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Lost Ark Plans to Add More Trading Security Measures

27 Jan 2024
Lost Ark Plans to Add More Trading Security Measures

Lost Ark just implemented a new security measure to the game. Accounts with no 1375 characters on their roster will be unable to trade certain materials in the market.

Lost Ark has many issues, from botting to bugs and glitches. While the game still has a lot of problems, the Korean MMO remains one of the most popular titles in its genre. The devs have been trying various ways to combat its rampant botting problem, ranging from mass ban waves and adding a captcha feature. The latest addition is the introduction of marketplace security that would limit the generation of Lost Ark gold of bots.  

Additional Lost Ark Trading Security Measures 

A new Lost Ark trading restriction was implemented after the Lost Ark x Witcher collaboration event ended. This new feature is expected to reduce the capabilities of bots to engage in market activities. The new security system prevents Lost Ark accounts with no characters with 1375 or higher Item Levels in their roster from selling trade skill materials.  

Bots are programmed to engage in activities that generate gold so that it can be sold to other players. With the new restrictions, those who don't have 1375 Item Level characters will be unable to earn money from the trade skill tab. This limitation will significantly hamper the effectiveness of the gold-generating activities of bots.  

Selling trade skill materials is the easiest and most casual way of gaining gold. The activity mainly relies on characters farming and gathering materials through various life skills. Bot users and scripters find these activities their favorite because they can easily program accounts to follow a specific route and sequence of actions. The introduction of the restriction will significantly impede the efficiency of bots participating in trade skills.  

Many players have expressed slight displeasure over the matter, as some believed that another restriction would increase the inconveniences the community already experiences. However, this Lost Ark trading limitation is a necessary security addition to curbing the rampant botting in Arkesia. While veteran and regular players will not be affected by this change, the restriction will impact the progression of newer adventurers who don't have any 1375 characters yet. 

Lost Ark's Increasing Number of Security Measures 

On top of the new Lost Ark trading restrictions, Lost Ark made many security steps in their battle against botting. The most notable ones are the recent ban wave and captcha security measures. There have been several mass ban waves in Arkesia since its release, and three of these saw hundreds of thousands of accounts getting removed from the game. Unfortunately, each of these events also affected real players.  

The most recent ban wave also tagged players who have been AFK from the game for a while. This instance targeted bots and reported cheaters, so barring inactive gamers was a mistake on the detection program. While the issue was quickly addressed and remedied, many players still expressed dismay over this accident, and others wondered whether it would happen again.  

The captcha security measure was a feature that a removed feature that made a comeback at the start of the year. This tool was previously introduced to the game a few months after the official release, and it was problematic due to its unforgiving penalties. The punishment of the previous one saw players automatically banned from the game after several unsuccessful attempts or failures to complete the captcha, which prompted its eventual removal. The reworked security feature has a more forgiving penalty, as accounts will only be automatically logged out and barred from entering the game for a few minutes. For those who save time and money, there is an excellent offer such as the Lost Ark Weekly Bundle.

Lost Ark Rampant Botting Problem 

Lost Ark has been experiencing a massive bot issue since its release, mainly because it is a free-to-play title. This issue was a big problem during the game's early months because it caused server congestion and long queues. While these troubles are rarely experienced, bots still cause high market inflation.  

The issue with bots is one of the devs' primary concerns in the present as AGS and Smilegate try to find more effective ways to combat the problem. While the number of AI-controlled accounts has decreased, there is no guarantee that their population will increase again unless additional steps are taken. Fortunately, devs have confirmed that more security measures will be integrated into the game in the coming months.  

While botting is still a big issue in Lost Ark, devs are committed to eliminating this issue from the game. The most pressing problem with bots is the Lost Ark gold inflation. We don't guarantee this concern will be resolved entirely, so players should be very patient when AGS and Smilegate introduce new security features.  

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