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Getting Cheaper League of Legends Skins: An Easy Guide on How to Do It

19 Feb 2024
Getting Cheaper League of Legends Skins: An Easy Guide on How to Do It

League of Legends (Lol) remains a top game as far as Esports and MOBA are concerned. LoL records millions of users every year across the globe. Since it's a free-to-play online battle game, you shouldn't be surprised why it was followed for 94.2 million hours in December 2023 alone.

As a summoner, your Champion skin distinguishes you from other players. It comes in different art and colors, and their features also differ. Getting the right Champion Skin representing the winner's value is vital, but the best ones are costly. 

Getting Riot Points is difficult for every LoL player, especially non-pro players. It made most look for alternative ways of getting their preferred skin for their Champion at a cheaper cost. I bet you want to know if this is possible, and if so, how do you get one? You're on the right post.

What Is the Cheapest Strategy to Get LoL Skins?

LoL skins are merely cosmetic items, and Riot Games ensures the game remains fair and mainly based on gamers’ skills. While many Summoners value quality Championship Skins in LoL, it does not add any advantage to your Champion aside from a different look. They come in tiers which include:

  • Ultimate;
  • Legendary;
  • Epic;
  • Standard;
  • Deluxe.

The higher they are, the more expensive. 

Championship Riven skin and PAX Twisted Fate skin are costly. You get these skins with RP, and $1 can get you between 130 RP to 150 RP only. We believe the expensive nature of the League skins is often caused by:

  • Cost of developing it;
  • License fee;
  • Rarity;
  • The revenue source for Riot Games.

Buying a skin as you can do with the default color isn't compulsory. But some Summoners who want unique cosmetics can't avoid buying. Interestingly, you can get them at a cheaper rate in a few ways.

The first method is buying massive Orbs during events, which gives you a wide range of shards at a cheaper price. Rerolling these skin shards helps you get over 900 champion skins. With this tip, most of the skins are available in LoL. You can also get newly released skins with this method. You only need to hoard your skin shards in loot and reroll once the new skins are launched. While you will still spend a few bucks using this method, it is way cheaper than buying skins the regular way.

Soul Fighter Samira, DJ Sona, and Spirit Guard Udyr are a few ultimate skins in LoL, and none cost less than 3250 RP. How about getting all available Ultimate skins for around $25? It is easy. You only need to create a second League of Legends account and send a mystery chest to yourself. Then buy cheaper skins on sale, which are 750 RP or less. Activating them will give you better chances of having only top-tier skins in the mystery chests. 

You can also get cheaper skins from online sellers, but you must ensure they are reliable. This is how it works; most of them gain huge referral RP, which allows them to buy rare and expensive skins. They can then trade it with you at a cheaper price than the official ones. You might also have a pal with a huge RP, but he doesn't play often. He can buy and sell cheaper skins to you. They can add you, and you will receive the skin from them within 24 hours, or you guys can play a game or two together to be able to exchange skins. The table below shows you some ways to get free League skins.

LoL End of Season Rewards
LoL players can claim a free skin as a reward for playing top Summoner's Rift and Clash games and hitting the gold rank. The lowest level to unlock this is the Honor Level 2, and you can only claim a skin via this per annum. Your Victorious Skin will be available on a set date at a time.
Using Skin Shards
Players often gather Skin Shards as they play LoL games, and they can convert them to permanent skin. Get an S rating while playing to access Hextech Chests and Keys. You will find skin shards with Orange Essence in the chest. Convert your skin using the Orange Essence in the Crafting Menu. Players can also give up 3 existing skins to reroll the shards, but getting shards can take a while.
Contesting in LoL Tournaments 

You can get a free skin when you win in such tournaments. You are entitled to Triumphant Ryze skin if you win the maiden edition of such a tournament, and winning it gives you access to the Triumphant Ryze skin code. Some of the communities to find such tournaments include:

  1. Twitch
  2. YouTube Gaming
  3. Facebook Gaming
  4. Battlefy
  5. Game.tv
  6. Tournament
  7. Challenger Mode

Via Giveaways
Partake in hundreds of giveaways organized by sites and groups across the internet. Depending on the perk terms, it can grant you free accounts, skins, or Riot Points. For instance, UnrankedSmurfs offers a LoL free account and RP giveaway, and LeagueOfGiving on Reddit holds giveaways, too.
Via Social Media
You can follow the activities of the League of Legends to claim free skin. You can like, subscribe, follow, and engage their Facebook, X, YouTube, or Instagram page content. You can get Dreadknight Garen skin via Twitter, Riot Girl Tristana via Facebook, or Unchained Alistar skin via YouTube. It is usually periodic and based on terms and instructions given. Following these channels can also give timely updates on ongoing promotions.

World Championship Skins LoL 

Pro League of Legends players gather yearly to choose a region to compete for the League of Legends World Championship. With Fnatic winning the first edition in 2011, the championship has grown in popularity, with more than 6.4 million fans watching the 2023 final. The prize pool has not exceeded $2 million in four years as South Korea's T1 defeated Weibo Gaming to win 2.3 million in the 2023 edition. 

Going into the 2024 edition in London, Paris, and Berlin, T1, who lost the 2022 final to DRX, has won it four record times. The event promised to gather global audiences as LoL remains a top eSports game. The increasing growth of eSports betting is another reason for its popularity, as punters who love League of Legends can wager on their favorite team and matches. 

As the 2024 betting market for Electronic sports is expected to hit US$2.5bn, many bookmakers are flooding the industry. LoL gamers should be careful while choosing LoL betting sites to ensure safety and an enjoyable gambling experience. The right review can become your secret weapon and guide you to the eSport sites that fit your needs. 

How Do Championship Skins Work? 

The dream of every League player is to win the world competitions. It goes beyond winning the Summoner's Cup and the cash rewards, but the winning team will have their skin included in all championship skins LoL. While this can take a while, it is often worth the wait as they have an in-game character. The team members must play at least two matches for the winners before LoL will consider including their skin.

In addition to having an exclusive in-game team, winners get all revenue from their Champions Skins. That's not all. You can have more than one world championship skin. It happens if you've helped your team win the Worlds more than once, giving you more than one in-game revenue source. 

As it stands, only Duke has won skins for two different winning teams, SK T1(2016) and Invictus Gaming(2018). Faker(T1 team) has the highest number of LoL skins. Since he has been with T1 throughout their 4 championship victories, his fourth skin is included in the championship skins LoL 2024.

Not all skins are accepted in the League of Legends World Championship, as some are banned for varying reasons. Grey Warwick was rejected because players can only earn the skin, not buy, while DJ Sona was forbidden from Pro Tournaments due to the ability to completely change how the Champion looks. Star Guardian Syndra, Fuzz Fizz, and many others were banned from professional competition.

Do Pro LoL Players Get Free Skins?

As a part of their sponsorship agreement, professional League players have access to an unlocked LoL account. These accounts can access all champion skins. Riot Games enables this to give all players, whether poor or rich, an equal platform to compete. Some amateur pro players might be restricted from these free champion skins till they sign a professional contract with a recognized team.

Champion's Pride: The Coolest Exclusive Skins in League of Legends 

Since it started in 2009, League of Legends has produced over 160 Champions, and the skins are even more than 1600. There have been stunning skin designs and amazing artworks in the past and present. The following are some of the LoL skins available.

  • Elementalist Lux;
  • Dark Cosmic Jhin;
  • PROJECT: Vayne;
  • High Noon Lucian;
  • True Damage Senna Prestige Edition.

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