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Fun Experience in Videogames with Chickens: Where They Can Be Found?

01 May 2024
Fun Experience in Videogames with Chickens: Where They Can Be Found?

Chickens are the indispensable characters of online video games, and it doesn’t matter whether they’ve been released lately or several decades ago. These funny birds often act as a background and don’t have any separate features, providing players with more real-life landscapes and experiences. On the other hand, chickens can have a pivotal role in the game plot and significantly affect users’ progress. We are confident that many gamers underestimate these animals in their favourite titles and sometimes don’t even notice them. Let’s explore the most renowned games with these cute birds!


This shooter, developed by Riot Gaming, allows players to gather in teams and compete with each other for the champion’s title. Users should customize their characters during the game and equip them with additional skills and ammunition to get the best results. Even though chickens don’t hold an important role in Valorant, they are still available in the rewards section. Completing the Chapter 4 Tier of 20 of Ignition Act 2 Battlepass allows users to get the Chicken Out Spray. No additional investments to get the prize are required; just play your favourite game and show better achievements than other participants.

My Chicken Mini Game

This amazing mini-game of Chickens described on GiocodelPollo.games is one of a kind, as it doesn’t resemble any other slot or table title. The Upgaming development impresses users with a bring interface and thrilling plot, where players have to pick hidden images with birds and bones. Chickens bring amazing multiplications and huge wins, while a bone immediately cancels the game's progress, bringing users to its beginning. Attention to detail and knowing when to stop can help players succeed and receive maximum cash prizes. We are confident that everyone can have tons of fun in this chicken-based game, so don’t hesitate to try your luck.

Path of Exile

This online action RPG game takes place in a dark mysterious fantasy world. Players have to customize their characters by boosting their skills and getting additional items to survive and win. Chickens are among the pets that can be purchased for 100 points. These little creatures have no unusual features in the Path of Exile but can enhance the players’ progress, improving the gameplay. Overall, the game can catch your attention for many hours, so create the hero, choose the league, and start your journey full of sudden treasures and exciting twists!

Lost Ark

The famous multiplayer fantasy game is popular among millions of players. According to reports, Lost Ark has over 20 million fans and boasts over 146 thousand daily gamers. It’s not surprising considering its excitement and variety of features – and the developer couldn’t avoid integrating chickens into the gameplay. The Golden Chicken Quest is among the most challenging but exciting levels. The unique journey in Alakkir Island is really complicated for players, but it will eventually bring numerous benefits. Pass the quest and receive unique chicken tokens!

The League of Legends

This series is among the most popular games globally, boasting an over 150 million fan base. The League of Legends is a perfect multiplayer, allowing users to engage friends and form communities. Of course, its exciting plot is worth special attention, as you don’t have a single chance to get bored. As in many other games, chickens are available barely everywhere. In the League of Legends, users can meet Raptors and feathered Nixies. They are present in numerous universes and are primarily the source of food and resources. Chickens don’t have a lot of features inside the game, but they create the background and make the landscape brighter.

Enjoy Chickens Everywhere

The video game world is full of chickens, making the gameplay brighter and more exciting. In most products, these cute little animals have significant roles: for instance, in The Lost Ark, users have to fight the great chicken boss and defeat it to become winners. In other games, these birds are the resources of just the background. All in all, integrating chickens into the plot is always beneficial, as they are mostly cute and funny. On the other hand, some software developers portray them as antagonists while the player has to fight the evil birds to succeed.

The Final Word

Even if a game is not based around them, chickens are indispensable in the virtual world. They provide players with additional resources to boost their progress or are just part of the overall game landscape. Many software providers integrate these creatures into their developments, making them the background or putting them as the main characters. The League of Legends and the Lost Ark are the most renowned gaming solutions featuring chickens, but you can find many more exciting titles online. Sometimes, we don’t even notice the birds when thrilled by the plot, but they still act as an important part of the game.

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