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Master EA FC 24: Expert Tips & Boosting Strategies

08 Feb 2024
Master EA FC 24: Expert Tips & Boosting Strategies

EA might have changed the name of the most popular football game series of all time, but that doesn’t mean the gameplay has seen anything different. EA FC 24 is just as competitive as previous games in the Fifa series have been. To help you, we’re here with some expert tips and boosting strategies that are sure to help you dominate the competition.

Understanding the Basics of EA FC 24

Before anything, let us go through the basics of EA FC 24. EA FC 24 is a football game that continues the legacy of the legendary Fifa game series. To give credit where it’s due, EA has made the aim of the game simple; control the players on your team to score goals by kicking the ball in the enemy’s goal while defending your own.

Of course, there’s much more to playing EA FC 24 than just scoring goals. Strategy and coordination between teammates are key, and it’s crucial to combine passing, dribbling, and shooting to get a competitive advantage against the enemy team. Knowing how to best utilize things like EA FC 24 boosting services and the in-game transfer market can significantly impact your FC 24 experience.

Additionally, it’s important to determine which modes you want to improve your EA FC 24 games skill on. The two most prominent modes in the game are:

  • Ultimate Team: Easily the most popular game mode in EA FC 24 is Ultimate Team. In it, you use in-game currency to open packs and acquire characters to form the best team you can.
  • Career Mode: Those who don’t like the monetization system of Ultimate Team opt to play Career Mode instead. Choose a pre-made team and help it get to the top of the season and build a powerful image, whether as a player or manager.

Advanced Strategies for EA FC 24

With the fundamentals out of the way, it’s time to highlight some advanced strategies you can use to improve your EA FC 24 gameplay. 

Know Which Shot to Take

Perhaps the most important thing to know is which shot you should take at what time. Many beginners to EA FC 24 assume that there’s only one type of shot, which is straight and fast. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In addition to the regular fast straight power shot that we all know and love, professionals also utilize low shots in scenarios like 1v1s and when wanting to shoot across the goal. Being knowledgeable regarding the pros and cons of all types of shots is crucial for EA FC 24 gamers. For those looking to enhance your gaming experience with ExpCarry, understanding the depth of game mechanics and mastering various shooting techniques can significantly improve your performance, even if ExpCarry specializes in boosting services for a variety of other online games.

Master Player Switching

While passing the ball to another player on your team automatically gives you control of that player, the same doesn’t apply when you’re defending. Player switching using the right control stick is a mechanic that sets the great apart from the new.

If regular player switching isn’t the thing for you, then you can also try using Adaptive Right Stick Switching, a mechanic that was introduced in last year’s Fifa game, Fifa 23. With it enabled, you can hold the analog stick longer to switch to players that are further away from your location.

Earning and Managing Coins in EA FC 24

Coins play a huge role in EA FC 24, as they’re used to purchase packs that can help you unlock new players to add to your team. While spending these coins is easy, earning them is where players struggle.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to earn coins in EA FC 24, like playing matches, competing in challenges, and participating in tournaments. Using a good EA FC 24 boosting service to play some matches for you with a big gap in goals can also be a good strategy for making a high number of coins in a short amount of time.

To manage your coins, we recommend you research which players are worth keeping and which you should sell. Doing things like exploring branding in football and keeping up with actual tournaments to predict which players and teams can potentially increase in value can help you make profitable judgments.

Enhance Your Skills with Boosters.gg's Expert EA FC 24 Boosting Services

Having a professional-level boosting service play the hard matches for you can be a major advantage when trying to enhance your skills. Whether you’re looking for some FUT 24 boosting or want the EA FC booster to play matches for you to collect coins, a good high-quality boosting service can make life easier for you.

We recommend you explore game boost benefits before deciding whether or not an FC24 boost is your thing.

Climbing the Leaderboards: Expert Advice

There are a couple of tips and strategies you can use if you want to climb the EA FC 24 leaderboards, but they’ve all been said a hundred times before. Therefore, we’re here with just two expert tips directly from actual high-ranking FC24 players, which they think are the most important for anyone wanting to climb the leaderboards.

  • If you feel like you’re tilted and aren’t able to play well, just take a break. Playing multiple matches even when you aren’t performing as well as you can will only hurt your standing in the long run.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with your team. While most players stick with the team they’re most used to and don’t make any changes, it might help to try new things and see if you have a player who might be a better fit for your team.

Staying Ahead of the Game: Adapting to EA FC 24 Updates

The final expert tip we have to give you is to stay ahead of the game by adapting to the EA FC 24 updates. This doesn’t just apply to the game updates but to updates in the boosting world in general. Whether it be tuning in to the World Cup or watching a Women's Super League Weekend analysis, staying up-to-date with the sport’s world can be a major boon.


This concludes our ultimate guide on EA FC 24, full of expert tips and boosting strategies. By utilizing all of the strategies mentioned in this guide, we’re certain you’ll be able to improve as a player to dominate the opposition.

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