusual places. Using games to help you study is legit if done right, of course. Playing Mortal Kombat tequila shots tournaments with your friends for two days straight won’t help anyone with passing the history exam.

But playing Assassin's Creed for an hour between study sessions will make that curriculum more interesting. Games such as these not only immerse players in the past, but contain a database of valid historical facts as well. Not only a pupil learns about the Renaissance but also has a chance to relive it for a while. The key is to play responsibly. Only then this strategy proves effective. Titles don’t have to be related to a study matter at all. Perhaps indulging in Evolution Pro Soccer is exactly what your brain needs to recharge those batteries before learning about organic chemical compounds. Whatever fosters a successful academic career.

Choosing the Right Video Games for Students

Indulging in grandiose multiplayer strategies or open-world titles isn’t necessary to complete a research paper assignment. Simple but quite addictive mobile adventures often do the trick. No fancy graphics or terabytes of space are required. Engaging puzzles or point-and-click problem-solving titles sharpen students’ reflexes and quick thinking. Those are the games to play when studying or doing essay homework. Simple pastimes that stimulate one’s brain cells. Or, perhaps Pinball, Minecraft, and Eve Online are your cup of tea. Just keep in mind that simple mobile Sudoku is sometimes enough to provide a much-needed dose of dopamine. Try classics like:

  • Angry Birds
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Tetris
  • Pac-man
  • Beach Buggy Racing
  • Plants vs. Zombies

Making a Schedule

Combining study and entertainment activities works only if one possesses a certain level of discipline. Good learners have a working schedule for sessions. Lots of them love morning cramming. Others prefer gaining knowledge under the cover of darkness. Playing Rome Total War requires planning one or two hours during the day between studying for exams. Sticking to a schedule is paramount. That’s how one trains a brain to get used to receiving his daily dose of virtual entertainment at the exact time. Some people meditate. Others take a walk in the park. It’s all good. We simply need to normalize gaming as a legitimate pastime for students. Get a routine in place. Make a schedule of learning and playing activities. Incorporate video games into the whole educational process. It’s useful having a vent to blow off steam and reduce college stress.

Strategies for Staying on Top of College Obligations

A future writer has to master literature, not Minecraft. Any doctor in training will perform heart surgeries one day. Having the highest score in Diablo IV is not enough to achieve that. Staying focused on one’s education goals is what’s important. Gaming should be treated as a reward. There are a few tricks to stay on top of school responsibilities:

  • Play responsibly, and don’t get addicted
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Limit daily or weekly screen time
  • Choose constructive games resembling puzzles
  • Avoid titles with loot-boxing features

Wrapping Up

The virtual world is fun. Sometimes, video gamers immerse themselves too much and lose touch with reality. Avoid that by controlling a passion for gaming. Carefully choose what and when to play. Find a balance between the virtual and real world. Make a plan and be disciplined about it. Establish harmony by letting an enjoyable pastime become a part of a learning process. Aside from being punctual and persistent, each pupil has to know that education comes first. Video games can be a useful pastime, a vent, or an essay help in some cases. But nothing is a substitute for hard work. That’s a reward for all that formidable work invested in studying. Engage in constructive titles, including puzzles, simulators, or strategies. And also, remember to enjoy.

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